Metatron Global Fund Mauritius Reviews

How Mutual Funds work and why it is convenient to invest in them

Mutual funds gather the monetary contributions of several people, being a good diversification alternative , since it is possible to invest in different financial instruments with a single action.

The objective is to have a higher return on savings and individuals and/or legal entities can invest in them. As they do not require renewal and do not expire, they allow for greater liquidity.

Advantages of Mutual Funds

With mutual funds you can invest in different financial instruments in a simple way. This makes your money diversify with the aim of achieving a higher return in the long term than if you did it with traditional savings .

Traditional savings are understood as term deposits or checking accounts . However, although these instruments may seem safer, they are not always the best option to maximize your profits.


Nominal Income Structured Mutual Fund III
Mutual Convenience Fund
Solvent Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund Protection
Mutual Fund My Accessible Future
Short Term Savings Mutual Fund
Nominal Income Structured Mutual Fund
Nominal Income Structured Mutual Fund II


Mutual Fund My Conservative Future
Bicentennial More Income Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund Commitment
Mutual Fund Mi Futuro Moderate
Mutual Fund Profile E
Future Income Mutual Fund


Mutual Fund My Green Future
Mutual Fund Profile C
Emerging Income Mutual Fund
Dollar Mutual Fund available
Mutual Fund Profile A
Mutual Fund Developed Actions
Mutual Fund National Actions

What are Strategic Mutual Funds?

If you are looking for investments abroad, this type of fund is ideal for you! It will allow you to invest in international markets in the currency you want in an efficient and safe way without having to be an expert. Learn more about the Strategic Funds here.

Metatron Fund : How does it work?

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  • Metatron-fund .com
  • Metatron-Fund expands its investment strategy in UAE
  • Metatron-Fund is investing property in United Kingdom
  • Metatron – Fund appoints top consultants in India
  • Metatron-Fund is in talks with a large group in turn with regards to renewable energy
  • Metatron-Fund explores investments in Romania
  • Metatron- Fund expands its investment strategy into bi fuels
  • Metatron-Fund is in talks to sign Mou with refuse recycling process manufacturer
  • Metatron-Fund is looking to invest with a uk based property developer in net Zero modular construction of homes
  • Metatron-Fund is in talks with R&D to invest in infa structure projects in Europe
  • Metatron-Fund working with developers in Dubia

Metatron -Fund looks to invest in solar energy in Europe projects

Metatron-Fund in talks with acquisitions of wealth management companies in Europe

Do not put your money at risk, save on formal mechanisms

· Avoid falling into possible fraud when saving or investing your money.
· Beware of very high yields in a short time, do not take risks.
If you want to save your money or invest it to make it grow, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) calls on the population to avoid informal savings and investment mechanisms such as batches, keep money in cash or being part of “pyramids” that put your money at risk, mechanisms that are already found on the internet.

According to data from the National Survey of Financial Inclusion 2018, only 47% have at least one formal savings product, of which 51% are women and 49% men. Regarding investment, only 1% of the population has an investment fund, of this percentage, 72% are men and 28% women.

Ponzi schemes and financial pyramids are scams. These are mechanisms in which the profits obtained by the first investors come from the resources that are contributed by new clients. Therefore, for a system of this nature to be sustained, it is necessary to capture growing flows of money from new investors.

The story began with Charles Ponzi, who in 1920 defrauded more than 10,000 residents of New England, USA, by offering to invest in a business with considerable returns. The promised returns hovered around 50% in just 90 days; at the time, the annual interest rate on bank accounts was around 5%. Tempting, isn’t it?

However, by saving in this type of scheme or investing in the so-called “pyramids” you can run the risk of losing your money.

The “pyramidal” scheme is a mechanism that encourages each participating person to invite a group of at least two acquaintances to invest in a certain business and each of them in turn involves two other people, and so on. This usually loses momentum and ends in a big fraud where participants are promised high returns and, in the end, only the promoters at the top of the pyramid, that is, those who start the business, are the only ones who do. they receive the resources of the people who participated later.

These financial frauds based on pyramid and Ponzi schemes have happened all over the world, promising exaggerated profits in dollars, cryptocurrencies or some other asset. As happened in the famous case of Bernie Madoff in 2008 in the United States, where a pyramid fraud whose value was around 50 billion dollars was orchestrated.

One of the advantages of formal savings or of using financial institutions such as Banks, Savings Banks and Sofipos or any other authorized and supervised instrument, is that you have access to other financial services such as credits and insurance, in addition to the fact that you can earn interest, but, Above all, your money is protected by deposit insurance.

At CONDUSEF we suggest you take into account the following recommendations:

Before entrusting your money to any institution, verify that it is duly authorized and regulated by the authorities and that it has deposit insurance.
Compare and choose the financial institution that offers you the product with the highest interest rate and charges you the least fees.
Confirm that the institution you choose has a branch near your home or work to avoid complications.
Remember that it is not safe to save in batches, under the mattress or in the so-called pyramids. Do not involve your family or friends in these risky operations.
The CONDUSEF cannot defend you in the event of a problem with this type of pyramid savings or investment scheme. Remember that they are not a financial institution and your money may be at risk.
You have to doubt those entities that offer you easy and fast money, with returns well above what is offered in the market.
Regarding operations with cryptocurrencies, the user must know that the virtual asset is not legal tender and is not backed by the Federal Government, nor by the Bank of Mexico; the impossibility of reversing operations once executed; the volatility of the value of the virtual asset, and the technological, cyber and fraud risks inherent in virtual assets.

If you are going to contract with a Financial Technology Institution (FTI) read the terms and conditions of the platform used by the institution and make sure you understand them before signing. The terms and conditions of use of the platform, as well as the contracts must be available on it for consultation.
Pay attention to the commissions and expenses that the product or service that you are going to hire may incur.

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Local responsiveness in international business #events #tradefair #exhibition

Local responsiveness refers to a company that localizes its products and services to meet conditions and nuances in other countries. Global integration refers to a company’s local presence in the global market and the degree to which it can use the same products and services in other countries.

local products in international business

How to Start: Payment Options

How to make payment for establishing your business in abroad
make payment for establishing your business in abroad

International Business in an Environment Transformed by Globalization

Like HEC Montréal, the international business discipline emerged out of a central concern for the training of future managers. As a new type of company began to make its appearance following World War Two, a handful of professors saw a need to develop new pedagogical content and decided to join their efforts in order to explain the reality of the time more accurately. This new reality was characterized by significant growth in cross-border activities by companies, which left them faced with unprecedented management challenges. Little by little, a new field began to establish itself in management faculties and schools, which were forced to find ways to reconcile the multidisciplinary nature of the field with a mode of administrative organization largely dominated by separate disciplines.

It presents export as the main means of increasing the well-being of the population and an opportunity for companies to increase their revenue and efficiency. An introduction to government intervention is made as one of the main ways to overcome obstacles to promotion of the internationalization of companies, namely – creation and development of the export promotion organizations. The relevance of
the development. The object, subject, and research thesis of the dissertation, the purpose of the development is formulated, specifics are set tasks to perform.

Initially, the obstacles facing companies related to exit are outlined abroad that could stop companies from exporting. These difficulties are usually internal, such as lack of sufficient resources or opportunities for internal realization of the new activities, lack of opportunities to retain the benefits derived from exports. In addition, these barriers are increasing because in the process of internationalization additionally, other requirements and needs appear, such as technical customs documentation requirements, contractual agreements with potential partners, etc.

But since the options for these businesses are limited (they either adapt, having an idea to become competitive with global level, or go about their business as usual and face the inevitability of reduced sales and profits), usually it is national governments that provide different types support and assistance for companies, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The support from the national governments of the companies in their attempts at internationalization, is in the form of promoting the export and related development programs.

Taking into account the restrictions on SMEs, without such a government support most of them will not be able to benefit from the growing international trade opportunities and their general performance would aggravated. There is therefore a need for a comprehensive, coherent and consistent support for companies by offering quality services, related to the business development of companies with a special focus on their internationalization, while at the same time it must correspond to the reality and needs of SMEs.

The stages of internationalization for companies (especially SMEs) are also examined, namely: local marketing focus, pre-export, experimental export entrainment active entrainment engaged entrainment.
Based on the need for assistance that companies experience at the various stages of internationalization, are defined and the economic case for government intervention to support exports.

In the commercial field, they are usually associated with market defects in the action of the market, in addition to the influence of natural mechanisms ‘demand’ and ‘supply’, with governments intervening in the export area with two objectives: to increase export flows and to select sectors in which the country must specialize. Every literature on the matter indicates that what matters is not only what is exported, but also what is exported. The intervention of the government is directed to correct deviations in the goods market and means of production by direct intervention in the market where the defect is manifested. In this regard, functional and selective can be distinguished approaches.

The former are aimed at correcting market defects with an impact on the entire national economy without disturbing the distribution of resources across sectors (i.e. public investment in physical or human capital, provision of information and technical support); the latter are aimed at changing the distribution of resources with a goal favoring some sectors or regions over others (specific subsidies or tariffs, investing in specific sectors).

Other arguments for government intervention have been considered such as: information problems (firms not being able to choose the right level of quality and accordingly enter foreign markets, they cannot identified potential partners and their trustworthiness; rather it is necessary government policy to provide public information); coordination defects (can cause investing to be at a different level than optimal; the best intervention is through supporting and facilitating coordination through information provision, 12 incentives for activities and technologies, etc.); the disadvantages of capital market (key determinant of slow development of otherwise efficient sectors; the intervention may be aimed at competition in the credit market, facilitating the provision of information, credit insurance).

Therefore, arguments for intervention by governments are provided by the shortcomings of the market for goods and means of production. Government intervention prevents situations where it can signals a comparative advantage in the wrong sector, as in these/similar cases the appropriate intervention policies would be to support the sector with real comparative advantage.

Local Business #3kplan Optimum Results

Do You Need Local SEO for Your Business?

Why is it?

  1. For Local Customers
  2. For Managing Customers from Remote Areas
  3. For Tracking Customers Views

What is cost?

🕸️Just ₹3K for a Year

Do I get something extra and more in this price?

Yes! You get 1️⃣ an extra web page and 2️⃣ local listing in Google and other maps, such as Microsoft Bing.

What else extra I get more than this?

A local search engine reviews 4 new positive reviews about your business on the internet.

May I Ask for Payment Mode?

Yes! You Can Pay Through UPI

Do You Charge Extra GST?

No! 18% GST excluded. Ask me how!

Can I Pay Without GST?

Yes! But GST bill will not be issued for you.

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Retail sales and product onboarding solutions available for registered users

  • Disclaimer- Our services are not only for MSME registered users, it is for all. Non-listed traders, manufacturers, service providers and small business owners can also avail our services. If you have received any email from us, it means you are a part of our promotion offers. It is not falling under any any gov. scheme.

Employer Branding Employer Image #India #Serbia #Lithuania #HongKong #America

Employer branding employer image is increasingly in demand as seo marketing

Today, more and more often, companies are faced with a serious problem – finding suitable personnel and retaining qualified employees. The reasons for this are diverse, but mostly related to the trends we observe in the labor market.

They are expressed in a lack of trained personnel, accompanied by a record low level of unemployment in India, Serbia, Lithuania, HongKong and Now in America, which leads to fierce competition for attracting talent.
At the same time, job seekers are increasingly demanding when it comes to choosing an employer, and pay is no longer the only motivating factor.
In this situation, companies have no choice but to adapt and find a way to become an attractive employer. This is where employer branding
comes to the rescue , or in other words, building an employer image.

It reflects the reputation the company has built as an employer. Therefore, it is important that companies focus their efforts on building a positive employer brand that allows them to attract talent to their teams.
While in Bulgaria this trend is just gaining popularity, on a global scale, large corporations have long developed successful employer branding strategies , which they are constantly improving.

Undoubtedly, a key role for their success is played by new digital technologies, which offer wide opportunities for building an employer image. In the following lines, we will pay particular attention to digital solutions to help companies in this process.

Social networks are the most widely used channel for employer branding.

A large number of job seekers would research the company before deciding whether to apply for a job opening.

Of course, one of the first places they will look is company profiles on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people would apply to a company that has active and well-maintained social profiles.
In them, companies must present themselves as an attractive employer, sharing not only information about vacancies, but also showing the working atmosphere, company culture and values, their team, career development opportunities. In other words, they need to demonstrate their employer value proposition that differentiates them from the rest of their competitors.
Also, social networks allow the creation of advertising campaigns aimed at specific audiences in order to attract talent and strengthen the employer brand. In order to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that social networks offer, it is necessary for companies to build effective strategies for online marketing and improving the image of their brand.
The other option is to trust the experienced specialists from SEO Solutions to take care of it for them. The company’s corporate website is the next important unit for building the employer brand.
Prospective candidates would likely take the time to look at it as well. The first and most important condition is the presence of a modern, up-to-date and well-maintained company website.

Design trends change frequently, so it’s good to have a complete redesign every 2-3 years.

employees having a board meeting
Photo by Christina Morillo

However, it is the face of the company that presents it to both customers and potential employees. For this reason, businesses need to make sure that the corporate website will leave a good impression. However, its functions do not end there. In order for candidates to easily find the necessary information about vacancies, it is important to have a separate careers page on the website.
A presentation career page is a suitable option for employers who want to briefly tell about their activity, achievements and the needs of the company.
It can be enriched with various photos, video content and graphics, which again work to establish a positive image of the brand. Employers who want to tell more about their activities can also create a separate career website. It should include internship opportunities for candidates with little experience, as well as job offers for already established specialists.

Of course, candidates will seek information about the company from external sources as well. A career website and social media profiles carry weight, but so does what search engine results will show for the company.
Therefore, establishing a positive image on the Internet and popular search engines such as Google is another essential aspect of digital employer branding. This is possible through the use of Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
These include working to build positive news to appear on the first pages of search results, which goes hand in hand with improving the employer’s online reputation.

At the same time, online reputation management (ORM) is a method that allows to determine which elements negatively affect the company and to find ways to reduce them. In the future, more and more companies will continue to work on the positive reputation of their brand on the Internet. Building a positive employer image is a strategic process that requires persistence and effort.

The right way to achieve the results desired by the company is by using the opportunities that digital employer branding offers.

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Bettiah / बेतिया

Find local properties, listed in Bettiah!

Find an agent who works in your area. The professional you work with should know the area where you want to buy or sell a property. Agents who live and work in your area will have great knowledge of the neighborhood and price trends. A local agent will also be on top of the smaller details, such as where the best schools are, travel and transfer times, etc

Khiriyaghat , Kotwali Chowk, Cinema Road, Banuchapar, Maina Tand Road, Chanpati Road, Mangalpur Road, Chapwa Road, Motihari Road, New Colony, Near MJK College

How to find the right real estate agent in Bettiah?

Either you are looking for a residential plot, commercial land, farming land for developing a big farm or looking for sell, rent and buy. I’am take you there and connect with right agents. Agents who work alone may be a better option if you want to have a lot of personal contact with the professional. Those who work as a team could be all you need if you want to have a specialist for each step. The agent you hire could be the team leader who introduces you to the transaction coordinator, assistant or buyer agent who handles those parts of the sale or purchase. Agents who work alone may be able to guide you through each step in a personalized way and are more likely to communicate more frequently, either by phone or in person.

Now that you understand the importance of working with a trusted real estate agent, how can you be sure to find the one that’s right for you? It is easy! I’am can show you how to connect with an experienced, proven, local real estate agent in the market, at no cost to you. In addition, you may also qualify to receive a credit from the lender to help lower your closing costs. The agents I’am works with are readily available to help answer your questions, offer personalized solutions, and assist you in your home search. Never before has it been so easy to find the right real estate agent for you! To Start or To learn more about how I’am can help you get that work done, contact us

Driving license agent in Bettiah RTO

Dto office paschim champaran
Kamalnath Nagar, Collecriate, Bihar 845438
Govt. website link:

BR 22 Bettiah RTO office. Check the Bettiah BR 22 Vehicle registration office Contact Details, email ID and Address. In Bihar – Bettiah Regional Transport Office (RTO) office you can do the Own use and Commercial vehicle registration Like White Board, Yellow Board, including All motor cycles (Two Wheeler /Three Wheeler).

How to find a website marketing company?
West Champaran (Bettiah HQ) Map and Data

North :- Hilly region of Nepal
South :- Gopalganj & part of Purbi Champaran District
East :- Purbi champaran District
West :- Padrauna & Deoria District of Uttar Pradesh
Total Area of the District :- 5228 Sq. Kms.

As the district has its border with Nepal, it has an international importance. The international border is open with five blocks of the district, namely, Bagaha-II, Ramnagar, Gaunaha, Mainatand & Sikta, extending from north-west corner to south-east covering a distance of 35 Kms.

District Headquarters :- Bettiah
Distance of Bettiah from Patna :- 210 Kms. (By road)
Police Districts under West Champaran :- 1. Bettiah 2. Bagaha

Location on global Map between 26°16′ and 27°31′ north latitude and 83°50′ and 85°18′ east longitude.

Subdivisions under West Champaran :- 1. Bettiah 2. Narkatiyaganj 3. Bagaha

No. of Development Blocks :- 18
No. of Panchayats :- 315
No. of Villages :- 1483
Total Length of the Railways tracks within the district :-220Kms

Place to visit & accommodation near Bettiah

Facebook Marketing and Conversion

Hire a local ad agency for your brand and business, build a brand!

Creation and optimization of successful Facebook ads for your business. Maximum ROI. 100% individual approach to your project. Internationally recognized specialists.
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Why Facebook?

  • Almost 1.9 billion users worldwide.
  • Over 70% of them log into their profile daily, and the average Facebook user spends over 8 hours a week on the social network.
  • Facebook is the second most visited site in the world after Google.

Win customers, not likes!

SEO Solutions aims to help advertisers optimize the effectiveness of their advertising messages, ensuring that they attract real and loyal customers, not worthless likes .

Never look at how many people liked your page, but how many people your posts reached, or everyone liked, commented or shared your page posts in a week) – these are your real prospects or loyal current customers. If this indicator is below 5% of the total likes, then you practically have NO Facebook presence.

Our team strives to master the difficult process of turning investments in social marketing into a long-term strategic asset of the company.

What are the advantages of Facebook marketing?


Facebook allows advertising to be highly targeted (unlike almost all advertising channels) – by location, gender, age, interests, hobbies – which allows for strong local impact.


An advertising campaign of any other type (TV, radio, print, outdoor) would be TIMES more expensive than a Facebook one.


Friends of Friends or Friends of Fans (Friends of Friends or Friends of Fans): The more attractive, quality and unique your content is, the more friends of friends or fans it would reach (so-called organic reach ”, or organic visibility of page posts).

The “word of mouth” principle applies in full force in this social network. Facebook is an intelligent platform whose algorithm tolerates and displays the most commented, shared and liked materials.

After all, we are all more likely to trust recommendations from acquaintances and friends.

Brand promotion and fan engagement

Brand promotion and fan engagement

Without a doubt, the most valuable resource that social media provides to businesses is the opportunity to promote the brand and engage with consumers.

Sponsored (or boosted) posts, where you are paid directly to Facebook, multiply the effect of the reach – the so-called. “reach”.

SEO Solutions will help you use all the channels of the platform to succeed in promoting your brand with quality advertising messages and a positive image. To build relationships with your existing and potential customers and ultimately increase your sales and profits.

Create and manage a Facebook ad

It is a complex process that should be entrusted to professionals and be taken into account with a number of social and technical factors in order to achieve the desired effect. SEO Solutions offers advertisers a mechanized and tested process to best manage the Facebook advertising campaign.

SEO Solutions will target the most correct audience

about your product/service, so as to inevitably cause discussion among users. Let our team develop the most appropriate advertising strategy for your product or brand . We will research which ad headlines, images, headings and descriptions will be most relevant and well received by your audience.

Our Creative Department will create advertising messages tailored to your goals to attract the most customers to your brand.

Finance and budget management

Wise financial management is key to the success of an advertising strategy. SEO Solutions can help with Facebook’s payment structure. Let us determine a daily budget, CPI and CPC performance base *, and the best prices Facebook offers to optimize your campaign cost. * Cost per impression and Cost per click (Price per impression and Price per click)

 Fan Pages

It is the Facebook page that is the vitally necessary new face of your brand – always dynamic, up-to-date, responsive. The way you interact with your fans is a mirror of how you would treat them as customers.

The percentage of active fans on your page determines the final number of the audience that can actually become your user through the network.

The goal of SEO Solutions is to offer complete and quality care for your Facebook page, through interesting and unique content, attractive branded (with your logo and motto) posts and photos, branded sections with tips and rankings and much more.

High performance Facebook advertising.

Reach the largest targeted audience on social media.

Looking to reach a large online audience? A Facebook advertising campaign can be the best SEO strategy. We build advertising campaigns on the largest social media network on the Internet. Our campaigns involve targeting specific demographics that are most compatible with your goals. We target audiences with the right marketing message and take full control of the campaign to help you get the most out of your advertising investment.

Let our team roll out and take advantage of the power of the Facebook advertising platform.

Get more likes on shared content.

Generate a positive attitude.

Buyers are more likely to interact with your brand if they see a positive image. By getting more likes on your page and your content, you attract potential buyers. We create campaigns that drive both engagement and content likes to help your brand establish a positive image on Facebook .

Use Facebook to engage your audience. Let’s build your Facebook ad campaign and capitalize on the exposure.

on-page seo optimizationoff page seoSEO analysis for the project
Audience researchWe identify the Facebook audiences most likely to take an active interest in what you have to offer.Similar audiencesWe learn from your existing clientele to build audiences that are incredibly similar yet different.Content planningWe use unpublished page posts to deliver effective messages at the most effective time of day.
competitor analysisreviews and product reviewsre-evaluation
Audience trackingWe help you learn from and understand your audience by tracking and visualizing their engagement.RemarketingNot every lead will convert. We help give you a second chance to appeal to unconverted customers.Ongoing optimizationWe continue to monitor your entire campaign, conducting research and identifying new audiences

Expand your audience.

We create Facebook campaigns for lead generation.

Whether you’re looking for people to download an app or buy a product or service, Facebook offers unique advertising opportunities to generate leads for your business. We develop ad campaigns, boosted posts , that deliver in-demand content to an actively engaged audience.

We also get other Facebook users interested in your paid ads, giving you the perfect opportunity to convert a social media visitor into a paying customer.

Increase engagement. Improve your sales from customers.

While lead generation is a way to improve sales, Facebook also provides businesses with ways to improve existing engagements to increase sales. We build campaigns with your existing customer base to help them understand what more you can do for them to entice them to extend their engagement.

How will we help your facebook account?

How will we help your facebook account?

  •  Cost Management We manage your costs with a focus on return on investment
  • Pixel code execution We confirm that the Facebook pixel is installed and tracked correctly
  • We expand your audiences. We help you reach more new customers.
  • Build Custom Audiences .We upload your customer lists so they can be included or excluded from campaigns.
  • Remarketing Settings . We help you re-reach people who have already visited your site.
  • Reporting. We track, analyze and report on our ad profiles.
  • Messenger Bot Create a personalized chat for your customers in Messenger .
  • Dynamic remarketing settings.Show product ads to people who have already seen your product pages.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of your page. We create the posts for your business page according to a preliminary media plan.

Attract more people to your events.

Our experts can optimize your live event campaign.
Chances are, the ideal audience for your event has a Facebook presence. As one of the most popular social media channels, Facebook offers great value for event organizers. We build campaigns to take advantage of these unique opportunities to target new audiences that might be interested. Let our sponsored advertising experts design an advertising campaign on the social platform to promote your event and improve your event registrations.

We work with event organizers to improve engagement for both one-off and recurring events.

Make a one-time payment for account setup

Choose an amount


Your contribution is appreciated.


Linkedin Marketing #linkedinmarketing

What is LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. Many specialists in certain fields follow the latest developments in their industry, as well as what is happening in thematic professional groups, where they can quickly and easily consult other specialists on a given topic. Thus, the information in the LinkedIn profile reaches key audiences, which would lead to promotion of the brand.

In addition, it is a platform for publishing and communicating the business and serves to expand the professional network and drive quality traffic to the site. Additionally, we can add that this is a very suitable channel for recruiting high-level specialized personnel, which in turn is essential for the success of a brand.

In this regard, it is interesting to know that many recruitment companies use to search for professionals or check whether candidates have a profile there. Registration is free and it is recommended to have a profile in addition to the main job sites (starting with and

Once you have a complete profile , look for colleagues, friends, acquaintances, professors with whom to form your network of contacts. Find out what professional interest groups exist and join their discussions. It is mandatory to observe ethical and moral norms of behavior, as in any professional communication.

A tool for the selection of specialists and personnel

In practice, LinkedIn is most often used – it is the oldest professional network and even in Bulgaria there is already a sufficient number of users with all kinds of professions to be useful for HR companies and recruitment departments. It is a professional network, is rarely used for entertainment, and is traditionally the most complete professional user profile. In practice, a good LinkedIn profile can replace a resume in the initial stages of research and selection. That is why the major job sites in Bulgaria gradually allowed applications with a LinkedIn profile to the job advertisements published on them.

The reviews of employers and job seekers are quite positive – time and resources are saved (for example, you do not maintain a separate resume), without harming the quality of the selection process. LinkedIn is also used by employers, so having a good and complete profile there is definitely a good idea. The chance of being invited to a meeting or a job interview increases tremendously.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network. It exists in more than 20 languages ​​and is used globally by professionals in various industries. An ideal platform to connect with and attract potential business partners. LinkedIn allows you to join groups, post information and share news about professional changes and achievements.

LinkedIn is your digital resume and networking tool. The majority of LikedIn’s user base consists of professionals under the age of 50, with many constantly looking for new opportunities and contacts. When choosing a hashtag for your posts, consider which one would best suit the content and products you’re showcasing.

How to use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn suggests sharing relevant content such as news, blog posts, photos, videos, and more. It’s best to use it to inform your contacts (here’s version of “friends”) when new products come out, there are changes in your professional development, you reach a new goal, you qualify for an incentive program, or about other business topics.

Think of LinkedIn as a way to keep your professional circle interested. To get the most out of it, join groups of people with similar interests or create your own. Invite potential collaborators and people on your team to join in to discuss the business opportunity and keep everyone focused on the goals.

Tips for “social” selling (via social media) are inspired by LinkedIn’s hottest people’s profiles. On the other hand, there are a few businesses that are successfully supplying me. It does matter, however, how strongly you apply it, because every social media has its flaws.

Specifically, Linkedln is a business medium, and as such, it is an ideal place to promote your profile by reaching out to friends and family directly.

10 Tips From SEO Solutions That Will Lead You To Marketing On LinkedIn


Linkedln is an opportunity to learn more about the people you have met or will meet. Hooking up is a great way to get to know someone you know in person.


The LinkedIn profile must be completed in black and white. In order to:

• Upload a professional photo: You are more likely to have your LinkedIn profile viewed if you have a professional looking photo. It is desirable that you are ycmuxna mu.

• Hanumeme unmpugyBaštu title u mekcmoBe: When adding your debt to your company, for example, show us how you help your customers.

• Add a summary: Your summary is essentially a summary of yourself. Share the Vision you have for your role or company.

• Add Videos and videos. This way you will maximize your reach on LinkedIn and improve your communication skills.


There is a greater probability that people will interact with you if we have common knowledge. Learn with whom In the network we have common computers and on a MoBa basis you can save your computers on the network.


Today, there are over 1.5 million unique users sharing content on LinkedIn. You can become an influencer in your industry by sharing relevant blog posts, insights or industry news.


Building Relationships Takes Time, But LinkedIn Lets You Find Your Clients Faster By Searching By Name, Company, or Position. You take advantage of the rush to find more cmpamegučecku konmakmu.


Make something personal about the person you’re messaging. After MoBa, we will receive a follow-up message in 12 weeks. This will increase the response rate.


Joining and following group discussions in your industry is a great way to learn about customer needs, interests, and more.


When nyblukyBame In Linkedln, Your content cmaBa part of your profile, and that is interesting is shared, which npaBu Influential and interesting.


If you are connected to Bashume customers, their social activity will appear to you. You keep tabs on your contacts’ interests and passwords so you can stay informed.


LinkedIn Rulse selects members in real-time, based on people’s interests and the communities and people they follow. Share and comment cmamuu to support your position.

Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies.

How to position yourself correctly.

□ Why LinkedIn is the most powerful social platform for B2B

• Over 660+ million users in over 200 countries

• 75% in the network are decision-making managers

• Over 30+ million featured companies

• 40% of users visit LinkedIn every day

• 10 million C-level executives

• 11 million B2B influencers

• The fastest growing social network right now

• In Bulgaria there are +700,000 users on the network

660M+Professionals on Linkedln

User behavior on social platforms.

LinkedIn users are meant to achieve their professional business goals, not just to have fun. To become better professionals and to seek new professional and business opportunities

The platform users trust the most


A symbiosis between a search engine algorithm and a social network

1st level / completed profile:

1) Keywords relevant to you and your business

2) About me – filled in as much detail as possible

3) Fill in keywords in your Work experience as well

4) Photo and Background photo

5)           Поне 5 Skills & Endorsements

6) Education

7) Connections & followers – at least 100

8) Achievements

9) Rewards

10) Certificates

11) Testimonials

2nd level/ social signals:

1) Activity – posts, content, comments, likes

2) Persistence – 1 post per day is recommended.

3) Participation in groups

4) Create video content.

□ Marketing tricks to use to position yourself correctly

□ Up-to-date tips to help you use LinkedIn successfully

Be professional!

LinkedIn is a network of professionals and we should maintain a professional tone in our communication.

Always use a Background photo for an additional message.


This is the first thing users see 3 step model:

– Who are you helping?

– What problem can you solve?

– How exactly do you solve it?



✓ Validates your page and the credibility of your product/service

✓ Good signal for the LinkedIn algorithm

✓ Increases trust in you

✓ Ability to advertise

✓ Ability to share and create content in one more channel

Well optimized pages get 30% more views.

First, you’ll need to set up your page and fill out the “About” section.

This step is critical because it establishes your business’s credibility in the online community.

Filling out the About section:

Ask yourself these key questions when writing your organization description:

✓ Mission: What is the main mission of the company?

✓ Value: What value do you provide? How do you help?

✓ Positioning: What makes your company different?

✓ Products / Services: How do your products or services help?

Increase your followers!

Linked!n has found that when pages gain more than 150 followers, their growth potential becomes significant.



✓ New opportunities to find customers

✓ Ability to distribute more of your content

✓ Ability to segment your potential customers

✓ Common interests with your potential customers

✓ Opportunity to establish yourself as a professional

✓ Follow news and trends

✓ In Bulgaria you have a chance to create new groups in your area

✓ You need a LinkedIn marketing strategy to maximize the benefits of your online presence.

✓ Incorporating Linkedin as part of your marketing strategy allows you to build stronger partnerships, promote your product/service, and generate sales.

✓ 9 billion weekly impressions

✓ 15x more impressions of non-job related content

✓ 57% of content viewers are on mobile devices

✓ 45 min average time spent on the network per user per month

Consistency in posting to your page is key to gaining new and retaining your current followers.


Pages that post daily get 2x user engagement.

The key to visibility on LinkedIn is engagement with your posts.





The LinkedIn team pays attention to “speed”. The faster you get engagement on your posts, the more visibility you will have. The algorithm will prioritize your content in the users feed.

Do not use it as a channel to promote content on other channels

LinkedIn will not give visibility to your content if you promote your blog or other networks.

You need to build trust with the algorithm by creating content specifically for LinkedIn (aka “native content”)

Once you build authority, you can link to other places, but it takes time before you’re successful.

Hack – put a link in a comment below the post!

Articles или posts?

Data shows that posts get much more feed visibility than articles.

Articles are better for “ever green” long-form content (eg guides for something). They also work very well for big influencers. They even rank in Google search, so think of them more as an alternative blog publishing platform.

Posts are currently better for micro content.


■ 3 out of 4 executives watch work-related videos every week (Forbes)

■ More than 50% of customers want to watch brand videos (HubSpot)

■ 59% prefer to watch a video on a topic rather than read about it (Forbes)

\             ‘


LinkedIn native video:

“Native video” is a video that is uploaded directly to LinkedIn or created on the platform itself. They have an eye-catching Auto Play.

Metrics show they have 10x more shares and views


Images typically result in 2x the comment rate. Statistics show that image collages (3-4 images in one post) perform better.

Linkedln photo share: 1200 x 1200 best for desktop, 1200 x 627 for mobile.


Divide into topics.

Too many authors often try to cram too much information into one post. Instead, break the information into topics and post more things throughout the seed.

Write briefly.

Be specific. Use bullet points whenever possible to break up your content and make it even more understandable.

Make it visual.

Users have been paying attention in recent years to posts illustrated with large photos or all-photo content. Use videos and infographics. This will make your materials useful and quick to understand. It will encourage their sharing on the web.

Revise. Revive old content.

If you find yourself stuck for a lack of inspiration, check out interesting things that have been shared before. See if the subjects may not be circulated again, but revived and revised from the point of view of the day. Another option is to take longer posts from the past and break them up into several pieces of information. Or re-read an old topic and illustrate it in an info graphic. In this way, you will create something new and associate yourself with the topics that provoke interest.

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search

An Ai Agency for Voice Search, we develop and execute high-quality voice search optimization and marketing strategies for smart voice devices and platforms.

For a few years, the search for something simple and concrete in the internet universe of the type “To which literary movement does Miguel de Unamuno belong?” or “How old is Lionel Messi?” it is a wonder.

The first result that the Google search engine returns is the exact answer to that question, as if the computer were, in some way, starting a conversation with you.

This ‘talk’ is not by chance.

It is due to the application that the browser makes of artificial intelligence and machine learning through the so-called RankBrain mechanism that was created in 2015 to offer more accurate results.

Along with the Hummingbird algorithm , Google’s core for tracking and focused on providing responses through semantic paradigms, the giant uses Rankbrain to provide these quick and specific responses to the user.

Thus, when we perform a search, RankBrain takes care of the specific and most exact result and Hummingbird takes care of the rest of the results offered by the search engine through more extensive related articles.

Language Assitance Service Provider

Language assistants like Google Assistant are becoming more and more popular. More and more companies are also using them for their products and services. But how do the contents of your own web page enter the answers of the linguistic assistants?

Following a survey recently conducted by Kantar TNS on behalf of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e. V. Google Assistant, followed by Siri, Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa, is the most popular among users. Its users are quite young and predominantly male. Interestingly, it is also the younger age groups that are most concerned about language assistants. Virtual assistants are mainly used for quick access to information, searching in search engines and browsing .

How Does This Affect My Media?

It is logical to think that if Google has encouraged itself to be more precise and demanding in the answers that it offers to the user, it will also be so with how our medium provides that information to offer to the user to satisfy their search intentions.

Voice search , has come to stay, voice searches are one of the tools that are bringing us closer and closer to that technological comfort.

Google is betting heavily on artificial intelligence for its search engines. This is fully based on the user’s experience and search preferences. In this way, the search engine fully understands the user’s intentions and offers you the best results on the web based on what you are looking for.

And here comes the SEO that we must apply to achieve a good positioning. Considering that this algorithm prioritizes good user experience, the question is: how can I optimize my SEO for RankBrain?

Websites that optimize their content by adapting it to the user’s search intent are more likely to appear among the first results and gain more traffic.

Thus, using long tail keywords and long phrases that people use in their daily lives has become a must.

Not only because RankBrain is capable of processing and learning from them, but also because voice searches are becoming more widespread and when a user searches by voice, they tend to use more complex sentences than when searching by typing.

Therefore, if a person wants to know about the new restrictions on Covid-19 in Madrid, the logical thing is that when doing so through a voice assistant -such as Google, Alexa or Siri-, they ask the complete question: ” What are the new restrictions in Madrid due to Covid ?

On the other hand, if the query is written, the user tends to shorten it and would write something like this: ” Restrictions Covid Madrid “.

And here the importance of having a website optimized for mobile comes into play.

Well, everyone knows that the use of smartphones when consuming and consulting information is greater and greater every day since the arrival of voice assistants. Thus, Google rewards websites that have a responsive design (adaptable to mobile screens).

Also, try to use natural, simple and clear language when writing your content .

It is one of the issues that RankBrain will take into account the most to position your information.

Along the same lines, we recommend that you use the tools that exist – such as Google Trends – to find out what the search trends are and what words users usually use to make their queries, as long as you adapt your content to them and use the same language.

The content capable of deciphering and responding to the demanding needs of the public will be considered of great value by RankBrain, since another of the issues that must be clear to achieve a good positioning is to help this artificial intelligence position you as a benchmark brand. that hooks and engages the reader.

And this is also achieved by being a highly visited and recurring place for users.

A help, in addition to offering quality content, is to present the data in a structured way , that is, that they have hyphens or enumerations within the text. This gesture helps crawlers find the information within your article more easily and therefore indexes it better.

Finally, we recommend that you study and analyze your SEO results . If you achieve more audience every day, Google will take you more into account and it will be more likely that you will appear among the first positions in the results.

The Era of Voice Search Has Arrived

Just by activating the microphone and pronouncing the words “Ok Google”, we can perform a voice search with surprising results of great relevance and quality. #iamitmm #ai #artificialagency #voiceassitance #voicesearch #voicesearchmarketing

Searching on Google and other search engines has long been a part of our daily lives, from a simple search to find out what the weather will be today, to knowing the ingredients of a recipe. Beyond the typical keywords that we enter with our keyboard, voice search is one more step in the attempt to make the user’s life something easier, more comfortable and interconnected. Along these same lines, OK Google is a service that uses a voice recognition system to perform a Google search without using the keyboard. It is, therefore, a system that combines artificial intelligence and linguistics, and that aims to encourage a dialogue between the user and the electronic device. While OK Google has been around for a few years now and 20% of global searches are done by natural voice.

Secure Postioning


If physical location information is of central importance to your business, sooner or later voice search will become part of your business strategy. Although at the moment the voice results do not differ much from those entered by keyboard, a study by the company Backlinko suggests that in voice search results:

the answer is usually extracted from the so-called zero position or rich snippets in Google.
loading speed is a vital factor to be able to appear in voice search results the answers shown are usually short, with an average of 29 words most of the pages have the https: protocol and a powerful domain In short, voice search is a still unknown and developing field, which should be followed in order to be up-to-date with trends in the technology sector and the positioning of our website.

Voice Search; Communicate With Your Phone

Impact on user behavior: the most important changes

If you want to carry out voice search optimization for your website, it is important to understand the extent to which queries are modified by new technologies. The biggest changes affect the language itself: queries move away from written language and towards a more natural language usage , which means that searches are longer. Instead of one to three keywords in typed search engine queries, it is becoming more common for voice searches to contain 2-4 keywords, increasing the relevance of long-tail keywords ( long-tail keywords ).

These types of longer queries are carried out in the following way: through the natural use of the language, keywords are usually integrated into the questions . If a user wants, for example, to obtain information about a public person, the voice search for him will not be “Steve Jobs”, but “Who is Steve Jobs”. Basic questions like “who” or “what”, for example, should be taken into account when optimizing voice search. In this sense, “who”, “when” and “where” are often used more than “what”, “why” or “how”. The linguistic assistants also understand prepositions (such as “from” or “to”) better and better, so that queries such as “flight from Berlin to Madrid” offer much more adequate results than years ago.

As a consequence, a development takes place that also affects classic text search: the structural shift from keyword to content . The classic money keywords lose search volume, but nevertheless the semantic context gains importance. In the evaluation of queries, it is above all about the purpose that is attached to the question. Research on user behavior shows that voice search is also used for general information,and the more concrete questions and purchase decisions take place later. Especially the content that offers specific data to answer the queries also directs those who perform voice searches to the web pages and, to a lesser extent, the isolated keywords or the specific product.

The changed search behavior has consequences for technology, whose algorithms are constantly being developed. These have to be adapted according to the user’s needs and offering direct answers to their questions. This refers, for example, to Google’s Knowledge Graph , which was introduced in 2012. This displays, above the usual search results for a given field, various results, including graphs and a short set of search results. of facts for the search term in question without the user having to look for this information on another web page. With this, Google manages to become an independent answer machine.Users can issue these “direct answers” in the form of voice responses, such as the results read aloud by the Google Now assistant. These are also decisive factors when it comes to two-way communication between man and technology.

The popularity of such direct responses is somewhat problematic from the point of view of web page operators , since it usually decreases the traffic obtained by Google searches. It is, however, questionable whether users who prefer direct answers are also visitors with a constant or deeper interest in the corresponding web pages.

There is another technical development that hinders effective search engine optimization: new algorithms target personalized content to enable more individual search results and user-targeted ads. To achieve this level of personalization, digital assistants offer personal and detailed information,so they become interfaces between the user, their input device and web search, collecting a wide variety of user data. Personalized content makes evaluation and calculation difficult for SEO professionals, as it is not understandable in digital assistant voice search and neither is its data for marketers and website managers.

Google has also picked up on the local voice search trend . Pigeon , the search algorithm update released in July 2014, was aimed at giving local businesses better visibility. It is striking in this regard that voice search shows three times more local results than searches carried out using written text. Likewise, Google also reacts to the use of said service on mobile devices, so it is advisable to take into account this type of technological advances when optimizing voice search.

VSO Agency #VoiceSearchOptimisation

A good conversational search optimization agency can help your website content rank higher in Google My Business search results . We’ll take a look at what you can achieve with a voice search campaign. Search for #FisrtCommericalUKLtd #artificialintelligence

Voice Search Optimization for…(artificial intelligence)

Amazon Alexa Voice Search OptimizationAmazon Alexa Apple Siri Voice Search OptimizationApple Siri Google VoiceGoogle Voice Microsoft Cortana Voice Search OptimizationWindows Cortana
Voice Search Optimization using Artificial Intelligence

Basics for optimizing voice search and voice match

Voice search optimization is the latest trend in voice search engines .

Users simply speak to their device, ask a question, and the device answers. It’s extremely user-friendly, but requires a bit of work on the optimization side to ensure businesses are earning the voice score for their products and services.

Essentially, the essence of voice search seo optimization is to ensure that you are optimizing your pages to target keywords in the form that voice search engines look for and recognize them.

For example, in a simple search query you might search for “pizza”, but in a query with a voice search question you might ask “where can I get pizza?”

These small differences mean that you have to shift your SEO campaign a bit to use keywords targeting voice search, don’t worry, you won’t lose your original SEO keywords .

Voice search continues to evolve, which means it’s important for your business to optimize for voice search queries. Otherwise, you could be missing out on valuable business – especially if your competition is optimizing for voice search and you aren’t!

What does a voice search SEO agency do?

A voice search optimization agency can help your content rank high enough to be a contender for voice search responses.

Not only can they help increase the performance of existing content on your website, but they can also help you create new content based on new targeted keywords.

Once they’ve improved, added and created new content for your website, they’ll help you analyze the results of your campaign. This is extremely useful because without analyzing your results, you won’t know if your campaign is moving in the right direction.

Google Analytics allows you to determine which parts of your strategy you need to change and improve, so you can ultimately end up with a successful voice traffic campaign.

The process of ranking your content high enough to be considered a voice search result creates a domino effect – the agency improves your website, the website starts ranking high for key terms, your website becomes a voice search result, more people visit your website, more people buy your products and your revenue increases.

cheerful woman recording voice message on smartphone in street
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Do you need digital marketing for voice search optimization?

While the concept of voice search optimization isn’t overly complicated, if you don’t have someone on your team who understands all the terminologies and processes, it can be a difficult campaign to pull off on your own.

It’s a good idea to consider hiring a voice search optimization agency to take care of your campaign for you, simply because that’s their job. They are trained and well versed in voice search and can ensure a successful and effective campaign for your company.

If you’re thinking of running a voice search optimization campaign on your own, consider a few things first.

Who on your team will run the campaign?

If you want someone on your team to start a voice search campaign for your company, it’s important to carefully consider your options.

Do you have someone on your team who is already an SEO expert? Does your marketing department have an idea of ​​what a voice search optimization campaign entails?

If you have someone who stands out for the role, you might be in luck. But if no one on your team has knowledge about a voice search optimization campaign, you’ll want to either train them or choose to hire an agency.

Do you have the budget to train and maintain a voice search optimization campaign?

Let’s say no one on your team knows marketing, SEO, or voice optimization. This means you will have to pay to train them and buy tools to help them campaign. Voiise search training can be expensive.

Online lessons can be quite expensive, and the tools required for the job can be even more expensive.

The difference between paying to train one of your own employees and hiring a voice search optimization agency is that when you hire an agency you are guaranteed results. When you pay to train someone on your own team, nothing is guaranteed as they are not yet an expert.

Does your team have time to learn about voice search optimization?

Maybe you’ve decided you want to spend the money and train someone on your team in voice search optimization. The next thing to consider is whether or not the employee has the time in their schedule.
If you want them to continue doing their current job at your company, in addition to learning how to do voice search optimization, you’ll need to consider whether they have time in their schedule for training or implementing a strategy.
The employee you have chosen for the job may be so busy during the day that they need to train for their new responsibility on their own time. This is far from ideal and efficient.
Let’s say the employee has enough time in the day to complete their current work at your company and learn how to do voice search optimization. However, remember that voice search optimization is an ongoing process.

They won’t just work on the campaign for a week and be done. SEO Voice search optimization is a long-term initiative and if your employee does not have much free time, hiring a voice search optimization agency is a better option.

Can you afford to let their current responsibilities fall by the wayside?

Whoever you entrust to manage the voice search optimization campaign, you will probably need to let some of their current responsibilities take a back seat. There is a huge possibility that they will not be able to handle both their current work and the voice search optimization campaign.

If that doesn’t suit you, it’s best to hire a voice search optimization agency.

How to choose the best voice search optimization agency.

If you’ve decided it’s best to hire a voice search optimization agency, here are some tips to help you choose the best agency for you.

  • Choose an agency that fits your budget.
    Budget is one of the most important things to keep in mind when running a business. If you exceed it, you could find your business in financial trouble.
  • Choose an agency that has positive reviews.

Reviews are comments that past clients make on behalf of the agency’s services. They can be good or bad, which can be extremely indicative of an agency’s effectiveness.

You’ll want to choose an agency that has far more great reviews than bad ones. Keep in mind that no agency will have 100 percent perfect reviews, but the best agencies will have far more positive reviews than negative.
Reviews are given by past clients who were extremely satisfied with the work of a particular agency.
You can usually find reviews on the agency’s website and the best agencies will have hundreds of them.

  • Choose an agency that wants to help you achieve your goals.

Before hiring an agency, you should always have a thorough discussion with them about your campaign. If the agency seems uninterested in achieving your goals or makes you feel like your goals are out of reach, it’s best to go to another agency.

On the other hand, it’s important to know what goals are realistic. If you want to see a 100 percent increase in website traffic in one month with a voice search optimization campaign, the agency will rightly tell you that you probably won’t achieve that goal.

Qualities of the best voice search optimization agencies.

Once you’ve shortlisted a number of voice search optimization agencies, it’s time to find the perfect one. To do this, consider some of the qualities found in the best voice search optimization agencies.
-They have a high customer retention rate.

If you’re researching voice search optimization agencies, you’ll want to find out how long the agency has been in business and whether they’ve had a high number of customers in the past that have stuck around.
A voice search optimization agency that is just starting out will not have the experience to guarantee you results in their campaign. If they have not been in the market long enough to serve a wide variety of clients in a variety of industries, they are not guaranteed to deliver the best possible results.
Retention rate refers to what percentage of customers stay with the agency – so it’s important that this number is high for the voice search agency you want to work with.

SEO Solutions we are transparent and show the prices for optimization

When agencies provide prices on their website, it means they are not trying to hide anything about their campaigns. They conveniently provide the prices up front so that no one’s time is wasted.
They want you to know how much their services cost so you can know if they are within your budget and if you should take the time to contact them.
These agencies are less likely to have hidden fees because they set their prices in front of you.

We will contact you after you fill out the contact form.

There is nothing more annoying than not getting a response after filling out the contact form on a website. The best voice search optimization agencies will take your contact forms seriously and respond to you within reasonable timeframes. If you don’t hear from an agency for weeks, it’s time to keep looking.

Our digital agency has positive reviews and references

Reviews are extremely important in determining the quality of an agency. Although reviews have the potential to be positive or negative, the best agencies will always have more great reviews than bad ones.
Don’t let a few bad reviews scare you, though. Everyone perceives services differently and when you read a review you don’t get both sides of the story.
An even better sign is when the agency has taken the time to respond to feedback in a public forum, so you can see that they are responsive and willing to make things right with their unhappy customers.

Looking for the best Voice Keyword Agency?

If all of these qualities sound too good to be true for a voice search optimization agency, you don’t have to look far.
SEO Solutions is a full digital services digital marketing agency, which means we don’t just provide voice search services. We also offer services like SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and many more.

You will always receive specialized attention for your ad campaigns.

We are always up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing so that your campaigns always have the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies.
We’ll get to know your business, your industry and your competitors before implementing the perfect voice search optimization campaign to give you the best opportunity for growth and success. We want you to succeed, so your goals are our goals.
You will get the analysis behind the success of your campaign and we will always be available.
If these qualities sound like a voice search optimization agency for you to join, we’d love to hear from you!

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Google Remarketing #entrepreneurlife

Google Remarketing is a form of online advertising aimed at current or potential customers who have visited a company’s website. It helps keep the brand in front of consumers after they leave. Experience shows that on the first visit to the site, only 2% of the traffic is converted into a sale. Remarketing covers the remaining 98%.

Types of remarketing on Google

There are two main types of remarketing: online and offline. Online remarketing applies to all users, visitors to the company’s website.

Online remarketing

In online remarketing, there are three main ways of interacting with customers:

  • through contextual advertising;
  • through search engine optimization;
  • by sending e-mail newsletters.

Offline remarketing

Offline remarketing is applied to potential customers who have requested a quote, inquired about a business or had some contact with a similar one.

The greatest effectiveness is achieved with the complex use of the mentioned methods, but if it is not possible to use all three at the same time, the greatest effectiveness is contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising displays the advertising message in response to certain queries of the Internet user. It is published in the popular search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Every day they are visited by millions of users who are looking for the products they are interested in.

Google Trends or Google Trends gives information about the volume of searches for various keywords in the world. Since the second source does not give direct information about the usability of a specific technology, but only information about the volume of searches for a given keyword, the confirmation of the usability of a specific technology is based on the fact that when a given technology is used, it is present in greater degree in the search results. For this reason, Google Trends data is used to indirectly confirm the data provided by BuiltWith.

Google Ads remarketing is a special tracking code that detects the cookies on the computer and smart devices of users who have visited your site, and then you can use this data to re-advertise to those visitors. The main idea of ​​google ads remarketing is to show the relevant ads to all users who have shown interest in your site.

Search engine advertising is proving to be the most effective internet way to both increase sales and solve virtually any marketing task. The most popular advertising platform for publishing contextual advertising is Google Ads . The procedure is as follows:

Ads are displayed after a user query at the same time as the query results. Google buys keywords and phrases suitable for the theme of the advertising campaign. Contextual advertising is shown only to those users who have entered exactly those words into the search engine. The benefits of implementing contextual advertising are:

  • potential customers, as advertising is focused on the target audience defined by the company;
  • payment for results – payment is made on click, i.e. only when the user clicks on the ad and enters the site;
  • quick effect of advertising;
  • measurability of the results, since there is a statistical system that allows monitoring the number of visitors, how much time they spent browsing and which products.

Dynamic Google Ads remarketing

Dynamic Google Ads remarketing is more in demand than regular remarketing because it allows advertisers to retarget users who have already visited or taken some action on their site. Dynamic Google Ads remarketing gives fantastic results because it shows the user information about products that they are interested in and have already viewed and searched for. This type of remarketing is no longer associated so much with branding.
It comes with five pre-built lists to segment users, and other lists can be added as well as pre-built ad templates. Better results are achieved than with simple remarketing. According to Google, advertisers report 450% higher click-through rates compared to regular remarketing campaigns.

Dynamic remarketing enables advertisers to automatically create personalized ads based on the products viewed by visitors.

What to do to start using dynamic remarketing

  • Google Merchant Centre, registration linked to your Google Ads account.
  • Google Analytics tracking code snippet.
  • Special dynamic remarketing campaign in Ads.
  • Dynamic ads tool to create product-based ads combining text and photo.
  • Custom Google Ads campaign settings.

The second way to interact with users in remarketing is search engine optimization (SEO).

It consists in improving the visibility of the website in search engines through algorithmic results, which includes optimization of the HTML code, structure and texts of the website. Advertising the site and increasing internal and/or backlinks is another strategy for SEO optimization.

The earlier and more often a site appears in the results, the more visitors the search engine is likely to generate for it. Thus, the site gets a stronger presence in the Internet space. Optimization can include various search aspects such as: searching in a certain field or region, as well as searching for pictures, video or news. As an Internet marketing strategy, search engine optimization examines how search engines work and what users search for.

There are two main methods of remarketing: the pixel-based method and through lists. Their use depends on the objectives of the marketing campaign.

Pixel-based remarketing is a way to re-display the ad to each site visitor using a small piece of JavaScript (called a pixel) that is secretly embedded in the visitor’s browser in the form of a cookie.

When leaving the site, the stealth cookie tells the tracking platforms exactly what ads to show based on the user’s past behavior on the site. For example, if the visitor has viewed only the home page of the site, he is sent general advertising messages related to the company’s activities.

However, if the visitor has spent a significant amount of time on the site and viewed the products offered, then in remarketing he receives advertisements of the same or similar products with discounts, information about the limited quantity or promotional conditions.

List-based remarketing works after already having collected information about users in the company’s database. Here you can choose which part of the list to target the ad to.

Types of google remarketing

  • standard remarketing – in this case, visitors who have left the site are shown ads while browsing other sites or applications;
  • dynamic remarketing – visitors who leave here receive ads while browsing other sites, but for the products they viewed on the company’s site;
  • mobile app remarketing – advertising is shown to people who have used the company’s mobile app or mobile website while using other mobile apps or browsing other mobile websites;
  • search remarketing lists – ads are shown to past visitors as they perform subsequent searches after leaving the site;
  • Video Remarketing – This is done by showing ads to visitors who have watched videos on the company’s YouTube channel and left the site while using YouTube or browsing videos, websites and apps.

Whether the goals are to drive sales, increase registrations, or increase brand awareness, remarketing can be a strategic element of advertising. It can drive ROI for all types of advertisers because:

  • information reaches people when they are most likely to make a purchase. Advertising appears when visitors actively search for new opportunities on other sites and applications, i.e. when they are most interested in a particular product, service or business;
  • The lists used in advertising can be customized in Google Remarketing to achieve specific advertising goals. The list can be selected by creating, for example, a group of people who had an interest but did not make a purchase;
  • the scale of remarketing is huge as advertising reaches millions of websites and apps.

Basic steps in implementing Google remarketing:

  • target audience analysis;
  • choice of ways to reach potential customers;
  • creating lists, if applicable;
  • implementation of remarketing;
  • Results analysis

SEO and Google Remarketing

Content marketing

which is a set of marketing techniques based on the creation and/or dissemination of information useful to consumers in order to win trust and attract potential customers;

Branding marketing

which covers the entire complex of activities related to the creation and promotion of a new or already existing brand on the Internet; The work on creating the internet brand includes: development, brand name, trademark, information base, positioning models, strategies for moving a future brand;

Direct marketing

uses direct mail to target users. It is not aimed at target groups, but at individuals;

Social media marketing

it is a process of driving traffic or attention to the brand or product through social platforms. It is based on creating content that people will share through social networks. It is believed that messages transmitted on social networks cause greater trust in potential users.


it involves marketing analysis using data from spatially distributed objects, for example market research;

Joint or co-marketing

in this marketing, two or more business units that offer a common product in the market do joint marketing.

Personal marketing

it is Internet marketing aimed at changing or maintaining the interest of potential or existing customers who regularly use services;

Search marketing

A complex of activities aimed at increasing the site’s traffic and its target audience by using search programs;

Mass marketing

implies an orientation towards the widest possible range of users without considering the differences between them. It is used to distribute the information published on the site. Mass marketing is one-way, without opportunities for interactive connection with consumers;

Network Marketing

the essence of network marketing comes down to the fact that sales representatives of a company or counterparty offer buyers to also become sales representatives of this company;

Viral marketing

influences the target audience at the expense and with the power of the target audience themselves, voluntarily participating (knowingly or unknowingly) in spreading information about the marketing offer;

Trusted Marketing

this is internet marketing where potential customers are asked for permission before being presented with the ad. In order for the customer to receive certain advertisements, he must subscribe in advance. This approach is used when the orientation is towards specific users;

Hidden marketing

is used for direct advertising of a new product, without the user suspecting that he is the subject of advertising;

Time marketing

the purpose is to analyze the time to serve customers, the time to prepare and receive offers for products and services and facilitate the method of payment;

Social marketing

it is a branch of marketing that uses marketing tools to improve the lives of both individuals and society as a whole. Initially, social marketing was aimed at persuading people to do sports, eat right, stop smoking, etc. Today, in addition, social marketing means the work aimed at the simultaneous promotion of the brand and social values. A key element of this type of marketing is the development and implementation of social programs aimed at promoting social ideas.

Google Adwords

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Google AdWords paid advertising appears on search results pages.
Google Ads   are the ads you see in the first four positions on the Google search results page. These ads give you the ability to pay per click, which means it will cost you absolutely nothing.

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.
The idea is simple – all available targeting methods should be used to get the most qualified and relevant visitor to your website. If the website does its job of converting visitors into leads (buyers), then it can lead to a lot of sales.

Why? The concept is simple. People use Google to find local businesses.

They enter keywords related to your business. They are more likely to buy from you because they are actively looking for what you sell. Google AdWords will bring high quality visitors to your website because your ad will appear at the exact moment they are looking for it and they will click on it and a second or two later they will see your website.

AdWords Management Services from SEO Solutions:

Step 1: When you sign up for our AdWords management service, we’ll need the following information

  • Click budget – You will determine what your Google advertising budget will be – that is, how much you want to pay per “click” each month.
  • Location – where do you want the ads to run?
  • In what radius – ie. How many kilometers from your location?
  • List of postal codes.
  • List of cities.
  • The products and services you want to advertise.

Step 2: We’ll review your registration information and get back to you with any questions.

Step 3: We will run the AdWords ads on the search network using the information from your website and the online registration form and launch the campaign.

Step 4: We will monitor and optimize the campaign every month and prepare a detailed report every month for you to see the results.

What are remarketing ads in Google Ads?

Remarketing ads in Google Ads are a great way to get people to come back to your website. By using remarketing on every page of your website, we can advertise your business to people who have visited your website in the last 30, 60, 90… days.
Remarketing ads in Google Ads are the same as display ads – except they only target people who have visited your website. They are very easy to use, very economical and best of all, they are extremely targeted.

How do remarketing ads work?

The remarketing code that is installed on your website saves a cookie on the computer, tablet or smart phone from which your web pages are visited. When that person visits one of the millions of websites that have opted in to Google’s Display Network, that website will be eligible to show your ad.
If that person doesn’t click on your ad, it won’t cost you anything. Like display ads, remarketing ads are pay-per-click ads, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The big advantage is that your ads can appear on several hundred websites before you incur a cost, that is, before someone clicks on your ad.

Step 1:

We send you the remarketing code to install on every page of your website. The code is only a few lines long and will not affect the appearance of the website.

Step 2:

We create ads and send the ads to you for your approval. Ads are simple templates that include a few words of copy and your logo. If you want to create jpgs for the ads, you can. Let us know and we can provide you with the specifications for the ads.

Step 3:

Once you approve the ads, we’ll upload the ads for Google approval. Google usually takes 3-5 days to approve ads, after which AdWords remarketing ads can start showing. Note that ads won’t start showing until at least 100 people have viewed a page with a remarketing code installed on it.

What are display ads in AdWords?

AdWords display ads are a very effective way to deliver a message to a targeted audience. Not only can display ads be geo-targeted, they can also be targeted by:

  • The content of the web page on which the ad is displayed.
  • A person’s web browser history.
  • The last Google searches a person has done.

These ads are pay-per-click, meaning it costs nothing to display the ad on another website. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and views your website.

AdWords display ads typically receive hundreds of impressions for each click, so they can help build brand awareness for your business while driving quality traffic to your website.
Display ads can be small text ads, like those seen on the Google search results page, or image ads. Display ads come in a variety of sizes.

Process for creating display ads from SEO Solutions

Our display ad creation process is usually pretty quick. We use a library of hundreds of animated templates to create brand ads for any business.

Step 1: We’ll download a graphic element from your website (like your logo for example) and make copy to go with it. The image and copy are entered into a pre-formatted template with a color palette that will match your website. Most of these templates have a basic animation to draw extra attention to the ad.

Step 2: We will then send you a link to view the different ad sizes and approve the ad content. If you want to create your own ads, you or your graphic design firm can email us the ads. We will send you the design specifications for the ads.

Step 3: Once approved by you, we need to submit the ads to Google for their approval. They must ensure that all of your ads comply with Google’s editorial guidelines.

Step 4: We launch the ads and begin monitoring and optimizing ad placement for maximum quality traffic. We can target ads in many ways.

Display ad targeting options:

  • Geo-Targeting : Similar to search ads, we can target all of your ads to only appear in specific zip codes or cities . (This is obviously important for small businesses.)
  • Demographic targeting : Google has developed a way to identify the approximate age, gender and parental status of Google users based on a combination of their online activities and some external data. If you want to advertise only to women between the ages of 25 and 45 with children, we can do that.
  • Content Targeting : We can target your display ads to appear only on web pages that contain certain keywords. The idea is to advertise your business while someone is actively searching or reading content related to your business.
  • Affinity Audience Targeting : These are categories of people who have demonstrated to Google through their online activities a certain lifestyle or interest.
  • Target Custom Affinity Audiences : Do you want to advertise to a group of people who visit a specific list of websites on a regular basis? We can create a custom affinity group for you. Let’s say you want to advertise to people who look at websites that talk about outer space. We can create custom affinity audiences for people who regularly visit websites like NASA and other astronomy-related sites.
  • Targeting “market audiences”: Google has created a way to identify people based on their purchase of certain products or use of a service. By analyzing a person’s click behavior, as well as web visits and search queries, Google has created algorithms that can identify people who are likely to make a purchase soon.
  • Combining targeting options : We may combine any of the above targeting options to focus your ads on a select group of people viewing specific content.

What are Google Shopping ads?

Google Shopping campaigns and ads are used to promote your online and local inventory, drive traffic to your website or local store, and find better qualified leads. Like other ad formats, your Google Shopping ads will be charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, you’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Google Shopping ads will show users your product photo, title, price, your store name, and more. By providing as much information as possible, Shopping Ads will give the searcher a strong sense of the product you are selling, which will provide you with more qualified customers.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads:

  • Better Qualified Leads: You can increase lead quality by displaying product information directly in your ads; which helps shoppers make better informed shopping decisions. More information about the product increases the conversion rate and makes it more likely that buyers will make a purchase on your site.
  • Easy retail-focused management: It’s important to remember that instead of keywords, Google Shopping ads use the product attributes you’ve defined in your Merchant Center data feed .
  • Broader presence: More than one of your Google Shopping ads can show for a given user search. If appropriate, the same shopping ad can be shown at the same time. A user will have several chances to click on your ad in a single search.

What are video ads on YouTube?

browsing youtube
Photo by cottonbro

We may run video ads on the YouTube network to drive audiences to your YouTube videos. If you have a 30-second or longer video on YouTube, we can promote it in many ways and target the audience using several techniques, including geo-targeting, remarketing and content targeting.

Many of the same targeting techniques for display ads (including remarketing) are also available for YouTube ads.
Have you seen the video ads that play right before you try to watch a video on YouTube (the ones that count down for 5 seconds before you remove them)? This type of TV commercial has maximum targeting.
Ads work on a pay-per-view basis.

It costs nothing for someone to watch the first 29 seconds of your video. You only pay when someone watches 30 seconds or more of your ad. (video must be at least 30 seconds long).
If you want to use this ad we will need the URL of your YouTube video or channel. We do not create videos, so please prepare your videos before asking us to create a YouTube video ad account.

Once the videos are linked to the Google Ads account, we’ll call you to discuss your YouTube ad targeting strategy.

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Education Sector or Education System

Subject of marketing in education

The subject of marketing in education is the philosophy, seo marketing strategy and tactics in the relationship and interaction between users and creators of educational services and products in market conditions.

Participants in market marketing relations are educational institutions, consumers (individuals, organizations and companies), intermediaries (employment services, labor exchanges) and the state.

Functions of marketing in education

The functions of organizations, users of educational services and products are defined in the direction of:

  • informing educational institutions, intermediaries and individuals about the demand;
  • establishing the requirements for the quality of educational services and products, to the professionalism of its future collaborators;
  • reimbursement of costs for the training of specialists.

The marketing of educational services and products is the educational institutions that form the commodity supply of educational services – universities, institutes, colleges.

The functions of educational institutions are related to:

  • student training, i.e. provision of a service for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and habits;
  • creation of accompanying educational services and products, education of students;
  • provision of information and intermediary services to entrants, students and employers, agreeing with them on the conditions for future work,
  • sources of funding for educational services and products.

Educational institutions play a crucial role in the implementation of marketing in the field of education , since they are most interested in the study of markets, their forecasting, pricing, compared to other subjects of marketing.

Intermediary structures (labor exchanges, employment services, educational funds, associations of educational institutions) help to move educational services and products to the market, and marketing for them is a vitally important activity.

Their functions include:

  • accumulation, processing, analysis and sale of information on the market of educational services and products, consulting services to other marketing entities;
  • advertising activity on the market of educational services and products, legal assistance;
  • formation of sales channels, assistance in concluding deals;
  • participation in the financing and crediting of participants in the market of educational services and products.

Marketing of educational services and products in the public sector with government governing bodies.

Its functions are very specific, as they cannot be performed by other marketing entities. They refer to:

  • creating and maintaining the image of education both among the population and among employers;
  • funding of state educational institutions;
  • providing higher education institutions with tax privileges;
  • determining the list of professions and specialties;
  • standardization in education;
  • the legal protection of subjects of the marketing of educational services and products
  • personnel training for the marketing education system.

Object of marketing activity in education.

An object of marketing, in a broader sense, is anything that is offered on the market for exchange and sought by consumers.

Marketing of educational services and products is marketing of services, which, as is known, are intangible, intangible until the moment of their use.

They are acquired ” on trust “. In order to convince the customer to do this, service producers try to formalize the service parameters and present them visually whenever possible.

The range of educational services and products, as an object of marketing, is extremely extensive. In the conditions of a market economy, it can significantly change, as educational institutions are forced to take into account the requirements of the market.

An essential variety of educational services and products are the accompanying services – informational, consulting, expert, scientific research, implementation of scientific developments, textbooks and teaching aids, dormitories, hotels, sports facilities, etc.

All this requires a marketing approach, market analysis and forecasting, pricing policy development, strategic and tactical planning, demand formation and sales stimulation.

In developed markets, problems in the content of marketing of educational services and products relate to: functions, assortment and quality of services, pricing, communications, implementation and sales, staffing issues.

Marketing begins to function with the research of the market, the planning and disclosure of the idea of ​​the educational services and products, their movement in the market and ultimately, satisfying the needs of the selected target groups of users.

photography of people graduating
Photo by Emily Ranquist

SEO Optimization for the marketing of educational services and products

Who should be trained?

In this matter, educational institutions are faced with the delicate problem of which contingent of students to orientate.

According to the study conditions, the candidate students in Bulgaria are divided into two groups – admission by state order to public higher education institutions and admission to private higher education institutions . The former are subsidized by the state, and the latter pay their own tuition.

Why and what to study?

The answers to these questions help to clearly formulate the goals and means of the educational process, to find an optimal ratio between general education, fundamental, special and applied disciplines.

How long to study?

This term and conditions are determined by the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Bulgaria – no less than 5 years for masters, 4 years for bachelors and 3 years for professional bachelors.

Where to study?

At a university, college, in Bulgaria or abroad. The marketing of educational services and products is obliged to give reasoned recommendations on these matters.

How to study?

Regular form, correspondence form, distance form or other similar.

Who will teach the student?

This issue, in other types of marketing, is practically not considered, but in the marketing of educational services and products it is of crucial importance. The authority of the higher school and the desire or reluctance to study in it depend on the authority, image of the teaching staff, on their experience and pedagogical mastery.

The marketing of educational services and products uses various methods: both general scientific and specific – statistical, economic-mathematical, sociological, socio-psychological, management theory methods, marketing research methods.

Marketing of educational services and products is actively influenced by the surrounding marketing environment – political, economic, demographic, cultural, moral and ethical.

The market of educational services and products is oriented towards three main types of users, forming the respective markets – individuals, enterprises and organizations and state government bodies.

The market, whose consumers are individuals, is segmented according to socio-economic, demographic and cultural criteria. Different requirements, tastes, priorities and problems of users meet here. This requires particularly detailed segmentation.

Another feature of this market is that there are many sources of information, the significant part of which has an informal or even subjective nature. Making a decision to receive one or another education depends to a large extent not so much on the immediate user as on parents, friends, acquaintances, etc.

Practice shows that the immediate user of educational services and products, as a rule, is the least informed, organized and purposeful in making his choice.

The market, whose users are organizations and enterprises, is more organized and professional. It is segmented, most often, by industry. His clients are relatively few. It can also be segmented by geography.

Firms are characterized by a significantly lower elasticity of demand in relation to the prices of educational services and products. But they react more quickly to structural changes in the economy. They interact more actively than the individual with intermediaries – employment services, agencies, with educational institutions, with education management bodies.

Where the users are government bodies and institutions, the market is particularly attractive to educational institutions, as it is large-scale, relatively stable and guaranteed.

Today, many higher education institutions feel a decline in the demand for their services due to a decrease in the solvency of the population, a mismatch of the assortment of educational services and products to the needs, a complication of the situation of educational services and products. That’s why there is always the question: “What to do?”

Strategies in Marketing in Education

Launch an active advertising campaign

But what audience to target, what arguments are best to use, what advertising means to choose, how to finance this campaign, at what expense, how to determine the effectiveness of this campaign? A general strategic solution must be developed here.

Attempting to search for a new segment

By engaging intermediaries to penetrate the educational services and products market. However, the questions arise: Will it be possible to satisfy the little-known needs of new contingents? What is their demand for our services? Will the mediators be able to effectively represent our interests and opportunities? How to get intermediaries interested? And in this case, without a common strategy, we will work “in the dark” again.

Bringing the services of the educational institution closer to the users

To create regional branches, to expand part-time and distance learning, to ease entrance exams. This approach is also associated with some negative consequences – to reduce the number of students at the base university, to worsen the quality of admission, etc.

Marketing strategy objectives.

Developing a marketing strategy for educational services and products requires, first of all, to formulate its objectives. They can be financial and market (marketing).

Goal formulation is about answering two questions: first, “What would we like to achieve?” and second, “What will we get if we don’t change anything?”

Financial issues include: the volume of sales of services, the rate of capital turnover, the percentage of profit on turnover, the percentage of profit on invested capital, the mass of net profit, etc.

Marketing objectives in education

  1. The performance of the task in terms of the volume of educational services (the number of students);
  2. Increasing market share (by groups and categories of educational services and products);
  3. The goals of realization (attracted entrants, received orders) are divided by segments, channels of realization, etc.;
  4. The objectives of the communication fix the necessary notoriety of the higher school, the advertising scope of the potential entrants and other customers;
  5. Desired price level, but not only the cost of the education itself, but also the additional costs of housing, food, study materials, health care, study practices, etc.
  6. Clearly formulated objectives lead to the definition of strategy. It is necessary to proceed from the problems and the possible options for their solution.
  7. Strategies can be different – segmented, risky, innovative, leadership or “bitten apple”, intensive, differentiated or non-differentiated marketing, etc. Mixed type strategies are also possible.

In Bulgaria, the discussion about the price of educational services and products (especially in public higher education institutions) continues.

In the conditions of the market for educational services and products, sellers and buyers have different interests. Everyone independently calculates the limit of the price that seems fair to him.

Of course, the buyer usually does not make specific calculations, but the logic of his behavior can be represented as a calculation of the upper limit of the price that he can afford.

The seller (the university) considers for himself the minimum limit of the price below which it does not make sense to engage in educational activity. Agreement on a price acceptable to both parties is possible between the price the buyer can afford and the price the seller can accept.

The functioning of the global economy requires millions of businesses, and they, in turn, need builders, engineers, managers, accountants, marketers and other specialists. Therefore, the demand for education and specialization has significant prospects for development. Therefore, in the field of education, it is also necessary to implement the marketing approach in the formation of the market for educational services and products.

Digital Marketing for schools and educational institutions: why invest and support tools

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Social Media impact in the Public Sector

Employees in the public sector are much more familiar with the promotion and communication aspects of the strategic market framework than with the elements of segmentation and strategic market selection, branding and positioning of company products and services for channel and price management. There is recognition of the role and value of the messaging function and many organizations have developed communications plans outside of the commercial framework.

This function is expanding and seo marketing in general can be used to achieve the vision of the organization and to better inform and involve citizens.

The goal is to achieve a program of action and change in their behavior.

In this way, savings are also achieved and targeted investments are made and decisions related to limited resources are made. This role is taken over by social marketing.

“Social marketing is the use of the principles and methods of marketing to exert such an influence on the target audience as to persuade them voluntarily to accept, reject, modify or cease certain behavior in the interest of individuals, groups or society as a whole.”

The main goal of social marketing is to improve the quality of life.

Characteristics of social marketing in the public sector and its specific applications.

Human behavior is always central to social marketing. It is this focus and pursuit of specific goals that distinguishes social marketing from other types. Thus, for example, the teacher may go to rest when he is satisfied that his students have learned their lessons, acquired the habits, and absorbed the new information.

In contrast, the person in charge of social marketing cannot stop his efforts until he is convinced that the target audience actually exhibits the required behavior and does so consistently.

It is this regular behavior of people that distinguishes social marketing from social advertising. Advertising can be one of the elements of marketing communication strategies , transferring a message to the target audience, but it can rarely give information and, based on this, arouse interest and cause certain actions of people.

In the field of health , social marketing is carried out through campaigns to reduce smoking, increase physical activity, improve nutrition, reduce the risk of polio, prevent heart attacks, limit the spread of AIDS, help diabetes patients, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, preventing the reuse of syringes by drug addicts, preventing birth trauma, early detection of breast cancer, preventing unwanted pregnancy of young girls and affecting a number of other medical problems by changing individual behavior of people.

It is used to prevent injuries, for example to address such issues as drink driving, accidents, domestic violence, fire prevention, emergency preparedness, safe firearms, helmet use by cyclists, safety of pedestrians, suicide prevention, industrial injuries, presence of disability and correct use of car seats for young children.

It is extremely important when influencing citizens to ensure the protection of the environment, the emphasis is on such behavior that improves the quality of water and air, protection of water sources, flora, fauna and non-renewable resources.

Social marketing can be used for community development, helping to convince people to sign up to volunteer, mentor young people going to school, read books to young children, donate blood, be foster parents, to participate in public events in cleaning up nature.

Most of the social marketing activities are sponsored by the government bodies – almost all the ministries and agencies under them.

Social marketing also involves non-profit organizations and foundations that primarily advertise the type of behavior related to their mission. Some companies, such as insurance companies, are also engaged in social marketing, urging drivers not to use mobile phones while driving.

The real problem and distinguishing feature of social marketing is that it cannot always be promised to deliver something or benefit customers, especially in the near term.

Taking advantage of prior knowledge of past and current successful campaigns.

Taking advantage of prior knowledge of past and current successful campaigns.

Private businesses may have plenty of cash, but organizations that implement social marketing have other resources they use. If you are a manager of companies that do social marketing, you can study or partially copy campaigns that have been developed with time and money from the government administration.

The process of planning social marketing campaigns can begin by using information about similar efforts by public sector agencies across the country and even the world.

For the planner, this is one of the best and most promising ways to spend working time. In this way, a number of benefits can be obtained: learning about the successes and failures of other agencies, gaining access to the results of various studies, discovering information about unknown innovative and relatively inexpensive strategies, also finding ideas for creative implementation and materials , which can be used in the work of companies.

Target market and readiness to act.

The job of social marketers is to persuade people to perform the behavior they want or to give up the behavior they don’t want. This undoubtedly means that efforts and resources should be directed towards those people who are most likely to make the purchase.

To describe those who are most ready to effect the desired change, social marketing specialists use the ” Stage of Change ” model, which was developed by Prohazka and Di Clemente in the early 1980s and which brings together a number of studies in the last two decades. The original 5-stage model was reduced by Alan Anderson to a 4-stage model:

Model ” Stages of Change “

  1. Antecedent thought – people have no intention of changing their behavior and usually even deny the existing problems.
  2. Thinking – people begin to think about changes and the origins of the thoughts that lead them to these conclusions. The reason is that they realize they have a problem and want to solve it.
  3. Preparation for action – people decide that they will take action and begin to prepare. Some of them decide to behave in a new way, and at some point they begin to demonstrate a certain behavior, but this behavior is not permanent, because it was formed relatively recently.
  4. Storage – people regularly demonstrate the desired behavior as if they have overcome the problem and learn from their previous behavior.

Employees who use social marketing work with different segments, and the more they are, the greater the response will be, especially if the right stages of Thinking and Preparing for Action are hit .

So, for example, if you are engaged in a campaign for spring cleaning of the country, it is necessary to motivate people to do it and do it not only in the spring, but also regularly and constantly, in order to completely change their behavior and take preventive measures not to it pollutes the environment to make it easier to clean up.

Encouraging a simple, doable type of behavior

In the world of huge information and advertising, companies rarely have the opportunity to anticipate the actions of users and address them at that moment with a specific message. A simple, clear, action-oriented message is most likely to influence the target market.

Even if the people who are ready for change are found, not much time, effort or money should be wasted in convincing them to act. They just need the instructions of the organizers.

To identify and remove barriers to behavior change.

The list of concerns and real reasons why target audience members can’t or won’t perform the behaviors companies want should be seen as a gift. When managers have this list, they are more likely to know what is being said to customers, what needs to be done for them to get them to move directly to the second stage and then directly to action and finally to the last stage.

In many cases, customers for one reason or another stay at the second stage and do not dare to move to the next stage. Reasons for this can be: turning the problem into a habit, doubts about having the power to make a change, or unwillingness to inconvenience themselves.

For those who have reached the stage of action, but whose behavior does not lead to results, they can be very different: from basic concern to the idea that the desired level of behavior is impossible or even ridiculous.

Identifying these barriers can be very simple. For example, it may be sufficient to ask the audience a few questions like the following:

  • For what reasons have they not done so in the past?
  • What would they rather do instead?
  • What might prevent them from doing that very act in the future?

Delivering real benefits in the present.

Benefit – this is what the target audience wants to receive while at the same time ensuring the behavior advertised by the company. In general, this is easy to achieve in theory, but in practice there are a number of hurdles to overcome. First of all, the company must determine the real benefits that the target audience requires.

Bill Smith of the Academy for Educational Development /Washington State/ confirms that these benefits may not always be obvious and that their determination is one of the main problems in consumer behavior research. For example:

“All over the world, health is considered a good thing. Health depends on health care actions, and these actions are important to consumers. People are extremely concerned about not only how they look, but also how they feel in terms of health.

Health is often synonymous with sexuality, youth and freshness. For this reason, many advertisements for physical activity emphasize the achievement of these synonyms of health. These campaigns ramp up in the spring with a focus on showing off people’s beach bodies during the summer holidays.”

Subsequently, attention should be focused on the immediate benefits that can be obtained suddenly as a result of the released and desired by the company consumer behavior. To ensure success, it is necessary to bring future benefits as close as possible to the present for consumers.

Such a principle, for example, has been implemented in the Department of Transportation in the state of Wisconsin and the National Traffic Safety Administration in the United States. The goal of the program was to reduce the number of men aged 21-34 in rural areas who get behind the wheel of their cars. The key idea came when some of the men developed a program whereby men were transported from homes to bars and back with the help of the administration.

The new service is called “Road Crew” and arranges to deliver the men to and from homes and bars, and provides such quick benefits as the possibility of picking up a person who has not drunk alcohol, transportation to various bars, in who amuse other men. At the same time, the service also offers to reduce costs a lot, for example, transportation costs for gasoline or parking the car in a certain place until the morning.

The campaign slogan is: “Road teams will take you home” and the ad highlights the quick benefits of the new service. As a final result, the campaign achieves huge successes in various directions.

To show the costs of alternative courses of action.

In this principle, attention is directed in the opposite direction and the competitive options of behavior and their costs that the company’s target market can choose are highlighted.

Competition in social marketing is manifested in the type of behavior that the company’s target audience prefers to perform, rather than the behavior that the company offers or is most desirable to perform. This competition can be extremely fierce.

For example, in programs to increase physical activity, they can be applied at the workplace during the lunch break; for teeth cleaning – a brochure can be viewed; for the transport of small children using special seats for the purpose – through brochures that show transport on the knees and the risks of this; in blood donation campaigns – to encourage going home to spend more time with family.

After the manifestation of competitive behavior, it is necessary to calculate what the costs of this type of behavior are. These can be the direct costs that are associated with this behavior (for example, lung cancer as a result of smoking) or the benefits of abandoning the behavior offered by the company (for example, the possibility of losing weight as a result of practicing physical exercises). .

This principle imposes the mandatory requirement to show and demonstrate the serious costs that the target audience has to incur in case it chooses the competitive behavior.

Promoting a tangible goal or service to help your target audience perform the behavior you want.

Very often in practice, tangible goals and services are considered as an optional element of social marketing, but in some cases they are necessary to help the target audience to carry out a specific behavior, to encourage it, to remove barriers and to support the desired actions. They create favorable opportunities for the brand and make the campaign more understandable and concrete, providing it with more attention, attractiveness and memorability.

A number of campaigns, some of which are supported by various government agencies, are extremely successful and well-known:

  • campaign to clean up the environment;
  • separate garbage collection;
  • helpline to support people affected by domestic violence;
  • campaigns to prevent breast cancer and other diseases;
  • campaigns to prevent road accidents.

Use of such non-monetary incentives in order to evoke in the target audience a sense of recognition and appreciation of what has been achieved.

To apply this principle, it is necessary for the company to determine exactly what it can give its target audience in recognition and appreciation of the effort and cost associated with changing behavior – the additional expenditure of time, the abandonment of habits, the creation of additional inconvenience, expenditure of additional funds or moral discomfort.

In these cases, it is necessary to provide a gift to the target audience. These gifts are very often unexpected and have psychological value for customers:

  • Special stickers for careful drivers;
  • A letter to people who have given up smoking;
  • An article about companies that help in any way to clean up the environment, the elderly, the disadvantaged, abandoned children in homes, etc.
  • Calls from the school principal to parents who volunteer to help with intra-school events.
  • Certificates of congratulations for companies that do not pollute the environment and others.

This tactic gives some competitive advantages. It usually consumes less monetary resources compared to cash prizes. At the same time, it can effectively influence the target audience for future behavior change, just by reminding. One of the important aspects of this tactic is that it can lead to memorization and future change in other people as well.

Add some humor to the message.

Using humor to influence public behavior may not be so easy, especially for government agencies. Sometimes this behavior is unacceptable to the target audience.

There are government agencies for whose campaigns humor is not appropriate. Some campaigns are very complex and the use of humor is important to hide or show their true meaning. In practice, there are also such types of behavior that cause even other feelings.

For companies and government agencies using social marketing, it is important to determine where humor is acceptable to the audience – where it is not compatible with the brand, and where it can create certain feelings and other characteristics that they aim to achieve.

Use of mass communication media at the time of consent by the target audience.

Many managers who use social marketing believe that the ideal moment to address the target audience occurs when its members find themselves on the threshold of choosing between different, often competing, options for behavior.

People find themselves at a crossroads:

The company’s desired behavior corresponds to some criteria that are chosen by the members of the target audience, and on the other hand to the company’s unwanted competitive behavior.

Add obligations and promises.

When companies apply commitments and promises to a target group, it greatly increases the likelihood that members of that group will like the company. Behavioral psychologist Doug MacKenzie-Moore considers company obligations to be one of the main tools that can be used to change behavior and achieve impressive results. In the beginning, it starts with emphasizing non-binding initial promises, and when the behavior of the members of the target audience begins to change, then more serious actions are taken.

The researcher suggests several actions to increase the effectiveness of this principle: offering written and not verbal obligations to the company, announcing them publicly, publicly accepting the obligations as part of a certain social group, not using coercion and striving to make promises and obligations, only when consumers show interest in changing their behavior, using maximum commitment and long-term promises to consumers.

 Using reminders and challenging expressions to remind and elicit the desired behavior.

Reminders play a big role in implementing social marketing. McKenzie-Moore and Smith, in their book Fostering Sustainable Behavior, warn that such a tactic harms or alters the attitude towards motivation – it simply reminds the target audience of the need to carry out a behavior they have already chosen. In such cases, forgetting is the main obstacle.

Reminders, either audible or verbal, can be used for different types of behavior. Very often it takes a number of forms and changes depending on the goals set in advance.

As the researchers emphasize, for messages to be effective, they must be obvious and located in time and space closer to the desired behavior.

In general, social marketing is viewed from the perspective of influencing individual behavior. Strategic focus is on people who have problems, who are predisposed to creating a problem, or who are partially trying to solve their problem.

On the other hand, social marketing could be viewed through the prism of whole organizations.

Alan Anderson in his book “Social Marketing in the 21st Century” describes the role of social marketing in much broader terms: “The vocation of social marketing is to make the world a much more comfortable place to live in for everyone – not just investors or managers , but also for company owners.”

The current economic conditions have completely changed the rules of operation in both the commercial and public sectors. It is an undeniable fact that social media has a significant impact on their overall business. Before organizations consider incorporating social media into their operations, a fundamental shift in mindset toward transparency, collaboration, and participation is required. This essential part is quite often overlooked.

It is a common perception that social media is just another communication channel, which is certainly not the case. Before organizing a specific tactic, the organization must make a commitment through social media.

To meet the challenges of demands to improve service delivery within budget constraints, public sector organizations need to take joint action in marketing and communications and specifically social marketing. The result should be the implementation of programs and services with higher speed, quality, efficiency and convenience.

The principles and methods of social marketing are applicable where companies’ marketing efforts are aimed at such a change in people’s behavior that allows them to improve their health, avoid trams, protect nature or improve local communities. Behavior is always at the center of social marketing.