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Why use Bing Ads to Complement AdWords?

In September 2021, the search engine Bing had a market share of 2.66 percent. Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, holds a far smaller share of the search engine market compared to Google. In some markets, like Russia and China, Bing is less popular as there are local search engines; Yandex and Baidu, for example.

How to Set Up and Use Bing Ads: An Easy 4-Step Guide

Imagine for a moment that we have a store with two entrances, the main one overlooks a large avenue with many more shops and a large influx of people, so most of our effort will be aimed at attracting the attention of all those people who pass by and try to get them to enter taking care of even the smallest detail. On the other hand, the back door gives a small street through which obviously many fewer people pass but, nevertheless, there are very few shops so, probably, they will notice more in us being much easier to enter having dedicated less effort. Would anyone even consider closing that back door completely? Surely NOT.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing when we don’t use Bing in our online advertising strategy!

Why close the doors to that part of potential customers? Especially since if we think in terms of effort and resources, advertising on Bing means hardly anything. That is, once you have created and implemented your strategy in Adwords you only have to import the same campaigns… et voilà!

Of course, Google is the main search engine in USA, INDIA, EUROPE, UK, SOUTH AFRICA and most countries, but why give up (voluntarily) that part of the pie?

Not taking Bing Ads into our media plan can be a big mistake.

That is why in this post we are going to give you the keys so that you do not have any excuses (or do not have any left to your customers) and you totally launch yourself into the new worlds of Bing.

The main advantages of complementing your Adwords strategy with Bing

1. More visibility

Bing’s search network not only includes that search engine, but also the entire Yahoo! This together with Adwords and its search partners will allow you to have a potential impact reach of 90% of the market share. Amazing!

2. Lower CPCs

Less competition translates directly into cheaper bids for keywords so the cost of campaigns will also be much lower.

3. Position of ads

If we have lower CPCs, it means that we can be in first positions at a lower cost. Let’s not forget that 60% of user clicks go to the first result of the search engine.

4. Quality level

One of the advantages offered by Bing was that you could see a history of the quality level of the keywords… and if I speak in the past it is because Adwords has finally put the batteries in this aspect and there is already a beta version to see this historical level of quality. Let us hope that we will soon be able to access that report soon!

However, keep in mind that there may be some difference in the value of the quality level of keywords between Adwords and Bing. This is because the formula for calculating it is a little different, although both take into account the CTR, the relevance of the ad with the keyword and the relevance of the landing.

5. Monthly budget

One of the main advantages offered by Bing over Adwords is the possibility of assigning monthly and non-daily budgets to campaigns.

However, this budget is not managed equitably throughout the month, but Bing publishes the ads uninterruptedly until the entire budget is consumed. It is a similar operation to the accelerated publication of Adwords ads, so we will have to be careful that the allocated budget is not consumed before the end of the month, since we could be losing possible sales.

Still haven’t convinced you to start working with Bing? Let me give you some more information…

Since Google concentrates 70% of the market share of Internet searches, make your media plan according to this percentage. Most of the investment and effort is dedicated to Google Adwords, since it is where most of your customers are and will allow you to expand your campaigns to Bing with the rest of the budget almost effortlessly.

Here are some Bing numbers:

CountrySearches per monthMarket share
Spain195 mill9.4%
France188 mill18.8%
Italy225 mill9.0%
United Kingdom977 mill25.7%
Germany509 mill11.9%

Source: Bing Ads

If I’ve finally convinced you to start advertising on Bing, we can move on to more operational topics like campaign creation and optimization.

How to create a Bing Ads account?

The first thing you should do is create an account, if you do not have one, by accessing it from here.

Sign up for Bing Ads

To do this, you can use an email you already have or create a new one in your Microsoft environment.

To accompany you from the beginning, let’s start from 0 by creating an account:

1º Create an account

Create account in Bing Ads

2º Import or create campaign

As we have said before, when creating a campaign in Bing Ads we have two options: import it from Google Adwords or create the campaign from scratch in Bing.

Importing Google Adwords campaigns is as simple as selecting the import option:

Import Adwords Campaigns into Bing

You sign in to your Adwords account and can “copy” it to Bing Ads.

Import Campaigns from Adwords

This option is the fastest, however, to get the most out of Bings Ads we advise you to create the campaigns directly on the platform, in this way you can perfectly control the matches of the most relevant keywords and adjust the length of the ads.

As with any type of advertising campaign, the first thing to determine is the objective of it, since that will allow us to establish the KPIs with which we will measure its success. Bing gives us all these options:

Objective of the Campaigns. Bing

With the objective in mind, we must define the budget, the time zone, language and country where we want the campaign to appear, as well as the time schedule and the type of bid. Many times the success or not of a campaign depends on defining these parameters well: knowing what is intended with the campaign, when and where it will appear and to what type of user it will be shown.

Set up Campaigns in Bing

3rd Selection of keywords

As in Google Adwords, keywords are what will trigger ads in Bing. To find the most suitable ones, we can use the tool to research keywords so that it gives us suggestions and keywords related to information about the volume of searches, impressions, clicks, CTR, average CPC and the possible expenditure of each keyword.

Keyword research in Bing

When selecting some keywords or others, it is usually the most specific keywords (long tail) that report the highest CTR and relevance and those that achieve a higher conversion rate.

4º Creation of ads

Ads are the claim that will make users visit or not your website, so the more relevant we are to them, the more chances we have that they end up buying our product.

Each ad consists of title 1 and 2 (max. 30 characters), and a description (max. 80 characters) and the display URL. Here are some tips for you to optimize performance:

  • Use the same targeting keywords in your ad title and description.
  • Create at least 3 ads per ad group to see which creatives and calls to action are most effective.
  • Capture in the ads the competitive advantages of your product or service. Why buy your product? What needs do they cover? Do you differentiate yourself by price?
  • Personalize the message using “you” or “your” in the ads, this way you will be able to empathize more with your audience.
  • It includes calls to action that express some urgency, for example “last days” or “last units”.
  • Set the price of your products or services.

Now, jump into Bing Ads, you won’t regret it!

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