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We propose a classic of digital marketing: display advertising. Although there are countless techniques to develop digital advertising, mainly the RTB (programmatic purchase) in the Google display network can effectively and economically find your target audience.

Adwords Qualified Individual Professional

In online advertising your ads will appear on countless websites and blogs in the form of banners and video. Unlike advertising in Google Ads or SEM where you only pay per click, in Display there are more payment methods and are the following:
CPM (cost per thousand impressions): it is the most common and the advertiser pays for every thousand impressions that are launched in the campaign. It is important to note that creativity plays an essential role whether what we are looking for is an awareness campaign or if we want to get traffic to our website where we will seek to optimize the CTR.
CPC (Cost per Click): in which we only pay if the user clicks on our banner.
CPA (cost per action): where the advertiser only pays if the user performs a certain action such as a purchase or fill out a form. It is ideal in performace campaigns.
Fixed cost: where the advertiser agrees on a fixed price for a certain period in a certain space of the web. It is, we can say, a sponsorship formula.
The world of digital marketing and digital advertising can be a world, in this post published on our blog we tell you the types of advertising on the internet.
Advantages of digital advertising:

  • Possibility to reach all your potential customers.
  • Coverage: Reaches more than 90% of internet users worldwide.
  • Simplicity of activation.
  • Immediate results.
  • Be able to access more than 2 million websites, videos and applications.
  • Immediate activation.
  • Very low costs.

Why Display Format Advertising?

  • In the Display network you will find your customers while browsing websites, being on Youtube, watching gmail or using an app.
  • It offers unique segmentation possibilities and will only impact the users who interest you.
  • You will be able to measure the results in real time and optimize the campaign.
  • Digital advertising is contextual. Your banners or videos will appear integrated into the content that your potential customers consume.
  • Possibility of remarketing impacting users who have already visited us but have not converted. It is ideal for any digital marketing strategy.
  • Advertising through banners or video is the perfect ally for mobile. It adapts to all types of formats. All company strategies should include mobile advertising.


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Certified Google Ads Agency (AdWords): How to grow sales with paid search – Google Ads

Google Adwords, or Google Ads, allows you to show ads on the Google search engine, which has a market share of nearly 95% in USA for all devices. Discover below some of the major features of Adwords, a major tool of paid referencing…

Campaigns, ad groups, and ads
You have to imagine how Adwords works like a tree, with its branches, branches, etc.

On your Adwords account, you have your campaigns, which correspond to broad advertising objectives (“sale of computer devices” for example)…

Then, each of your paid search campaigns consists of one or more ad groups (“selling mice”, “selling keyboards”, “selling computers”, etc.).

And each ad group contains one or more ads with similar targets. In general, ads are grouped into a group of ads according to the specific types of products or services offered (“such ergonomic mouse model”, “such luminous mouse model”, etc.). You must add to each ad the link to your page, titles, path, descriptions… You can also enrich it with extensions such as a phone number to contact for example.

Paid referencing
Once the campaign is launched, it is possible to follow the results of each ad to optimize them as you go.

Google Adwords is based on a keyword auction system. The platform thus broadcasts the ads of advertisers who have a sufficient bid on a target keyword, but also a good Quality Score in order to broadcast relevant and quality ads. The Quality Score is a rating that Google gives to your chosen keywords, according to their consistency with your ad and with the page to which it refers.

Your Adwords agency must therefore choose and exclude keywords in a relevant way and associate them with your ads. Benchmarking can also be invoked. To do this, tools such as Ranxplorer, for example, make it possible to identify the keywords used by these competitors for their paid traffic campaigns.

For paid referencing, Google Adwords offers 4 types of keywords:

The broad query that leaves the possibility for Google to show ads on queries that consider this keyword, but also synonyms. If your keyword is computer keyboard, Google can for example make your ad appear to a user who has typed in the search bar keyboard of pc.
The broad query modifier (+keyword) that makes it clear that you want to position your ad on search results with at least the requested keywords and their similar variants, without order criteria. If your keyword is +keyboard +computer, then your ad will appear in response to all queries that include at least one of these two words.
The exact expression (“keyword”) is used to serve the ad in response to queries holding at least the proposed keywords, or their similar variants without order criteria. If your Adwords agency invests in “computer keyboard”, your ad may for example appear in return for the request buy a cheap new computer keyboard.
The exact keyword ([keyword]) allows you to position your ad on very precise queries, in the proposed order and without an additional keyword. However, similar variants are possible. If your Adwords agency buys the phrase [computer keyboard] at auction, then the ad may appear in response to the computer keyboard request, but also computer keyboards for example.
Encrypted data
From your dashboard, you and your Adwords agency can track the performance of each campaign, ad group, ads, and keywords based on metrics. You will find, among others:

The number of impressions: the number of times your ad has been displayed on a user’s screen.
CTR (click-through rate): The number of clicks on your ad divided by the number of impressions.
Conversion rate: the ratio between the number of conversions and the total number of individuals affected.
The cost: the price committed over a given period in a keyword, an ad, a campaign…
CPC (cost per click): the most common billing method for the purchase of keywords. You then pay an amount for each click on your ad.
CPM (cost per thousand impressions): a billing method based on the number of batches of thousand impressions.
CPA (cost per conversion): The average amount a conversion cost the advertiser.

Tools to boost your paid referencing campaigns
Adwords presents a real toolbox to improve its web marketing campaigns.

sea tools
Keyword planning tool
For example, discover the keyword planning tool, which allows you to find new keywords to optimize your text ad campaigns.

paid referencing sea
Google Analytics for audience analysis
To track a broader set of statistics, your Adwords agency can pair those from Google Ads reports with those delivered by Google Analytics. From the tools and settings of Google Ads, she can access this free audience analysis service.

Tools external to Google Ads
There are many other tools that your SEA agency can attach to Google Ads. Here are some of the most successful…

Search Console
Google Search Console offers the possibility to know daily the keywords that led to a visit to your site. Your Adwords agency can use it to find keyword ideas, based on those that users type to arrive on your web pages.

This software is recognized worldwide. Among other wonders for paid referencing, it is used to discover keywords, revealing their traffic and trend. The tool will search for terms surrounding the entire lexical field of your basic keyword. The Keyword Difficulty indicates the level of difficulty to reach the pole position on this query. SEMRush also notifies you of search volumes, the number of results, and other information such as the presence of modules in position 0.

Ranxplorer is another software widely used by Adwords agencies. It is partly used to audit the paid referencing strategy of a site. It can be yours, but also that of a competitor. Ranxplorer thus delivers estimates of the paid traffic of a website and its Google Ads budget, the number of keywords purchased, as well as a distribution of the paid traffic of Adwords ads.

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