Local SMS – Bulk corporate sms sending service

LOCAL sms is an SMS provider in India, with the objective of providing low-cost solutions for the dissemination of products and services through the sending of SMS. Our focus is on offering a simple and safe environment for sending SMS, where you can be completely satisfied with our services.

We are always looking for innovations, adding new solutions and keeping up with market trends and innovations, to facilitate the use of our SMS services.

Our differential in sending SMS?

Our differential in sending SMS is in our totally flexible system, where it is possible to manage several campaigns for sending SMS, making it possible to create customers and users, becoming an SMS reseller and obtaining extra income. Another important point is that we provide a completely free demo site for you to download and start RESELLING your SMS services. If you want a personalized site for selling SMS with our system, contact us and we will suggest a company.

How does SMS sending work?

To send SMS, you must initially buy credits with us, after the first purchase you can start creating your customer base in our system and start SMS resale services, or if you prefer, you can use credits for consumption own.
It is necessary to register on our website, accessing dashboard, enter your name, email and cell phone to register. You will receive the system access password by SMS.
Enter the system through the Login button at the top of the site and choose the ideal SMS package for your purchase. We have plans starting from 5,000 SMS messages. With your purchased plan, you can resell SMS messages and send bulk SMS to companies, customers, suppliers, marketing and publicizing new products. Example:

1.  Let’s say that there is a gym close to your house, you want to create a campaign to popularize health in the neighborhood, informing that the gym has special plans for a certain public.
You could send SMS text messages to all people located in the neighborhood near the gym.
This is one of the ways to have extra earnings.

2. Imagine selling 25,000 SMS text messages and charging R0.06 (six paisa), see the calculation.
You bought the 25,000 text messages package = R 1,000.00 and resold it for R 0.06 = R 1,500.00
R 500.00 (FIVE HUNDRED) in earnings, with only 1 customer, see how profitable it is .

MAILING (phone lists for sending SMS)

On its platform you can create lists using your mailing to send SMS throughout India.

Discover all the advantages of using our SMS sending system:

 Support in India in Multi-language;

 Your Reseller will have an exclusive access IP address;

 Api with support for Java, .Net, Perl, Php, Delphi, Object Pascal, Visual Basic, Asp, Clipper, Cobol, Ajax, C, C#, Objective-C, Ruby;

 Incoming messages with message id, text, time and sender number;

 Unlimited users;

 Unlimited resales;

 Customized reseller plans;

 Reseller support through PagSeguro, Mercado Pago, MOIP, Boleto Mail;

 Customization of messages by up to 5 fields;

 Detailed report that allows real-time monitoring of the delivery status of each message;

 Web access from any computer, tablet, android phone, ios, blackberry;

 Minimum purchase 5,000 SMS’s;

 Release of credits after confirmation of payment;

 Credits valid for 6 months;

 We provide free Brazil telephone lists, tracked by region, zip code, city, state;

 No monthly fee, membership fee, setup fee, etc;

 Management Control Panel to register users, customers, include credits, reports and much more;

 Autonomy to manage your customers and sell SMS at the price you want;

 Special projects for special needs, consult our technical support;

 We work with all operators in Brazil;

 SMS sending from the client’s own system;

 Scheduled shipping;

 Individual or group batch shipping;

 Delivery status of each message;

 Detailed usage reports;

 Technical support in the implementation;

 Importing and managing contacts and contact groups;

 Black List that allows you to restrict cell phones that must be removed from shipments;

 Management of offensive content (don’t let bad words in sms disqualify your commercial activity);

 Integration with your application through our API;

 Simple and bulk SMS sending;

 Management Control Panel with real-time shipment reports;

 Unlimited contact lists and number of contacts;

 Redundant servers with high availability;

 We guarantee the delivery of SMS messages through an SLA of 99.5%;

 Sending a message preview before sending the entire sms;

 Submission via api consuming webservice;

 Submission by http url with get and post method;

 Direct call via stored procedure;

 File call via ftp.


1. What are the opening hours for sending SMS?
A: We ship 24/7.

2. How much do you sell the single SMS for?

A: FROM ₹ 0.06 to ₹ 0.10 (FOUR Paisa) per unit, minimum purchase of ₹150.00.

3. I have a software developed and sold on the WEB, how can I integrate it?

A: Use our integration api that supports many programming languages.

4. What telephony carriers can LOCAL SMS ship to?

A: Airtel, Jio, Oi, Vi, Other, that is, any operator in India.

5. I only need 1,000 sms (1 k) what price do you charge to answer me?

A: We sell SMS from ₹0.010 per unit with an initial order of ₹150.00. We work with a very low price so that everyone can benefit.

6. Can I customize the transmission sender with your product?

A: No, Airtel does not allow this and we follow its guidance.

7. What is the validity of my credits?

A: From 3 months, depending on the service to be used.

8. Do you issue an Invoice on the purchase of sms?

A: Yes, just contact us after making the purchase.

9. What are the payment methods?

A: UPI, CC, Bank slip and Account Deposit. Credits will be released after bank clearing.

10. What is the size of each message in the sms?

A: Up to 160 characters and without accents.

11. I sent the SMS to several people and no one received it, now what?

A: Some carriers have word lock. Before sending your campaign, preview the product! Be careful with the words: promotion, gift, discount, etc.

12. I just paid the bill, what can I do to start using my credits?

A: Wait 24 hours until confirmation of the download of the ticket or send an email to  info @ iamitmm.com  with proof of payment and your access cell phone.

Do you need to send SMS to your customers all over India?
With Local SMS you can! It is without bureaucracy and in just 3 simple steps:

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