Pay Per Lead Advertising: Is it for you?

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You have undoubtedly heard of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Programs like Adsense and Adwords have made this advertising model very popular. But, as technology advances, better products start coming into the arena, and Pay Per Lead advertising is the latest advertising model on the block.

What is Pay Per Lead (PPL & CPS) Advertising?

Pay Per Lead Advertising offers a far more efficient advertising model than pay per click. In pay per click advertising, you display your ads on search engines and websites and every time a user clicks on your ad, you have to pay the price of one click. This model, however, is extremely prone to click fraud issues, affecting both the advertiser and the publisher. In pay per lead advertising, you don’t pay for every click. Instead, you only pay for qualifying leads. As, you can imagine this is a highly cost effective method of advertising, which does away with the problems of click fraud.

Dynamics of Pay Per Lead / Cost Per Sale Advertising

A lead is defined as a small piece of personal information from a web user. It usually includes their email address and may even request for demographic information. Once this information has been verified as that of a valid US resident, the lead is considered qualified. When you pay for your ads in the pay per click model, you spend money with no guarantee of results and no ability to create desired results. With pay per lead advertising model, you get the contact information of a web user. You can then pursue this web user through regular emails and promote your promote or services to him. The pay per lead advertising / Cost Per Sale advertising model offers a higher scope of conversions that the pay per click model, even if it is more expensive.

Why Hire Professionals?

There are many aspects to a professionally run pay per lead advertising campaign (aka- Cost Per Sale, Cost Per Lead). Like pay per click (PPC) campaigns, the ads have to be perfectly structured to get the most benefit. However, the biggest challenge in pay per lead advertising is creating the sign up form for users to fill in. If you ask for too little information, you are left with data that cannot be targeted and is hence not useful. If you ask for too much information, the user will tire out and exit without completing the form. Given that pay per lead advertising is more expensive than pay per click advertising, the stakes are much higher. Professionals can help you make the most of your advertising dollar and give you a high return on investment.

NewStep – Google Adwords Qualifed Professional

We proudly offer our expert services in creating and managing every aspect of your pay per lead advertising. Our experts are skilled at creating highly efficient advertising campaigns as well as highly effective sign up forms. We will be able to extract contact information from a large number of website visitors, enabling you to further pursue them. You can even utilize our other services to ensure that your leads convert into sales in a cost effective manner.

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View Our Standard PPC Package and Work Strategies : PPC Management Packages

Campaign Management varies depending on your monthly ad spend. The standard PPC Package typically includes:

PPC Campaign Setup

  • Establish business objectives
  • Analysis of existing campaigns
  • Analysis of competitors keywords and campaigns
  • Keyword research and theme grouping
  • Development of optimized campaigns
  • Creation and testing of multiple ads
  • Keywords directed to relevant pages
  • Proper use of content match
  • Geo targeted campaigns
  • Negative keywords
  • Keyword matching options
  • Site Placement selection and setup

PPC Campaign Management/Maintenance

  • Active monitoring and bid adjustments
  • Elimination of ineffective terms and ads
  • Optimisation and expansion of ad groups
  • Ongoing budget management and analysis
  • Keyword performance analysis
  • Ad performance tracking and optimisation
  • Conversion tracking and ROI analysis
  • Continued detailed reporting
  • Improve CTR (click through rates)
  • Lower cost and cost per conversion
  • Updates with platform changes
  • Quality score improvement

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