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1 Seo consulting in the context of online marketing for Google
2 Service in the form of SEO consulting by the agency.
3 What does our SEO advice include for you and your website?
4 SEO consulting – and – recommendations from specialists in the software jungle
4.0.1 SEO Consulting
Seo consulting in the context of online marketing for Google
With the help of our SEO agency in Switzerland, you can increase the real traffic on your website with qualified SEO advice and – with a strategy specially thought out for Google. Our services for Google search engine optimization can accompany you from an inexperienced beginning to an inspiring end. We work with you to develop an SEO strategy of common sense, we help you to understand your competitors and their SEO strategy for Google and Adwords. From us you will learn which keywords are most important for your success with and on Google as part of SEO.

Engage us to help you with your SEO consulting needs – with us you have found the SEO expert in the industry, because our references and our experience with Google and Adwords speak for themselves.

Service in the form of SEO consulting by the agency
What is SEO – and how does SEO consulting work?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the process in which the presence of a website or application in organic (free) search results, usually on Google, is improved, i.e. optimized, through measures such as optimized marketing and content management. SEO is different from paid search campaigns, where a marketer has to pay for placement in Google search results.

Our SEO consulting services give your website a strong competitive advantage in google search results thanks to our experience as an agency and the long history of ranking websites over your competition. As part of our SEO consulting, we look at your OnPage optimization, your link development strategy and study your competition to create a tailor-made SEO package for you that is tailored to your specific needs and corresponds to the budget of your business.

What does our SEO advice include for you and your website?
First of all, this could involve an SEO strategy development: are you perhaps not yet sure what exactly you need? Then we help you, as our customer, define a tailor-made SEO needs analysis and strategy for the long-term success of your search engine marketing on your website.

With our SEO agency you are now in contact with professionals in the field of search engine optimization – here you get professional analytics, the comprehensive program in marketing, Adwords and also in the field of social media.

Thus, our SEO services for your company also include the concrete implementation guidelines: Do you already have a clear direction for search engine optimization in mind, but need help with the implementation of your ideas without losing your good rankings for your customers, such as a relaunch? We accompany your SEO development team through numerous difficult, technical situations and help with appropriate SEO measures in the optimization and better usability!

We help your website with ads and keywords to a better ranking on Google and thus to success for your website and your company – and consequently also more traffic, more customers and more sales for your company!

The logo of your business should become a symbol of success through professional SEO marketing with experts!

SEO consulting – and – recommendations from specialists in the software jungle
We also make software recommendations for you. The search engine marketing industry, the Internet, is currently filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of software solutions – all with an imposing logo and names such as SEO Google Analytics – designed to help you track and improve the ranking of keywords, and to help analyze and optimize them. In addition, Google entices you to place many ads and not rely on real marketing and good SEO. We, as experts in the optimization of the website for search engines and web design, support you with our experience in really finding your way between all the companies and their software for search engine optimization and thus finding the best tools for your concrete strategy, your internal resources, your environment and of course for your budget.

Auch in der Frage der Social Media beraten wir Sie, dass Sie die richtigen Schritte gehen!

So soll ihre Website in den Augen von Google, sprich, im Ranking, eine bessere Figur machen und Ihre Sichtbarkeit für Ihre Kunden verbessert werden – aber auch Sie sollen jeden Teil dieser Analyse und Optimierung Ihrer Webseiten auch mitverfolgen und verstehen können! Dass Sie die Arbeit und das Marketing unserer SEO Agentur verstehen, ist schliesslich auch für uns ein wichtiges Ziel!

SEO-Audits: Bei jedem SEO Audit erstellen wir eine detaillierte Analyse der OnPage-Optimierung Ihrer Website und lokalisieren unmittelbare Verbesserungspotenziale bei Ihrem Marketing online. Wir wissen, dass für Google kein Standort und keine Branche wie ein Ei dem anderen gleicht, daher kann und wird dieses SEO Audit so spezifisch oder allgemein wie nötig sein. In jedem Fall garantieren wir Ihnen, dass Ihr SEO Team, wenn es fertig ist, über mehrere verwertbare SEO Hilfsmittel und Tools verfügen wird, um später auch selbst Analyse und Optimierung selbst vornehmen zu können und um für die Suchmaschinen, beziehungswiese vornehmlich Google, auch selbst Erfahrung beim Optimieren sammeln zu können.

Keyword-Recherche und -Analyse für Google: Bei dieser SEO Disziplin handelt es sich möglicherweise um die langweiligste und am meisten gefürchtete Aufgabe in der Welt des Suchmaschinenmarketings und daher kann die Schlüsselwortforschung junge SEOs schnell überwältigen. Jedes einzelne Keyword sowie die Google Ads können eine grosse Bedeutung für Websites haben. Wir erledigen für Sie im Internet diese SEO Drecksarbeit mit den Keywords, damit sich Ihr internes SEO Team auf das Essenzielle, wie Marketing und den Kontakt mit den Kunden, konzentrieren kann. Diese Analyse geht über die Erfassung von Wordtracker-Daten hinaus und betrachtet neben Ihren hochkonvertierten und wettbewerbsfähigen Schlüsselwörtern auch wichtiges Such- und Nutzerverhalten Ihrer Besucher.

In the SEO agency, we also create a competitive analysis for you: Are you neck and neck with the competition in terms of content and need to know exactly what they are doing and how? We will break down your on- and off-site tactics, potential service providers, working with social media such as Facebook and Twitter or your own newsletter, cost estimates and much more and make it clear to you how to take the next steps to achieve long-term goals, such as higher conversion and better contact with customers.

Steps to be taken to achieve long-term goals, such as higher conversion and better contact with customers.

Review of your link portfolio: Have you outsourced your link building to questionable consultants or companies and are not sure whether something even harms your website or whether it is actually of use for your ranking, i.e. your position on Google? Are you new to this area and just need a guide on how to create high-quality, natural backlinks to your website to achieve your goals? We can review your old links and create a customized strategy for acquiring quality links for you and your page.

Review links and create a customized strategy for acquiring quality links for you and your page.
How to redesign: Is your website currently competitive, but now you’re afraid of losing your ranking if you redesign your page? Let’s do an analysis and create a strategy document for your redesign and then work with your SEO development team to ensure that the impact is minimal or even positive for your ranking when you take this step with your website.


Guidelines for quality assurance: Do you have a solid understanding of SEO and also have a competent development team, but need a consultant in the form of a reliable SEO agency that can encourage you in your approach and support and advise you in all marketing, in working with the search engines and in general in the implementation of all ideas? Then we offer you either contracts with our agency for a project-related fee or a monthly fee for our SEO consulting services – contact us for all SEO questions or problems. Learn here and now with us, in direct contact with experts, how search engine optimization works at the highest level.

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