17 Video Marketing Ideas to Attract New Customers Every Day

Every marketer has several powerful tools in their toolkit, but the main one these days is video. In this article, we’ll understand why video marketing is so important to your company’s marketing and how it can help attract new buyers.
Before we begin, I’d like to know what your excuse is for not producing video marketing for your company? I’ll guess your answer: Lack of time, do not know where to start or find so expensive.

Based on a survey I found in a large portal these three responses summed up are equivalent to 49% of the excuses:
23% have little time

16% don’t know where to start

10% find it too expensive
My kick is that most companies that aren’t producing videos simply believe they don’t need to.
However, the power of persuasion of video marketing is on the rise. From 2017 to 2022, internet video views increased by 1500%. In fact, the videos will account for 82% of Internet traffic in the coming years.
In addition, 55% of shoppers consume video content for their decision making.

What is video marketing?

It is a strategic video focused on attracting a specific audience, using marketing planning, creation and distribution as tools to get the right audience to make a decision, the famous Call To Action.
Unlike Institutional Video, video marketing begins to be created by the end, or rather, by the action you expect from your client. Let’s discuss some video marketing goals later.
A HubSpot search confirms this. He reveals that product promotional videos, brand story videos, and product demos are the types of video that attract the most views.
However, you don’t feel obligated to produce product demos or storytelling. Instead, find a strategy that will serve your business to harness the full potential that an internet video can bring.

I’ve separated here the 17 types of video marketing your company can produce.

Customer stories or video testimonials

Some of the best video marketing comes from your customers. Customer stories and video testimonials bring the social proof your company needs, which is psychologically proven to convince people to choose your company.

More than 50% of customers consider “ordinary people” to be the most reliable source of product information. Fortunately, the customer video brings testimonials and stories from people like your viewers, which helps you convert them.

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Product review videos

Product review videos are an easy way to show your potential customer what you offer and why it’s relevant to them. Just remember that reviews have more power when combined with influencers, creators, and members of your community (if you have one) who can add their own comments and additional context.
For example, you can collaborate with creators in your field – asking them to record a video showing how they use your tool in your workflow. Or ask them to educate their audience about the many features/benefits of your product.
Similarly, offer your tool for free to an influencer in exchange for an honest video format review or a live story video on social media.
This type of video marketing not only increases the recognition of your brand, but also exposes it to new audiences.

Promotional videos

From a new promotional video feature feature of a teaser video to the event you’re organizing, these videos come in various shapes and sizes.
Take SEMrush, for example. They used videos to encourage marketers to participate in their weekly Twitter chat.
Similarly, use the video to create hype around the new e-book, detailed blog post, or research report that you’ll publish.

Video Talk

Video Talk is a great way to attract new customers, present a future product, or create authority as a thought leader in a specific industry. Therefore, a good way to create weekly or seasonal content is to invest in creating video talk.
Remember, though, that the key to the success of video talk comes down to:

Choose a topic that’s super relevant to your target audience

SEO Videos

Millions of searches are conducted on search engines, for sure your company can respond many of them with videos optimized for people’s searches.
Basically your audience will search for a question on the internet and your video will be shown as an answer. I have a very practical example of this kind of video.
A recurring search on the internet is “What is the carmotive seo?”

Do you want another idea? Create a series of expert interviews to boost the educational content you’re creating, and also take advantage of the expert audience.
Bonus: Be sure to use some video SEO best practices, such as using your target keywords in your title, meta description and transcription, in addition to splitting video content.

Video ads

Video ads are a great way to get your audience’s attention directly. They not only attract attention, but also encourage direct action from your audience, getting 10 times more engagement. The best part? You don’t need to devote a substantial amount to producing video ads. You can take advantage of any production your business has made, edit again in the ad format.

Product Demonstration

The best way to market your product is to show it in action – something on video can help you make a lot of sales of a product or service.
You can always create a full demo of the product to present on your homepage or share it as a sales guarantee with your sales team.

Permanently Publish your Live Videos

Don’t let your virtual events or live videos end on the same day. Reuse existing content for your video talk strategy.
Do you have questions your target audience often asks – whether they’re related to your product or industry? Answer them using the video. But be sure to widely distribute this content forever.

Live videos

Whether it’s live webinars or live streaming on social media, live videos help build a tight-knit community in no time.

On LinkedIn alone, brands that use live streaming see 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments than those that share published videos. But you don’t have to struggle to choose between which social channels to broadcast live. Instead, broadcast live on multiple channels at the same time.

Customer Integration Videos

97% of companies realize the importance of user integration for the growth of a product. Fortunately, short, straight videos can facilitate integration by guiding new users at every step of the way.

In fact, you can also create videos explaining how to use advanced features to retain and offer more value to ordinary users.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos (BTS)

This type of video marketing is mandatory to show the human side of your business. And they don’t take much work either. Why is that? Because it is only when you focus on authenticity (the key to success with BTS video) that you can capture real-life team moments.

Your company can share the newsletter, an internal operation, or a demonstration of the service on your social channels to your community.

Institutional Videos

Institutional videos are essential to showcase your culture, which in turn helps you gain the trust of your audience and attract new talent to your business.

Want an example of a brand video idea? Create a one-year review video or a “X years of your business” video.
I separated here a beautiful institutional video from Bosch that I would have liked to have produced.

Product manual on video

Why not turn the printed product manual into small videos that can be found easily on the internet in a search.
Few companies are exploring this opportunity, I believe that the obligation to have to print a physical manual and put next to the product, discourages the creation of the manual on video.
I have already written an article on this topic here: Product Manual in video and the new trend of companies.

Video Tutorial

Another useful idea of video marketing is to create short instruction videos that drive your audience through specific features or solutions. Share them in your product-led blog posts when you talk about specific features.

And when you have a library of these how-to videos ready, add them to your knowledge base and share the videos with the customer support team. You can also redirect these videos by sharing them on social media and as a video in your email marketing campaign

Explanatory videos

Share tips, lists, or steps as part of your educational content at the top of the funnel to raise awareness? Explanatory videos are the perfect medium for this.
The production of the explanatory video is fast and any company can have, I believe that any service, however simple it may be, can have an explanatory video of how it will be performed on the client.

Video Nugget or Teaser

It is very useful to create small trailers, or nuggets, of your company’s main content to be published on social media using different approaches. It’s a great way to attract viewers to your main video.

Pro tip: Make sure you don’t just post short random videos, choose content that promotes social engagement.

Video content

And finally, you can turn any and all content produced and disseminated by your company into a content video.
So what are the contents that can be turned into video?

  • Blog posts ➡ Educational videos
  • Podcasts ➡ Videos of interviews with experts
  • Live streams Edited ➡ video of the broadcast
  • Twitter Chat Responses Quick ➡ Tips Videos
  • Case Studies in Text ➡ Testimonial Videos
  • Event Tips ➡ Event Recap Videos
  • Customer Complaint Explanatory ➡ Video or Video Manual

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