What types of video marketing do they sell the most?

Today anyone connected to the internet watches videos every day, why not use the videos as a selling tool?

I separated in this article the types of video marketing that are most used to sell products and services.

Basically, video marketing solves some problem of your customer and makes an offer of your product, is there a better sales strategy?

Another advantage of posting video marketing on the internet is that it brings the customer closer to your company. Your company now has a familiar “face”.

Video Marketing that sells the most: Is it worth investing in video marketing?

Learn about the key statistics on the videos and draw your own conclusions:

Every month YouTube receives more than 1 billion users, who spend more than 4 billion hours watching videos.

  • Video searches on Google generate 41% more clicks than text searches.
  • Email marketing that contains video is 96% more likely to generate clicks than those that don’t.
  • 3 out of 5 consumers watch videos about the products they want to buy.
  • 52% of consumers say that videos are of great help when deciding on a purchase.
  • Video customer testimonials can increase sales by up to 600%.

In this article, I separated the types of video marketing that sell the most:

  1. Video Marketing statement
  2. Testimonial Marketing Video
  3. Authority Video Marketing
  4. Video Marketing Sales
  5. Video Marketing Storytelling
  6. Teaser Marketing Video
  7. Video Marketing Training
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Video Marketing Demonstration

Creating a product demo video is a must for any company today.

If you don’t create demo video marketing and explain your product in detail, you can take the risk of anyone who doesn’t know the product in depth, post a shallow video, and disrupt sales of your product.

You can create a simple video explaining all the features and features of your product, or you can use animation, design, narration, or even a presenter techniques.

There is no rule, any demo video will be found on the internet.

Tip: Try to produce a quick video and expose your product in a straight forward and simple way.

Video marketing: Testimonial Marketing Video

Many can claim that word-of-mouth advertising is the best there is, isn’t it? There is nothing stronger advertising than direct indication of a product by someone you know.

Using video marketing testimonialfrom satisfied and loyal customers to your product is probably one of the most effective marketing tools. This type of advertising has been tested and approved many times by markets and consumers!

As stated at the beginning of the article, customer testimonials in videos can increase sales of a product by up to 600%.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use and abuse video marketing testimonial. The best way to sell your product is the opinion of those who have already bought and are satisfied!

Video marketing: Authority Video Marketing

Authority is synonymous with credibility. In turn, credibility is an excellent sales driver. Authority video marketing is essential to attracting new customers.

Another reason to create your company’s online authority is to stand out from competitors and be perceived as number 1, being authority will help you be perceived as a leader in your segment.

To create video marketing authority it is necessary to know how to position yourself correctly in front of the public and the market, you need to transmit knowledge in the subject related to the product of your company.

Tip: If you want to create your company’s authority channel click here

Video marketing: Video Marketing Sales

Video marketing sales is not invasive as it happens in traditional marketing, or in outbound marketing. It’s a fun and non-invasive way to sell to your client.

After all, it will not be being “interrupted” to watch an advertisement, but rather choosing to watch its content.

So when it comes to producing your sales video, always remember to be as creative as possible.

Tip: If you need to create a sales video for your company click here

Video marketing: Video marketing Storytelling

This kind of video basically consists of telling a story. It can be about your company, your product or about anything that relates to what you sell.

When producing your video marketing storytelling seek to be as interesting as possible. Here it is necessary to awaken some emotions in the viewer in order to generate empathy. Let go of your creativity when you draw up the script for your story!

They are also known as: Mini Documentaries for companies

Tip: Here are some examples here

Video Marketing Teaser

The teaser marketing video shows a little bit of what’s to come and leaves everyone dying to watch the full content.

It consists of arousing the curiosity of the viewer, draws the attention of the public and creates expectation for the complete content.

A teaser video marketing can be a great ally to hold your customer’s attention and take you to your YouTube channel, for example.

Video marketing: Training Video Marketing

Video Marketing Training are extremely effective. You can use them to educate your future customer by showing you the correct way to use your products or services. Or you can give practical tips on how your product can be useful in their lifetime.

In addition to serving as a channel of customer interaction, video marketing training is also extremely useful for communicating internally in your company,

So if you want to know more about video training click here.

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