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Pay Per Click

Cost-per-Click: Short Explanation
How are the costs in the CPC calculated?
How high should a bid be in the CPC procedure?
How does bidding work with the CPC process?
Alternatives to billing according to CPC:

Search advertising refers to all of your major ad channels. We tend to use completely different forms such as Paid Search, SEM and PPC, etc.

The term pay-per-click, abbreviated PPC, originally comes from English usage, but has largely prevailed in Germany and means translated “payment per click”.

The pay-per-click payment method is mainly used in online marketing. Here, per click on an advertising medium such as a banner or a text ad is billed. The advertising company thus does not pay for the insertion (ad impression) of the switched advertising itself, but only when a click has actually been made. There are different types of pay-per-click advertising media: On the one hand, they can be placed in the form of ads on search result pages in search engines such as Google and Yahoo (search engine marketing). On the other hand, a text link or a display banner can be positioned on a blog or portal (affiliate marketing).

Payment by click
PPC is the abbreviation for Pay-per-Click. This means you pay a certain amount for every click on your advertising. You can start a pay-per-click campaign at any time to increase your business inquiries or conversions. Google AdWords, Yahoo Publishers, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads are standard media here to start your paid campaign and also focus on your desired customers.

Connect Marketing offers strategic pay-per-click management services. We are a first-class pay-per-click marketing company and known for its dedicated employees, as well as extensive industry experience. We offer high ROI rates through constant observation, review and better targeting of keywords. That’s why we are preferred by companies from all over the world to manage their PPC campaigns. Pay-per-click marketing offers the opportunity to deliver instant traffic and go along with your existing digital marketing strategies. We know how to integrate conversion-based marketing into your advertising campaigns. Regardless of the amount of your budget and whether you have short-term or long-term goals, we can manage your campaign so that you get the maximum return on investments.

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