Careers of the future: professions that will gain space in the market in the next 10 years

The way we work has evolved. In most cases, evolution is related to available technologies. There are those who believe that, at some point, technology will be so evolved that we will no longer have room for human work. Will be?

In a way, we can say that this is more like a fiction movie story than the reality we can predict. And that’s what the report “21 careers of the future” (21 Jobs of the Future) , from the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work , shows when it presents 21 professions that will gain space in the job market in the next decade.

The document begins with the sentence “ Humans needed. Work is changing due to automations and AI (artificial intelligence), but it’s not going away. ” It is clear evidence of the importance of human labor, regardless of technological advances.

The four career categories of the future

The report divides the 21 careers into 4 categories according to how tech-centric they will be (low-medium or high-medium) and the estimated time they will start to gain prominence (within 5 or 10 years).

  • Low-medium – next 5 years : Bring Your Own IT Facilitator , Ethical Sourcing Manager , AI Business Development Manager, Walker/Talker, Fitness Commitment Counselor, Digital Tailor, Man-Machine Teaming Manager.
  • Low-medium – next 10 years : Virtual Store Sherpa, Personal Data Broker, Personal Memory Curator, Highway Controller.
  • Medium-high – next 5 years : Data Detective, Master of Edge Computing, AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician, Cyber ​​City Analyst, Genomic Portfolio Director, Financial Wellness Coach, Chief Trust Officer, Quantum Machine Learning Analyst.
  • Medium-high – next 10 years : Augmented Reality Journey Builder, Genetic Diversity Officer.

The top 5 careers of the future

In the document, the professions of the future are listed according to the order in which they will begin to emerge in the market, with number 1 being the most likely to appear in the first few years, while number 21 is most likely to be in evidence closer to the end of the year. decade.

We separate a list with the top 5 of these professions, that is, the 5 professions that are closest to winning the market.  professions of the future .

1. Data Detective

This is a profession that appears first in the report and it is not by chance. We are generating an ever-increasing volume of data, and with that, companies need people who are able to investigate what the data is trying to tell us .

The professional should generate business responses and recommendations from the investigation of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) terminals, devices, sensors, biometric monitors, traditional computing infrastructure, next-generation fog, mesh, edge, neural resources, etc.

Training in areas such as analytics or data science will be of great help to anyone choosing this career, but the report points to other valid training for this profession. Professionals with backgrounds in law, mathematics, economics, accounting, philosophy or physical science can also work in this area.

Valéria comments that this is an area that can be found in different market segments. From a large retail business, which analyzes consumer behavior to large industries, in product development, for example.

2. Remote Work Facilitator ( Bring Your Own IT Facilitator )

In a pre-pandemic scenario, where only about 5% of companies worked remotely, this profession could seem crazy. But, after the major changes in work models that have taken place since 2020, it is estimated that many companies will not only continue with remote work, but will also look for ways to make it even better and more efficient.

In this sense, companies will need information technology professionals to create systems and virtual assistants that facilitate the work of employees. This professional will be responsible for making the work of everyone in the company better and more agile, maintaining the security of the company’s information.

3. Ethical Sourcing Officer

This is a profession that will be involved in ethical sourcing decisions and initiatives, ensuring that the company’s revenue allocation is in line with what is defined by the ethics and stakeholder council .

The role involves three main categories of “ethical spending”: energy, waste and community sponsorship. This professional will be responsible for investigating, tracking, negotiating and establishing an agreement around the automated provision of goods and services to ensure contractual alignment with the ethical wishes of stakeholders .

It is indicated that professionals who wish to pursue this career have a background in business, law, governance or philosophy. It is also indicated that the person has skills in communication, in defining ethical behaviors aligned with the company’s objectives and in carrying out analysis, in addition to having a strong interest in negotiations and innovation.

4. Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager ( AI Business Development Manager )

In the report by the Cognition Center of the Future of Jobs there is the following sentence in the description of this profession: there is still one thing that AI cannot do and will not be able to do in the future

future – sell yourself.

It is precisely in business development, that is, in the sale and negotiation of artificial intelligence products and services that this career fits. This professional will be responsible for creating and executing sales and business development strategies and campaigns focused on offering AI services and products.

The person who wants to get involved in this career must have deep knowledge about business development, corporate sales and forming strategic partnerships. In addition, you must have good knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning software and cloud computing.

“AI is already seen as a business transforming agent and is present in many companies aiming to bring different experiences to customers. Positions related to business development are a reality in USA, Europe and I believe they will increasingly be related to AI”, says tech recruiters

5. Master of Edge Computing ( Master of Edge Computing )

This is one of the professions on the list aimed at professionals with great knowledge in technology and, in this case, with a lot of interest in the internet of things (IoT) and edge computing (a computing model that brings the corporate application closer to the data source).

The master edge computing person is responsible for creating, maintaining, and securing the edge computing environment. You should also understand the business impact of edge computing to justify investments, develop strategies for system oversight, maintenance, and protection, facilitate the creation of new products and systems, and other related activities.

The requirements to pursue this career are a little more advanced. It is recommended that the professional hold a Ph.D. in computer science, electronics, telecommunications, electrical engineering or something related.

It is also important to have solid experience with IoT hardware and software, IoT security protocols, wireless sensor networks, distributed systems, real-time systems development and the ability to conceptualize, specify, architect and design based on cloud computing and edge environments.

importance of update

There is a great certainty that we have to bear in mind when it comes to the future of work: it is necessary to keep your knowledge up to date. And this is important not only because technologies change, but also because people and the way they behave change.

This update can range from improving or developing new skills with specialized courses, such as the courses offered by EBAC , to recurrent monitoring of research, news and studies on subjects that touch your work.

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