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Learning to drive is a useful life skill. But it is a huge responsibility too. Majority of the road accidents is due to irresponsible driving – under the influence of alcohol/ drugs, without a driving license, zero regards for traffic laws and so on. Many young drivers have an indestructibility-complex that leads to further perpetuation of bad road conduct. They think they are above rules and regulations, what bad can possibly happen and even if something did happen they will not have to deal with the consequences of risky behavior. The process of obtaining a learner’s license is a bit complex for this reason. Sorting out the documentation itself will show you how seriously law of land takes it. In fact it serves a dual purpose of being a national citizen identity card too.

You cannot a set a bunch of license applicants loses on the road, trying to learn how to drive. That is just a recipe for endangering themselves as well as the people on the road not to mention possible property destruction. They have to make sure you know the traffic rules and signs and papers to carry. You are given a minimum of one month to practice on the ground and the road. Like we said, this is not going to be a smooth ride. Though looking back years later, you will feel that obtaining the license was the simplest thing you have ever done in life. Learner’s license process is made more stringent than ever these days to curb the alarming accident statistics. It is estimated that over 40 percent drivers plying on the road do not have a valid license. The government is determined to change this trend.

Types of Learner’s License in Delhi

If one wants to get a permanent driving license for one or more classes of vehicle, the applicant must avail a learner’s license belonging to that class in initially. For instance, to obtain a driving license for Light Motor Vehicle category, you should get a Learner’s License for the same, which is basically a permit for a given period of time to learn how to ride a two-wheeler or drive a car.

In Delhi, a learning license and then eventually the driving license is given for the categories mentioned below.

  • Gearless Motor Vehicle
  • Heavy goods & passenger vehicle (Commercial Vehicles) and
  • Light Motor Vehicles (LMV).

Learner’s License for Gearless Motor Vehicle: The candidate must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Learner’s License for motor vehicles without gear. Also, the applicant must get the consent of a parent or a guardian before applying.

Learner’s License for Light Motor Vehicles including Vehicles with Gears: The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Learner’s License for Commercial Vehicles: The applicant must be at least 20 years old and must have held a permanent DL for Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) for at least a year.

Documents Required for Learner’s License in Delhi

If you intend to apply for a learner’s license in the capital, you have to submit the following documents along with the duly filled application.

  • Form Number One, Two and Three.
  • Three copies of your latest passport sized photos (less than six months old)
  • Proof of Residence (Rental/ lease agreement, any utility bill, Voter’s ID, LIC Paper, Passport etc.)
  • Proof of Age (SSLC Book, Birth Certificate, Passport, CGHS Card, Pan Card, Certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner not below the rank of a Civil Surgeon, or Self-attested affidavit sworn by you in front of an Executive Magistrate and or a First Class Magistrate as proof of age).
  • Proof of citizenship (Valid visa, work permit) for overseas applicants.
  • If you are applying for learners for transport vehicle, you must give a copy of your driving license of LMV (in use for at least a year).
  • Every Xerox copies must be attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public.

Fee for learner’s license in Delhi

  • For a single class of vehicle – INR 30
  • For two classes of vehicle – INR 60
  • For three classes of vehicle – INR 90

This fee consists of all kind of fee allocated for licenses apart from photograph card, which is to be shelled out when you get the permanent driving license.

How to apply for Learner’s License in Delhi

Collect a license application form from your nearest RTO and submit it duly filled along with the aforementioned documents. After paying the stipulated fees, you will be sat for a preliminary exam. You need to clear that by scoring at least 12 out of 20.

How to apply online for a Learner’s License in Delhi

With all kinds of government identity card and others becoming digitalized these days, applying for a learner’s license is no more a frazzling process. In fact you can do it online in the comfort of your home and office by making use of the Delhi Transport Department’s online portal. Go to the Delhi RTO official website, where you can make use of the ‘Driving License Online Appointment System’. Yes, no more standing in long queues by bunking college or work. You can utilize this faster and easier means to pay the fees online and reserve your appointment with the zonal office. Do not forget to take attested copies of all the documents required along with originals.

How to check your Learner’s License status in Delhi

Once you clear your preliminary test, you will be issued a learner’s license on the very day in a couple or so hours after the test. Hence there is no question of waiting for it or frequently checking the status like you do for driving license.

How to make corrections in learner’s license online

So you have passed your preliminary test and received your copy of Learner’s License. Congratulations! Wait a minute, there are some typos and errors. Since this is a national identity, you cannot afford to have a single error in it, especially the spelling of your name or your address. To make any kind of correction, please get in touch with the RTO office.

Just follow the easy steps given below to make corrections in your Learner’s License in Delhi.

  • Step 1: To make an alteration in your learner’s license, you need to contact the RTO that originally issued your learner’s license. For example, if you had obtained your learner’s license from the Mayur Vihar RTO, you will not be able to get the corrections done in the Rohini Colony RTO or any other.
  • Step 2:You should submit the required documents with the correct info which will be conveyed to you by the RTO based on the correction. For instance, to rectify the spelling of your name, present your birth certificate or SSLC book or marriage certificate (in case of a change in the last name).
  • Step 3:You will have to submit the original copy of learner’s license and make an application for the necessary changes to be made. The application must be given directly to the Regional Transport Officer.
  • Step 4:If your request is accepted and sanctioned, you will be expected to shell out a small fee for making those corrections, for which you will be given a receipt.
  • Step 5:This receipt shall be utilized instead of your learner’s license until you are given the new one.
  • Step 6:To get more information about the whole procedure, fee and the paperwork, please enquire with the same RTO that issued your learner’s license.

Test Procedure for Learner’s License in Delhi

Once all your submitted documents and certificates are accordingly verified, you will have to go for an eye test. Driving on the road is a huge responsibility. And your eye health is of the utmost importance for obvious reasons. Once that is cleared, you can go in for a learner’s test. It is conducted as oral as well as a written test based on your educational qualification. It will not take more than twenty minutes, comprising of 20 multiple choice queries. This test is basically to ensure that you have sound knowledge of traffic rules, signs, regulations and other dos and don ts in various scenarios like being involved in an accident. You can buy a small handbook from the office for a nominal price or get one from your driving school. You need to score at least 12 out of 20 to qualify for learner’s license, which will give you six months to learn how to drive competently. If you flunk the learner test, not to worry, you can have another go after a week.

Learner’s License Renewal in Delhi

Learner’s license renewal in Delhi is a long process. It is valid for six months across the country, starting from the day you clear your preliminary test. This period is perceived good enough to learn how to drive competently and appear for practical (ground and road test). It is compulsory that you practice at least for a month before appearing for the competency test. In case you flunk the practical more times than allowed, your learner’s will be canceled and the whole procedure will have to be repeated.

How to apply for a duplicate learner’s license in Delhi

You might require a duplicate learner’s license for any reason such as if the original copy is lost, damaged, torn or stolen. In that case, you can apply for a duplicate learner’s license.

Given below is the step-by-step procedure to apply for a duplicate learner’s license in Delhi.

  • The learner’s license holder must acquire an LLD form and submit it completely filled and signed at the same RTO where your learners were first issued.
  • You will have to give two passport-sized photos and other documents they ask for.
  • If you are applying for a duplicate learner’s license because the old one was lost or stolen, then you will have to lodge an FIR and submit a copy of that too.
  • You will also be asked to give the learners license number and other personal info including that of your parent’s. Hence it is always a good idea to keep an extra copy at home.
  • The cost for getting a duplicate license issued is INR 50 for ordinary duplicate LLs. But they levy INR 200 as a fee for laminated learner’s license.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Do I need to get a medical certificate at the time of LL renewal?You have already submitted one at the time of application (eye test report). You need not submit another one unless you are going in for license for commercial vehicle, are of age 50 and above or both.
  2. What is Form No 2?It is the application form for learner’s license which has to be affixed with a passport sized photo. It is one of the papers to be submitted at the RTO when you apply for license. Fill this form carefully as instructed to avoid any error.
  3. What are the office timings of Delhi Transport Zonal Office?Delhi transport offices follow a strict time schedule due to the increased number of applicants on a daily basis. For public dealings, the timing given is 8.30 AM to 12.00 PM. And the specified General Office timing is between 8.30 AM and 4.00 PM.
  4. What are the documents that can serve as proof of age?Birth Certificate, School certificate (SSLC Book), Passport, Certificate from Central/ State Government or any such local body, Voters ID, PAN Card or any valid proof accepted by M.L.O. You can also get a self-attested affidavit in the presence of an Executive Magistrate.
  5. I just turned 16? Can I apply for a license?Yes, you can apply for vehicle below 50 cc. Motorcycles and two-wheelers below 50 cc are favorite among young people aged between 16 and 18. You must get a signed consent from your parent or guardian to apply for this. For license of any other vehicle class, you will have to wait until you turn 18.

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