Hire Dedicated SEO Experts

Modernist and profitable method of employing full time SEO can help your website gain specialized attention, cent percent committed work, focused expertise and 100% results.

Hire Committed SEO Specialists
We are assured in what we can give our clients, especially when it comes to our SEO skills which could help websites perform excellently in search engines. We also guarantee at least 50% of your targeted keywords in top ten rankings in Google within the specified months, if not, then, we will give our services for free until the desired results are achieved.
Employing committed SEO specialists is one of the most affordable choices for those offshore companies looking for committed SEO consultants who can give their time and effort devotedly for the optimization and promotion of their numerous websites. This is also great so that companies can just focus on their business development alone.
NewStep India excels as a team of dedicated Internet Marketing experts. We also provide SEO consultants, link builders, PPC managers, and other experts who can perform various search engine marketing needs while following 100% ethical method.
Clients can hire a full time SEO consultant or they can choose to hire a virtual team of SEO experts, depending on their needs. Those chosen will be available to you through IM, email, and phone when needed.

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Why Choose NewStep India over other companies?
Delivered high-quality results to numerous SEO companies all over the world for five years now.
Dedicated group of accomplished SEO resources with a wide range of specializations.
Excellent communication, your chosen dedicated resources will be available to you thru IM, Email and Phone.
Get the best results under your direct control and supervision.
Gives 100% ethical approach and delivering natural search engine results.
Promotion of websites among all kinds of social platforms.
Successfully dealt with projects in other languages.
No hidden charges.
How can Committed SEO Experts help?
Optimize and support one to three websites at the same time.
Build high-quality links with more than 400 relevant directories
Examine websites and competitors comprehensively.
Socially promote websites through all kinds of methods like blogging, social networking, community advertising, classifieds, forums and a lot more.
Provide support on discussions for all your marketing strategies.
Provide solutions to all your queries as soon as possible.
Business hours
We guarantee a minimum 160 hours worth of work every month.
Time: Monday to Friday, 4AM-1PM GMT except Saturday, Sunday and Indian National holidays and other major festivals.
Special time settings on hiring more than 5 SEO experts.
Monthly Package

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