Online Learning, Class, Study Scam in India

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Now these day online schooling and elarning is on high trend in India, Due to COVID-19 pendamic and shutdown of regular schools and study centers; online classes are grown-up in mass level in India. Only in Noida, Banglore and in Gurgaon has 100s of big and small online classes platform launched.

All are inviting perents with many of good proposal and offering extra benifits and asking them to get enroll in there online classes.

But who knows whatr other scams are running behind it. Perents are getting cheated by online looters. They give false promises and send online payment links which has hidden terms and conditions. Perents / cutomers accept terms and condition and getting trapped.

Unknowingly, they subscribe their monthly subscription and getting under the finacial threat.

in Year 2021, is a big launche pad year of online schooling sytsem in India.

Look above screenshot of finacial loan company which are a payment gatway of a online educational learning company.

So why a loan and finacial companies are getting involved and being associate with online elearning educational website?

Are They creating data of perents and or high earning person?

anything is possible. may be a big scam will in news very sooner or latter. People will be cheated by financial firms and so-called online education websites.

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