Regional Transport Office or RTO

The Regional Transport Office or RTO is a government organisation which maintains a database of drivers and of vehicles for various Indian states and union territories. The RTO issues driving licences sells personalised registrations and maintains the collection of excise duty such as road tax. Insurance check and pollution test of vehicles are also conducted by the Regional Transport Office. There are thousands of RTOs office in India, and you should visit the nearest RTO in your area to get all vehicle and transportation-related work done.

RTO-related things that can be done online

The Internet has made things easy for us in many ways. Gone are the days when you had to visit the RTO, stand in a queue for long hours to submit a DL application. Now you can do most of the tasks online. Some of the most important RTO-related tasks you can do online are:

  • Apply for a DL and submit all the required/necessary documents
  • Book an appointment to visit the RTO
  • Apply for DL renewal
  • Download a copy of your DL etc
RTO-things that can be done offline

Though you can perform many tasks online sitting at the luxury of your home, there are a few things that require your physical presence. You will have to visit the nearest RTO to get this done. Some of the tasks you will have to visit the RTO for are:

  • To register your new vehicle
  • To take your Driving License test on the track
  • To write your Learner’s License test
  • For accident disputes
RTO Fine

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is the apex body that outlines the traffic rules and regulations that are needed to be followed in our country. When a person breaks any one of these rules, it is a punishable offence. The offender will be required to pay hefty fines/penalties or will be imprisoned or both, depending on the type of offence. Some of the common offences and the fine levied against them are mentioned below:

Type of offenceCityFine amount (In Rs.)
Driving above the speed limitBangalore300
Driving vehicle without a licenseKolkata500
To drive a vehicle without a licenseDelhi500
Not carrying mandatory documentsMumbai100 for the first time and 300 for a subsequent offence
Driving at excessive speedChennai300

*Please note that the penalty differs from state to state. Your State Transport Department will declare the updated offence and penalty list from time to time. Please visit your State Transport Department’s official website for accurate details.

Other RTO-related tasks

Most of us visit the RTO only for a driving licence. Although, that is the most common reason people visit the RTO for there are many other tasks that can be carried out in an RTO. Some of the other RTO-related activities are:

  • Booking Duplicate RC: You can apply for a duplicate registration certificate at an RTO in case you have lost your RC book.
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfer: If you have sold your vehicle to someone and you want to transfer the vehicle to his/her name, you can do it at your nearest RTO.

Other RTO-related tasks also include address and name change in RC book, international license (in case you want to travel abroad and need an international license), and vehicle NOC (for people who want to transfer their vehicles from one state to another).

information credit : bankbazzar

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