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You have heard about search engine optimization or SEO and would like to subject your website directly to an analysis and optimization? Are you looking for an SEO or online marketing agency in India to do this and you would like to recognize a success with the adapted content as quickly as possible and be personally supported in every step? Would you like to support this important area and integrate it into your marketing strategy and benefit from our experience in order to improve the placement of your website on the Internet and specifically on Google? If you look ahead in the long term from today, you will quickly and directly achieve a visible success for the target group of your company thanks to our specialists and their strategy as well as their concept. Based on the improved rankings of your pages and the overall improved visibility that we achieve with our specialists and their measures, you will soon want to share our successes.

So would you and your company also like to benefit from the work of our agency through individual advice for your project? Would you like to achieve your goals together with our experts and optimize your content, as well as increase traffic? Do you simply want to acquire additional customers and lead your company, the people and the future of your company into a new era with us and our measures – and a small budget?

Then you as a customer are most welcome. We are exactly the SEO & Content Marketing Agency, your contact you are looking for, because we are above all an SEO agency full of specialists that specializes in search engine optimization. Now it is time for your search engine optimization SEO at the highest level that your website, your home page and your content are also found on Google, in order to receive as many visitors and traffic as possible with high-quality content on your page without great expense, large budget or campaigns for Adwords but via the organic positions through the search in Google.

In the field of SEO, the first step is not just about services in online marketing. The work and the procedure in such a project as the content of a websete and its visibility on the Internet represent much more than that. The professional optimization of websites for companies is rather a strategy that is enormously important for a long-term improvement of the rankings and a corresponding success for this company. Gain traffic through our cooperation and increase your visitor numbers on your website together with us by increasing your target group through valuable content, i.e. good content on your pages. Take advantage of what we have to offer! Work with a partner who is experienced, an SEO expert who can help you with measures to achieve your goals and give you tricks and tools, and who can also provide you with the right information on your questions about the project.

Your direct advantages at our SEO agency
A good and professional search engine optimization is considered the most efficient way to ensure visibility, traffic and customers for your business, respectively. To win your website: due to the changed buying behavior of the company and the advancing digitization, the search engine giant, “the” search engine Google, has become the perfect source of traffic for your business and an increase in traffic through better content guarantees you better sales per year. Based on search terms, customers are navigated almost directly via Google to important and relevant websites with a suitable offer – so you should never save when it comes to content. Because that’s exactly what helps the search engine to find you. The consultation on search engine optimization takes place more and more online on the web, through technical development, most companies show their products not only on their website, but also more and more online in the context of social media pages. So they improve their visibility for the search engines online and are thus found faster by customers, an important strategy, even if you yourself want to lead and be found on the list of the top 10 of Google without constant Google Ads and advertising for your website.

More users and people will contact your company online after searching the classic search engines. We optimize your website for the search engine giant Google, because other search engines are no longer an issue today, the giant from Mountain View has almost completely switched them off and dominates the market. A potential customer of your products or any user of your offered service is looking for something and will consult Google when searching and come across you and your competition there. The higher you lead, i.e. the better the placement of your website on Google for the most important keywords and search terms, the sooner customers will decide to click on your website. You will be able to determine this in your Analytics account.

So come to our SEO agency in India
Become our customer, we analyze all the information that is available to us about your company, your Swiss company, so that you can optimize the positioning of your websites on the Internet, increase the number of your customers and thus increase your turnover. Thus, we offer you all important elements, from analysis to reporting to optimization of content to improve organic positions in the search engine Google – mother of all search engines.

Even though everyone is talking about social media today and Facebook has become an important communication and advertising platform, you should know that social media is not everything. A good position on Google is, and this will please some, for the sales and success of your business is much more important than marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Our company, our logo, our team, our experts, we stand for professional and technical quality, we offer the latest tools and marketing strategies for our Swiss target group but also for other countries and forms of society, such as the German GmbH. Through us, you and your websites and content receive more attention for text and image, on the conventional computer or on the mobile device, you achieve better visibility & communication thanks to best search results and thus more traffic, without having to place advertising.

Work with us for your SEO of your website, then let the SEO experts from our team continue to guide the process, you benefit from the advice and can be sure that we focus on the things that are important when projecting on your website! You achieve the goals for your company!

Already 92% like to use the search engine Google, it is often used to find data before a purchase or during a purchase, to inform themselves further and to read experience reports on products and services, reporting and reviews or other information. This is what SEO is based on. With a good mobile version of your site, you will constantly receive new search queries via the search field in Google, individually for each country, including Switzerland. Furthermore, only in the German-speaking area is about 32,600 times per minute searched for an offer such as a service, a service or a product. The same applies to your regional or supra-regional business, i.e. in other language areas or in Maxico nationally but in different language areas. Compared to other marketing measures of an online marketing agency such as Adwords campaigns, ads such as Google Ads, web design, UX or content marketing, the search engine optimization or SEO of professional SEO agencies is much more effective and always promises great success, because the customer often already has a purchase request when he searches for your product or service on Google with a keyword or several. For this reason, your website should be optimized for the keywords that are most important to you or for one or the other important search term WITH text. In addition to a user-friendly design, an SEO-optimized page is especially important. But you can now look forward to it: As an agency specializing in SEO & Content Marketing, we take over this task for you – SEO, i.e. the search engine optimization of your Internet presence. This includes an analysis of your website using important industry-specific tools that technically examine your website, checking the content for necessary keywords (search terms), analyzing the competition and the numbers of visitors.

Dutch SEO for German and Other Local Language

This SEO analysis is an important first part of our work.
If you have any questions and would like us from the SEO Agency Zurich to support you with our advice and seo knowledge, then contact us for an SEO offer without obligation, by e-mail or telephone, and we will certainly find the right offer for your GmbH or your company.

A case study for search engine optimization of the SEO agency
Below we want to show you a case study so that you understand the importance of optimization. After all, our online marketing & SEO agency in Zurich has already been able to support many customers and was able to make new and exciting experiences.

Since it is now only an example and not an official reference, we take fictitious names for this SEO example. On request, we will of course also give you a real reference. Mr. Paul has a company that deals with the taxi supply of the city of Zurich. Consequently, he owns and runs a taxi company and is already noticing that fewer and fewer customers are contacting the head office via conventional methods.

Now he is looking for reasons for the decline in demand in the conventional way and notices that he appears with his website despite ads, or advertising, only on the second page of Google. This placement seems too bad for him and he therefore contacts our content marketing and SEO agency. As a first step, we offer him an analysis of his website. This analysis shows that about 6,800 people search for the keyword “Taxi Zürich” every month. What is the intention of these searches, so what does this traffic tell us? This is not only clear to us as a web agency in Zurich, but to every person, because the people who search for “Taxi Zurich” in the search field would also like to order a taxi in Zurich. In other words, they are almost certainly a customer. As an SEO agency with a lot of experience in Zurich, we of course immediately set about this task and, with the help of specific tools and adaptation of content and structure, optimized the page so that Mr. Paul’s website is also displayed for success-critical search terms and keywords and achieves a higher ranking – consequently also more traffic. These technical and textual optimizations bring a higher ranking as a result of Google Search, thus more visitors to the website and displace the competition from the upper ranks. Mr. Paul’s turnover in Zurich is increasing enormously this year.

It also doesn’t matter whether this is about Zurich and a Zurich SEO agency takes care of it. Search engine optimization can be operated anytime and from anywhere, you could achieve this result for Google Search also for Bern, Geneva or abroad.

Search engine optimization – how does it work with our SEO agency?
Search engine optimization as a web agency in Zurich is not always easy and depending on the area, optimization is easier or more difficult, but we have several years of experience and have concentrated competence at this level through high-quality employees.
You can benefit from this experience and competence and also correspond to our professional communication and advice. If you ask us questions, we actively support you, in Zurich and also throughout Switzerland agencies with such good references are welcome but even harder to find.

What makes our content marketing and SEO agency unique for you is that we look at SEO from different perspectives and analyze it in just as many ways. Over time, the most diverse online marketing disciplines grow together. Each online marketing discipline influences a different one. Search engine optimization is not a detached individual discipline. SEO is only one building block in the field of marketing, but a very important one. As an SEO agency, you also have to deal with social media, the creation of content such as blogs or product texts, but also social media of an e-commerce or a discipline such as Adwords and use everyone for good results. As an online marketing agency in Zurich, we are of course aware of these correlations, so we can optimize your site in such a way that other online marketing processes are not influenced by them. We know all the other areas as well.

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