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Digital marketing for car stands is a growing area and a detailed digital marketing strategy is crucial for any used car stand you want to succeed. But how can your stand achieve that? Learn more in this article!

CARMOTIVE SEO for Automotive Industry

Why your stand needs digital marketing

The automotive industry is evolving at a very high rate – this is because the role of technology in its potential customer’s decision-making process is becoming increasingly important. According to a google study, 95% of online shoppers use digital as a way to get information.

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Potential buyers no longer visit as many used car stands to find the right car. Instead, they spend time doing online surveys, as answers to their questions are available at a click away.

By the time potential customers arrive at the stand, they – most of the time – are already well informed and know exactly which car, used or new, they want to buy. That’s why digital marketing plays such a crucial role in the success of your stand, as well as the advice of a digital marketing consultant.

The decision-making process has changed

People can still buy their new car on the stand, but most of the decision-making process – the most important and influential moments – take place online.

According to a google study, digital marketing content acts as a source of information for 95% of potential car buyers. 65% of potential car buyers take just three weeks from start to finish in the decision-making process – from online research to final decision.

Thus, digital marketing plays a crucial role in the buyer’s decision-making process. Did you know that 6/10 potential buyers are undecided when they start doing their research.

Thus, it is even very important that your stand has online presence to reach potential buyers while they are still in the undecided phase of your decision making process. This needs to happen before they are influenced by competition.

Digital marketing strategies for car stands

There is no doubt that investing in digital marketing for used cars is important for the livelihood of your stand. However, it has to be effective. There are several strategies that can be implemented to help ensure success.

Establish an online presence

Potential buyers get information almost exclusively from online resources. The first step is, of course, to ensure that potential buyers of cars, both used or new, are achieved. This can only be done effectively by establishing a strong online presence. There are several ways to establish an online presence and use it for the benefit of your stand.

Search Engines – Car Stands

According to a survey by G/O Digital revealed that 30% of consumers immediately go to search engines (google) when starting the process of buying the car. The online presence of stand is a big factor in determining success at this starting point of the shopping journey.

Strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will ensure that used car buyers can find their stand in search results. A comprehensive SEO strategy should include your website, keyword optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, link building, online reputation management and quality content.

An important starting point to establish your online presence is to invest in a website. Websites need to meet the high standards of search engine optimization and mobile optimization to ensure the success of their stand.

The goal of your used car stand is to sell as many cars as possible. Therefore, your site needs to have an effective SEO strategy that helps propel your site to the top of potential buyers’ search results.

Online advertising – Car Stands

There are several ways to establish an online presence for your used car stand. The main goal, however, continues to be to attract customers by optimizing leads. Learn here the importance of leads.

This is where the importance of visibility comes into play, as not only does it need to be visible online, but it also needs to attract the target audience – people who want to buy a car.

To maximize your sales opportunities, you should be visible to potential buyers when they are more receptive. This can be achieved through paid ads that once again allow you to reach your target audience.

Online advertising comes with excellent market analytics tools that provide fast and continuous feedback on your ad performance and results.

Social Networks – Car Stands

According to one study, 1 in 4 car buyers talk about buying a new car on social media and 38% say they will check the social networks of these car stands before buying a vehicle.

Social networks are an extremely important way for the car industry to connect with new car buyers. Social networks are also very important because they help build brand loyalty, improve the customer experience, and influence purchasing decisions.

When using social channels, be sure to share quality content that represents your market positioning. There are several social networking platforms that can be used to increase the online reach of your second-hand car stand. The main benefit of using social media as a digital marketing strategy is that content quickly reaches potential buyers – and sometimes even by chance.

Successful implementation of a digital marketing strategy on social media on your stand will increase your reach exponentially.

E-mail Marketing – Car Stands

When done properly, email marketing is a highly effective channel for stands. Personalization is the key to creating emails that convert. One study shows that 35% of car buyers want personalized emails based on their interests.

In addition, 28% said they would click on an email from a stand if they included information about a style, color, or model they are interested in. And if consumers receive an impersonal email (i.e. not specific to their interests or location), 23% are less likely to visit the reseller’s website and 32% feel angry or resentful of it.

Focus on mobile accessibility – Car Stands

Your website and any other digital platform you use to promote your cars or services should be optimized for all devices, including mobile devices.

People are using a variety of devices to access content that’s available online, and more than half already search for mobile devices. Therefore, you need to ensure that your content, videos, design and layout are compatible with all devices while being easy to use. More than half of potential vehicle buyers use a mobile device to research information during the search process.

According to research by Weve Automotive, the mobile journey begins with:

  • Awareness – 57% browsed for inspiration about cars on their mobile devices
  • Consideration – 59% searched and compared prices/specifications on their smartphones
  • Intent – 61% searched nearby stands, requested brochures and booked test drives through their smartphones
  • Purchase – 9% bought a car through mobile devices
  • Loyalty – 9% explored after-sales through mobile devices

Online users become less and less tolerant of websites that are incompatible with their mobile devices. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure that all your digital marketing content is compatible and easy to use on all devices.

Content Marketing – Car Stands

Content marketing is a valuable, relevant and consistent content creation and distribution marketing technique to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the goal of driving an action.

It can drive factors such as brand awareness, sales, reach, interactions, and loyalty.

• Eduque as suas leads sobre os produtos e serviços que oferece

• Aumente as conversões

• Construa relacionamentos entre os seus clientes e negócios que resultem em maior lealdade

• Mostre ao seu público como os seus produtos e serviços resolvem os seus desafios

• Create a sense of community around your brand

Instead of making a campaign speech about your products or services, content marketing is providing really relevant and useful content to your potential customers and helping them solve their problems.

Online Reviews – Car Stands

According to a study by Digital Air Strike, a large percentage of car buyers access online review sites before making a purchase. In fact, 70% of car buyers claim that online dealership reviews influence where they choose to go.

In addition, 24% consider comment sites the “most useful” factor when making purchasing decisions. Follow your comments online, respond quickly and constructively to negative feedback, and continually encourage your customers to leave feedback on their shopping experience.

Car buyers are already online. Is your car stand there to receive them? Get in touch and find out what I can do to attract more customers to your stand.

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