SEO positioning is the set of actions that are taken to increase the visibility of a website in a specific search, taking into account the search engine or search engine used (Google, Mozilla, Edge, etc).

At first glance, the concept of “Automotive SEO” may seem very simple, but it can actually become quite subjective.

For a long time now there has been talk in the technical-automotive field about search engine marketing, or better called SEO, but in reality very few know what it is, but in reality the most dangerous thing is that not many know how to implement it in their business.

It is for this simple reason that in this article, you will find all the necessary information to start implementing SEO strategies to increase the visibility of your business, and therefore, its sales.

What is Automotive SEO?

According to Wikipedia, SEO or search engine optimization means the set of actions that are taken to position a website in the top positions of a search engine, such as Google, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

This “discipline” has been taken into account by thousands and thousands of professionals around the world to increase the visibility of your business, attract more customers and increase your sales.

Why implement SEO in your automotive business?

Despite what you’ve already heard, SEO can still help you much more than you expected.

Below, you’ll see a list of reasons why it’s necessary to implement an SEO strategy in any automotive business, no matter the size, budget, or difficulty.

  • Helps you achieve more visibility at low cost
  • Even though it requires a large investment of time, the results will be of great help to your automotive business.
  • It gives you relevance and authority, two fundamental characteristics to be in the preference of your target audience

How does SEO work?

In a nutshell, we could say that search engines favor Automotive SEO by making it work in two simple ways: Crawling and indexing.


Search engines like Google, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge start their crawling process with something called bots. These automated individuals roam the website through the links.

It is these same bots that decide the relevance of a site, starting by going through the sitemap of a site, where all the internal links to your website are located.


Once the bots have collected all the information necessary to start displaying the content in search engines, the crawled pages are included in an index, taking into account their relevance, the content of each one and their authority.

All this so that when we make a query in any search engine, these pages are organized and can be shown to us more easily.

Once all this process is done, it is time for the algorithm to act. These algorithms are computer processes that are responsible for deciding which content appears first than the other, taking into account the value of each one.

Types and divisions of SEO

  • On-Site SEO: On-site SEO is responsible for everything related to internal factors of a website, such as the optimization of Keywords or keywords, user experience, time and speed of loading the site and optimization of the web code.
  • Off-Site SEO: This type of SEO is the big part of the external work of the business. Among its factors or extensions are the number and quality of links to the website, brand authority, presence in networks, the number of mentions in networks, and other factors such as performance in search results and CTR, that is, the ratio of clicks.

Taking this into account, it is more than clear that despite this division, there may still be other types of SEO that benefit or even hurt your automotive business.

So below, you’ll see two types of SEO that include both good and bad practices. In short, you should avoid one, and fully apply the other. And we’re talking about Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

  • Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is an attempt to increase the visibility of a website by applying techniques and actions prohibited or penalizable by search engines. These actions range from SPAM in forums, blogs and external sites, massive purchase of links, duplicate content, Keyword Stuffing (repeat the keyword many times in the same content) and many more actions that you should never commit.
  • White Hat SEO: Unlike Black Hat, White Hat SEO is all actions that are ethically correct for search engines, and help you position yourself in a purer and truer way than the previous type of Automotive SEO.

Final Tips: How to Implement an Automotive SEO Strategy?

After having read about Automotive SEO, what is missing is to know what is necessary to start a strategy for your business.

As you may have understood, for Automotive SEO it requires a large investment of time, and sometimes, money.

It is advisable to create content weekly for your website, 2 to 3 articles that contain valuable information, with eye-catching titles and valuable content.

Also, it is good from time to time to contact similar brands or references in the sector for a strategic promotion of your business in some of its contents, to attract traffic to your site and increase its relevance.

And it is worth knowing that in networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, maintaining a good image is important, and making the occasional call to action towards your new content on your website will never hurt, taking into account that in a good Automotive SEO strategy, bringing traffic from a social network to your page is quite important.

Remember that at CARMOTIVE® SEO, we help automotive businesses improve their visibility by applying Automotive SEO strategies at a fair price and that benefits your project to move forward. Send us a message to WhatsApp by clicking here to start developing SEO strategies relevant to your automotive business.

We hope you liked this article about Automotive SEO and if so, that you share it with your co-workers and friends. Having said that, we bid you farewell and thank you for staying reading this valuable information. See you in the next article!

What is Automotive Content Marketing?

Automotive content marketing is a marketing discipline that deals with creating content with a specific conversion objective, such as sales, clicks, brand recognition, etc.

Despite everything that is seen at first glance, large companies invest thousands and thousands of dollars to ensure that their content not only educates, generates affinity or marks their followers, but that they are attracted to them, and therefore generate sales for the company.

This is called content marketing, and it is one of the fundamental pillars of each of the marketing strategies of large companies in the sector.

So in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about automotive content marketing, as well as discover what it takes to start your own automotive network content marketing strategy.

Automotive content marketing consists of creating pieces of content with a specific objective, such as attracting more potential customers, generating more leads, retaining your audience or increasing sales of your business.

To summarize it, we could define it in a single sentence, which is: “Automotive Content Marketing is the way to capture the attention of your audience to grow your network of leads and customers…”

Why implement Automotive Content Marketing in my business?

Content marketing as such, manages to help thousands and thousands of businesses only in the automotive niche.

This is why below, you will see a list of reasons why to include a content strategy to your automotive business.

  • It is the most economical way to attract customers in networks for your automotive business
  • Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing generates three times as many leads costing 62% less
  • Having good content and a strong presence in networks generates much more credibility in your business

Main objectives of Content Marketing

As you may have noticed before, when starting a content strategy for your automotive business, you will have to follow a series of steps before.

One of them is the definition of objectives that you want to achieve when developing your strategy, and that is why we will show you the 5 main objectives of automotive content marketing.

  • Generate brand recognition
  • Increase business engagement/interaction
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Reduce cost per sale
  • Generate more sales

Content Marketing Concepts

If we refer to content marketing as such, there are dozens of concepts that are necessary to know in order to develop a “decent” content strategy.

So for this article, we’ve decided to summarize in a list the most important concepts of automotive content marketing, so you can develop your own strategy faster and more effectively.

  • KPIs
  • Metric
  • Healing
  • Buyer persona
  • Lead
  • CTA
  • Engagement
  • Keyword

1. KPIs

A KPI is a way to calculate if the objectives proposed by the business are being met correctly by measuring marketing actions. These can be numbers or percentages.

An example of a KPI in marketing would be the number of pages visited by a user of your website each time they enter it.

2. Metrics

Unlike KPIs, metrics are used to measure an outcome of a strategy. It is based on periods and variables and helps us determine the direction of our objectives.

3. Healing

Content curation means reusing old content that had good results, this time redesigning it and launching it back into networks.

4. Buyer persona

A buyer persona is an archetype of your ideal customer, detailed in an advanced way.

While your “ideal customer” is based on slight details, a buyer persona is a profile with sociodemographic, economic, etc. data that helps you better segment your campaigns and improve your brand message, making it simpler and more accurate.

5. Lead

When a person is interested in your product and leaves their data (names, email or phone number), they automatically become a lead of your business, which you can guide to the purchase of one of your services and increase your sales per customer.

6. CTA

A CTA (Call To Action) is all that call to action that you make with a specific conversion objective for a content of your business.

7. Engagement

Engagement is called to all that interaction rate between your content and your audience, and you are always looking for a way to increase it to achieve greater results with online content.

8. Keyword

Keywords are words that are used as a reference to position a content of a website in the different search engines, applying SEO positioning techniques.

Finally, what is recommended to start a content strategy?

After having read to the end, we will tell you a couple of things that will surely be useful to start your automotive content marketing strategy easily, and without much budget behind.

To begin with, a content strategy must always take into account the following data:

  • Start and end date
  • Buyer persona
  • Main objective
  • Estimated budget
  • Tools to use
  • Content formats to use
  • Main networks to use

Taking all this into account and annotated in a shareable document with your co-workers, the next thing you should do is create the contents and look for the person in charge of managing all the distribution of them in social networks.

Don’t forget that at CARMOTIVE® SEO we help automotive businesses create their content and manage their networks at a fair price. Send us a message by clicking here and let’s reach an agreement to start with your service.

Already after having done this, it would only be necessary for you to launch your strategies and monitor it continuously, with expert advice to help you succeed with it.

We hope you enjoyed this article on automotive content marketing and that you can share it with your co-workers to take your automotive business to the next level. See you in the next article!

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