Carmotive® SEO Plans and Pricing

Motive is to Converting Acceleration to Results (CARmotive®) through Internet, Automation, Messages, Information Technology, Multimedia (Mobile) and Marketing

Technical SEO Audit & Cleanup
Keyword Strategy9 Primary, 25 Halo, 3 URLs12 Primary, 50 Halo, 6 URLs18 Primary, 100 Halo, 9 URLs
Blog Topic Ideas (monthly)0510
Bonus free SEO Video Audit
On Page Optimization10 Pages20 Pages30 Pages
Website & Backlink Monitoring24/724/724/7
Search Console & Analytics
AMP & Structured Data
Link Disavow
Top Citation Management
Content Creation
Link Pingback2 Credits (services) per month3 Credits (services) per month5 Credits (services) per month
Competitive Gap Analysis3 competitors4 competitors5 competitors
Title & Meta Tags Optimization (monthly)10-30 urls30-50 urls150-250 urls
Internal Link Optimization
301 Redirect Implementation
Call & Form Submission Tracking
Monthly Traffic Reporting
Monthly Conversion Tracking
Page Speed
Localized SEO Strategy
Blog Creation / Guest Post
National SEO Strategy
Google My Business Optimization
Voice Optimization
Delivery Time~~~

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