Which social media channel is perfect for my business?

90 percent of all USA and Europien companies now rely on social media , reports the  Google Trendz and Institute for Marketing statista .  That means: For a clear majority, the use of social networks is […]

How does Google make money?

In February 2016, Google briefly surpassed Apple and became the world’s most valuable company, achieving a market value of more than $500 billion. This figure is not surprising since the […]

Google retires doubleclick and adwords brands

Your basic ad tool will now be called Google AdsGoogle announced on Wednesday (jun 27, 2018) the biggest brand change of its advertising software, removing the brands DoubleClick and AdWords […]

Google vetoes cryptocurrency advertising

Company says goal is to protect consumer from fraud Google will ban all cryptocurrency advertising and initial coin offerings (ICOs) as part of a broader effort to protect consumers from […]

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