Just as the nougats, Christmas lights and feasts arrive in this month of December, the posts arrive with the trends for the new year that we are about to begin. We already talked about UX trends in our previous post , but it is time to see some news and trends for this 2023 on digital marketing . The ones that come and the ones that everything indicates are starting to leave. Because like every new year it’s time to renew, to leave behind what hasn’t worked and start new things.

Before talking about what’s coming, it’s okay to talk about

the tendencies that everything indicates that they are going to disappear:

They continue to be a media point: the influencers.

Some experts have already spoken of saying goodbye to medium-range influencers. Eye! Medium range, not all. They are going to continue betting on them but as long as they are great representatives and have a lot to do with the brand . It is said that they will bet on the very famous or micro-influencers. The budget in collaborating with many of the medium range will be destined to make their own brand in social networks.

Personalization yes, but don’t say it too loud.

The controversies about privacy in the network in this 2023 have been several and hectic.

We have advised this ourselves, and in part it still is, since the analyzes indicate that the more exact the public, the more effective the marketing strategy will be. However, all these controversies have led to a negative view that brands know so much about us. Does this mean that we should not do to know about our users or already clients? The answer is no, the more we know and the more we personalize, the better. The game is in not letting him see too much. We don’t have to brag about everything we know about our users and customers. We must bet on formats and contents that maintain the privacy of personal data and be respectful with the personal information that we know .

Using data to enhance creativity

Let’s use the data we have with the aim of applying much more creative elements based on them that improve the relationship with the consumer . It is no longer just improving data, it is improving the brand-consumer relationship and link thanks to them.

And to these small changes are added other 2023 digital marketing trends that you cannot miss:

mobile in hand

It is an extension of us and we no longer only investigate purchases on it, but we investigate and finish closing the purchase for this device. So make it very easy and comfortable . Use the latest technologies so that the entire purchase process can be closed from mobile.

Artificial intelligence increases everyone’s interest

Customers are increasingly aware of this issue and the actions carried out thanks to it no longer generate rejection. Like chatbots , which, as we saw in another post , are a trend and will continue to be more and more in the business environment to give brands a voice.

Pay “without realizing it”

It must be easier every time and companies that offer payment gateways in their online channel must do so in the simplest and most varied way possible. We do not want complications and even less if it is to pay.

Social Networks, place your bets.

And we bet on them without a doubt. Influencer marketing revolutionized the channel and it continues to grow and develop new features such as internal purchases without even having to register on the brand’s website. A functionality that already exists in the US and that continues to be developed for the rest of the markets.

Loyalty programs

Do not lose sight of these types of actions that must be present in any good marketing action plan. Points programs, shopping club, cashback,… Loyalty programs are one of the most common and traditional techniques that continue to work.

Offer experiences and participation

Our content strategy should focus on offering the user interactivity and new experiences to improve engagement . Feeling involved with something we like. It is psychologically proven, so making use of content that helps this can favor the company-consumer link. In addition, thanks to artificial intelligence, interactive content is changing, allowing us to generate more personalized content that generates better user experiences.

That said, this 2023 is about to end and we are left with everything that has worked, and with what also because we have learned from it. There are many reports that we have with everything that has passed this year that help us to see where the new online marketing strategies are going. We leave you here a very interesting example about the conversion of Flat 101 into Spanish digital businesses this 2023 . We encourage you to continue testing, researching, analyzing and betting on digital marketing also in this 2023. To give you a hand, we will continue to keep an eye on all the news and trends in digital marketing for this new year 2023.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do?

Many of you are surely wondering what a Digital Marketing Agency really does and if it is worth hiring any of its services. In this article we will try to answer it, based on our experience since we started our journey in 2023.

On the one hand we have the Staff (Management and Management, Administration, Commercial and Sales, Human Resources, R&D) and on the other hand the production staff, oriented towards providing customer services and organized by business lines (marketing, website, training…).

In the case of Idento, each business line is made up of one or more work teams, in order to provide better customer service. Coordination between departments is also very important, since some of the services require the intervention of professionals from different areas.

In smaller agencies, the structure is simpler, and each professional can perform several functions simultaneously (internal or external). At Idento, for example, we started with 4 people in 2006, and each of us covered several functions. Later, when the company grew, staff focused on specific areas became available.

On the other hand, something that people are usually curious about is what a digital marketing agency charges. The truth is that there are several business models, but the most common are:

  • Hourly services. It is usually applied to very specific, specialized or on-demand jobs. For example, changes to a website, consulting hours…
  • Prices closed for jobs. For example, the realization of a digital marketing plan, the design/layout of a website, the development of a CRO experiment…
  • Fixed or variable monthly fees. They are usually applied to recurring jobs such as SEO positioning or advertising campaign management, in which there is a start-up cost and a monthly fee consisting of a percentage of the investment, since the greater the investment, the more dedication of time and resources and greater responsibility.

What can a digital agency do for you?

Working with a digital agency has the following advantages.

1. Professionals with experience and knowledge from minute 0

You work in a specific area with professionals who have experience and knowledge in it and you can focus 100% on what you (or your staff) do best, on developing the business, organizing it, attracting clients or converting them. Although it is laudable to try to do everything yourself so as not to depend on third parties or reduce expenses, you must also know how to recognize when it is better to leave something in the hands of professionals.

2. You do not compromise your workforce or your investment

We mean that you do not need to hire a person for each digital area, or for those specific areas that you need. In an SME that is difficult to make profitable. Nowadays it is difficult to find professionals with experience in digital, let alone those with multidisciplinary knowledge. If you need 1 person for the web, another for PPC, another for SEO, another for social networks… probably the numbers will not work out for you. The solution is usually to have professionals who try to know everything, but it is difficult for them to have knowledge and experience in several areas. If they do not have knowledge, you will have to dedicate resources to train them. And the experience (call it “buy time”) is something that is paid for.

In addition, you will be able to dimension the size of your campaigns according to the needs of each moment, without this conditioning the increase or dispense with personnel.

3.You have covered vacation periods, leaves, absences

The staff you hire will have their vacations, they can get sick, etc. Who covers that need in those periods? If you are investing little money, you may not worry much, but if you invest a lot, you will like someone to be there every day and if a problem arises, they can solve it quickly. With a well-organized agency, you have that problem covered.

4.Knowledge of multiple sectors and businesses

Another advantage of working with an agency is that they have probably dealt with businesses like yours, or similar ones. Therefore, you can apply with you what you have learned with other clients. If you already know how a sector or type of company works, what the competition is like, the customers, etc., digital actions have a greater chance of success.

5. Above all, you hire a team of professionals, not an individual person

The fact that numerous professionals from different fields work in an agency helps to have different points of view, since when a problem arises, several solutions can be proposed. Although in the agency you have a person as a point of contact, an agency is, above all, a team of people.

6. Greater responsiveness to problems with certain providers

Agencies can solve problems with digital providers in a much more agile way. For example, Google can suspend a campaign for one of its dozens of policies and not give you more information or let you reactivate your business. Agencies often have resources and “shortcuts” to resolve these types of issues, or at least get a quicker response.

For example, Idento has specialized and dedicated support from the main advertising providers (Google, Facebook, Microsoft…), thanks to the annual investment it manages. And not only at the level of incidents, but it is also helpful when preparing commercial proposals.

7. Significant savings on tools

An agency works with multiple clients, so it pays to work with specialized professional tools that support and automate the work. Tools that are quite expensive and if only used for one project, may not be very profitable.

When you hire an agency, it is very possible that they work with some of these tools, thus avoiding having to pay for them. In some cases, agencies also develop their own tools.

At Idento, for example, we have developed, among others, a tool for Google Shopping, an internal tool for campaign control and management, another for campaign creation, and another to link phone calls as conversions in Google Ads. We have a specific R&D department.

Some examples of specialized professional payment tools are:

  • Semrush, Sistrix, Screaming Frog, SEO Power Suite, Ahrefs… (for SEO).
  • Optymzr, Adinton (for PPC)
  • Hotjar (heat maps and recording visits)
  • Supermetrics (for reports, dashboards, data download…).

8. Spot support

Do you already have a team of people dedicated to digital areas? An agency can also help you at any given time, for example with specific audit, consulting or training jobs for your employees, or to carry out some work that your team cannot handle.

9. Digital update

You know that digital changes very fast. This means that knowledge must be continually renewed and updated. In the agencies we are very aware of this because it is our way of life and for this reason we are continuously training.

Working with an agency will allow you to optimize your time and not worry so much about being up to date with all the news, tools, strategies, since you will download that responsibility onto it.

10. Objective: Win-Win

All of the above leads to the fact that an agency is going to work to achieve the objective that you have set for yourself (if it is realistic, of course) and accompany you, but also helping you to grow. We know the importance of the digital channel today. If the clients do well, the agency will do well. At least that is the mentality that we apply in Idento, we want it to be a Win-Win.


Before working with an agency, you should also consider the following limitations:

1. Cost

Working with an agency has a cost and you must do numbers to value it. If you are in a very early stage of developing your business, you may only be interested in contracting one of the services that are key to you and you are not able to carry it out and expand the services later. Ask your agency to give you an estimate of results including its cost, so that you can assess and compare.

2. Two-way communication

Hiring an agency does not imply being 100% carefree. If the agency does not have sufficient feedback from the client, it is possible that they do not understand the business model well, they do not know how to correctly propose the web, the campaigns or the communications. Working with an agency is collaborating for an objective, where each party has responsibilities, but where communication must flow in both directions.

3. The business must be viable

One of the problems that we occasionally encounter is that of businesses that are not viable or that are not viable as they have been sized. For example, wanting to achieve unrealistic results with very little investment in hypercompetitive sectors, businesses with prices outside the market, or with very little investment trying to create businesses at the level of Booking, Ebay, etc.

Agencies do not do magic. If your business is poorly planned, your prices are not competitive, you do not have the capacity to answer the calls of your potential clients, etc., it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve results.

At Idento, before launching any campaign, we do a feasibility study and tell you if we believe the business can work (at least with regard to digital acquisition). In the event that we believe that it will not work, we will be clear.

4. Some services can be delicate to outsource

It is possible that some services do not feel like outsourcing them to an agency because you consider them to be “delicate”. For example, the management of your company’s social networks requires that the person who runs them has a deep understanding of what digital communication should be like and is fully aligned with your business. Otherwise, you may think that it is better to have someone do it internally.

5. Do you already have your own dedicated staff?

If you already have a specialized work team, it may not be worth hiring an agency to provide you with that service. In that case, consider whether they can give you specific support, as we mentioned above.

6.Think about whether it really offers you added value to what you already have

Hiring an agency implies that you have to add something to what you already have. It must be an added value. If you are not sure, you can simply consider doing some test, to see if the agency can improve the results you are getting.

7. Bad experiences

Have you already had bad experiences with an agency? The reality is that in all areas there are better and worse professionals. Do not lose hope. There are very good ones too. In the following section we give you some tips to reduce the risk of making a mistake. Ask for references, an estimate of possible results or a trial limited in time, without obligation.

What should you ask your Digital Marketing Agency

We end this article by giving our point of view on what you should take into account before deciding to hire a digital marketing agency or to choose the most appropriate one. It is not ordered by importance, as this is something very subjective.

Ethics and transparency

From working conditions and costs to possible results.
Both are 2 of the main values ​​of Idento as an organization.

Knowledge and Experience

The company you hire should have knowledge and experience in what you want help with, and if they don’t, they should tell you. If in doubt, ask for references. At Idento, we have 15 years of experience and we have been working on most of the services that we have explained for many years (for example, we do not offer a community manager service or influencer marketing).

technologically advanced

Look for an agency that invests in automation, tools and doesn’t get stuck. As we have mentioned, everything changes very quickly and you need a company that is technologically advanced. Don’t think automation is bad. The saving of time thanks to the fact that some tasks are carried out by algorithms means that time can be devoted to other tasks that add more value, such as strategic and business tasks or analysis.

At Idento we have an R&D department and we develop our own tools and processes to automate those tasks that add less value.


Consult opinions, references, history, who are the professionals who work in the agency… You will get an idea of ​​who is behind it. At Idento we are proud of what we have achieved, but we are not satisfied because we know that there are always things to improve.

Good communication and level of service

It is essential that the agency you work with maintains fluid communication with you and gives you an adequate level of service according to what you have contracted. And, beyond the results, that you see that he really cares about your business and that he is there when you need him. At Idento we take this very seriously.


Logically, if you hire an agency, it is to achieve certain results, according to the study and deadlines that have been given to you. Keep an eye on them and do continuous follow-up with the agency. However, consider that there may be many circumstances that affect the results of a campaign and that no agency or professional can guarantee 100% success (competition, low quality of leads or leads that may take a long time to become clients, immature business, internal business affairs, approaches or strategies that do not give the expected result…).

At Idento our work is focused on achieving results and if things are not going well, we are the first to recognize it, recommend other options or even advise our clients to stop a campaign if we are not able to achieve the stated objective.

We hope that with this article you will better understand the role of the agency in the digital marketing ecosystem.

8 Questions you should ask yourself before working with Digital Marketing

Before starting to develop a digital marketing strategy for our business, there are a series of basic questions that you should ask yourself and that will help you be closer to achieving success in your actions:

The 8 great questions of Digital Marketing

1. What do I want to achieve on the Internet?

The first thing we have to be clear about is what our main objective is and what could be the  secondary objectives . Depending on our business model and its situation, we will be interested in different goals, such as:

  • Generate brand awareness.
  • Visits to our website.
  • Subscribers to our blog or newsletter .
  • Contacts of potential clients.
  • Sales of our products.
  • Loyalty to our customers.

2. What disciplines will help me achieve my goals?

In digital marketing there are different disciplines  on which to work our strategy. Depending on the answer you gave to the previous question, you are interested in some more than others. We must select the most important for the business  based on our resources and give priority to those that we believe can generate the best results for us . Among these disciplines we can highlight:

3. Who is my target audience?

As in any marketing strategy, it is essential to be clear about who the public we want to reach is . On the Internet it is especially important, since one of the great advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is the high segmentation capacity that it allows us .

We will be able to reach a large number of people if our business works with a mass market or access small market niches that may be interested in our products or services.

4. How will I measure the results?

Another of the great advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is the possibility of measuring practically everything . This will help us make objective decisions and be able to quantify the performance of our actions and their profitability. There are many metrics and analysis tools that will help us in this task.

We must select short, medium and long-term objectives to assess the results of our actions. These goals must be realistic. In order to measure them we have to select what our KPIs are .

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the main performance indicators, metrics that help us understand how we are doing in relation to the objectives that we have set for ourselves.

5. What does my competition do?

At this point, surely there are other professionals or companies that offer the same products or services and are already carrying out some digital marketing action. Whether they are direct competition or not, before starting it is very interesting to analyze what strategies they are carrying out , since we can learn from their successes and mistakes.

6. Do I have the right website?

A large part of the different Internet marketing actions that we can do go through our website in one way or another. A well-worked marketing campaign will be of little use to us if our website is not prepared for the objective we have set for ourselves.

There are different types of websites and depending on our objectives we must take into account which one we need:

  • Corporate and self-managed websites
  • Online stores and E-Commerce businesses
  • Advertising Pages (also known as Landing Pages)
  • Blogs, news sites and content
  • Tailor-made websites with very diverse functions
  • …

A good usability and user experience on our website is a main factor to take into account. It will help us to facilitate access to content from any type of device, offer a correct, fast and efficient reading, and generate an excellent experience.

7. Who is going to do this job?

A very important decision that we must make is who is going to be in charge of designing and executing the digital marketing strategy . In this regard, you have several possibilities:

  • Outsource : Subcontract all the work to one or more professional specialists in each field, such as an AdWords agency  to carry your payment campaigns on Google.
  • Outsource : Hire professionals on the payroll or train existing staff.
  • Mixed:  Combining own personnel with professionals or external agencies.

It is a complicated decision and each case presents several advantages and disadvantages.

8. How much money do I have to invest in Online Marketing?

We must be clear about what budget we have for digital marketing and in what period of time we are going to invest it . It is essential to know what actions we are going to be able to carry out and the results we can expect.

We must also allocate items within our budget for the different actors that may intervene in our actions, such as internal staff, marketing agencies, tools and other providers related to Internet advertising.

And you? Can you think of any other issue to take into account before starting a digital marketing action? Do not hesitate to rate this post and leave us a comment.

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