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Let’s face it: Google dominates search and especially local search. For example, with Google My Business, you can list your company profile in Google Maps and in Google Search. With the help of this function, you can reach and contact local customers via Google Search and Maps.

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The 4 most important reasons why local SEO is important to you

Over 1 trillion searches were conducted on Google alone in 2018. Due to its popularity and influence through its strict algorithm, Google has a massive impact on what people see in their search results. So you have to play the game. In 2019, the average company is expected to provide 41% of its marketing budget online, and this average is expected to rise to 45% by 2020. It’s time to put your money where it counts.

So stop wasting your time and money and read the 4 reasons why local SEO is important to you, your customers and your bank account.

Local SEO ranks higher in local search engine results such as Google

64% of local customers use Google and other search engines as the main method to find local businesses (like you), and 50% of local customers who do a local search visit the store exactly the same day. So if you own a company that deals with personal transactions, you will lose a large number of views if you do not use Local SEO properly or not at all.

93% of search results display “Google 3 Pack”. These are the three most important results that Google has deemed the most valuable for your personal search. 19% of the local pack ranking factors are My Business Signals. Their proximity, for example, is one of the biggest factors to achieve the 3-pack.

While you can’t control that gets in the 3-pack, you can influence your ranking in the search other results than the pack because on side signals such as nap presence and consistency, keywords and domain authority factors in 24% for localized organic ranking factors. This is where local SEO comes in.

Google displays search results that are relevant only to the search term and geographic environment. If your name, address, and number (NAP) don’t match, the SERPs will overlook your business and move to consistent results.

Local SEO works for the benefit of your customers
They are interested in your customers and want their experience with you to be unforgettable. Well, nowadays, the experience doesn’t start with entering your store, but with the first search for your store. And most of the time their search starts with Google.

Make your customers’ experience unforgettable by making it simple and convenient. Don’t let them search harder for your business information than necessary, as most people don’t like to work harder than necessary and like to take care of them.

Think of it this way: if you own a small business, you won’t let your customers loiter until they find something to buy. Will you? Most likely, you will guide them through the process of finding the perfect product or service that suits their needs.

You may feel comfortable in your clientele, they live in the neighborhood, why do they need your address? You couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, 71% of people state that they look up and confirm the location of a company before going there for the first time. In addition, 33% of smartphone searches were performed immediately before a store visit. What you need to understand about local SEO is that it’s a double win for a small business.

– People are often looking for a shop, even if they already know the store, which makes it easier for them to access your store.

– It also increases the number of people who discover your business when the query is linked to a keyword. Z.B. Restaurant Cologne or lawyer near me.

You want to make sure your information is consistent and available. A good reason for this is that search near me on Google has doubled since 2018.

Google focuses on the customers and their needs. 50% of mobile searches are used to search for business information. As mentioned earlier, 71% of customers search the location for a business before the first visit, and 68% of local searches search for directions or call a business directly from the Google My Business page. So if you don’t provide your proper NAP, you’re limiting your potential to attract local customers.

Local SEO and local search engines are free advertising sources
By using local SEO, you can promote your products and services locally to people who search for your niche through a search engine. As mentioned earlier, on-page signals such as the presence of your NAP are a major factor for higher ranking in search engines.

You can’t just rely on the hope that your proximity will give you a higher rank, because if you’re not in the three-pack, you’ll have to make the right effort to rank in the local search. However, the effort is very rewarding, as you can advertise your products and services for FREE afterwards!

If you are convinced to start with your local SEO strategy, first look for the keywords that can refer to your business. Even though it’s free, you need to tweak your strategy to determine the most relevant keywords for your offer. If you choose words like restaurant Cologne, bistro near me, or pizzeria Cologne, this is ideal for your organic visibility.

Try to reconstruct your target audience and understand how your customers work. What would they be looking for if they were looking for you. Perhaps the keyword “neni restaurant köln” is too specific for your potential customer. The same way that “Essen Köln” might be a bit too general and hard to evaluate for 1 business.

63% of your marketing challenge is to generate traffic and leads. Make it easy for yourself by implementing tactics that improve your local SEO and thus improve your visibility.

Local SEO prevents you from losing money
78% of local mobile phone searches end up with a purchase, either in-store or online. Therefore, if you are not proactive, you are hindering your conversion rates.

You see, 92.7% of the companies that use inbound marketing (including local SEO) have increased their lead generation, and 42.2% of the companies have increased their lead-to-scale conversion rate with inbound marketing. One step in the right direction would be to take what local SEO can offer.

In addition, there is a possibility that a new customer in the neighborhood or a passing tourist will search online for the nearest restaurant, dentist or clothing store. By neglecting your local strategy, you increase your competitor’s chances of making that sale through you.

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