Aadhaar Card will be mandatory for DL

The Centre will soon ask all the states to make the Aadhaar card mandatory to avail a driving licence. This step will be taken to stop the issuance of multiple DLs under the same person’s name. This measure is expected to stop the over issuance of licences. It will also help in suspending licences and finding fake licences. The biometric details of the Aadhaar card can help the traffic police department put a stop to such activities. According to sources, the process will kick start from October, 2017.

The transport ministry has already taken necessary steps to start the process. As DL issuance is a state run subject, the centre will encourage the state ministries to adopt this system. The quicker it is adopted by the states, the better it is for the RTOs. As it is not really difficult to avail a driving licence, confiscation by traffic cops does not really work as a preventive step.

The Aadhaar card will serve as a single document that establishes the applicant’s identity. The RTOs are also being equipped so that these details can be recorded by them for the issuance of driving licences.

Considering the fact that the Motor Vehicle Act is over 30 years old, the rules are vague and not suitable for the increasing amount of traffic and road accidents. The government has considered the statistics from the past and came to a conclusion that by making Aadhaar mandatory and increasing the fine for traffic rule violation can help curb and reduce a huge number of road accidents, duplicate driving licences, and duplicate vehicle registrations.

Once Aadhaar becomes mandatory for driving licences and vehicle registrations, the government will gain superior administrative control while maintaining transparency through the digitized platform powered by Aadhaar. Aadhaar is already an important identification document that is required for application of new LPG connection, admission to colleges, board exams, PAN card, e-filing ITR, and various other welfare programs and subsidy from the government.

information credit : bankbazzar

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