Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

In order to prove that an individual is eligible to drive a vehicle, driving licence is provided. Madhya Pradesh issues driving licence, learner and permanent, according to the regulations set by Road Transport Association.

Types of Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

  • Learner’s Licence: Valid for six months, learner’s licence gives an individual permission to practice driving as a learner, before applying for a permanent driving licence. The rules are a bit lenient on the learner, giving him time to practice and ace his driving skills before the competency test. The learner is given a month’s time before the practical test.
  • Permanent Licence: Once the learner has cleared the competency test, the individual is eligible for permanent licence if he clear’s the driving competency test, comprising of a road test. Permanent licence is issued for the following category of vehicles.
  • Light Motor Passenger Vehicle such as autorickshaws, cabs, delivery vans, and jeeps.
  • Medium Passenger Vehicle such as commercial vehicles, tempos, and minivans.
  • Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle such as buses
  • Medium Goods Vehicle such as tempos and trucks used for transport of goods.
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle such as large vans and trucks
  • Non Transport Vehicle such as cars, gearless motorcycles (mopeds and scooters), private vehicles, and geared motorcycles. Licence for road rollers are also issued under non transport vehicles.

Required Documents for DL

In order to apply for driving licence, either learner or permanent, the individual has to furnish

For Learner’s Licence

  • Fee of Rs. 30/- for the category of vehicle applied.
  • Applications in Form 1, Form 1A [Medical Certificates as issued by any M.B.B.S. doctor] and Form 2. These Forms are available on the official portal and can be downloaded from there.
  • Three recent passport size photographs.
  • Proof of residing address and date of birth through any one of the following documents:
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • Birth Certificate Ration Card
    • Passport Electricity
    • Telephone Bill
    • House Tax Receipt Pay slip issued by any office in the Central
    • Government or a local body Get the copy of the document attested by a Gazette officer of the central
    • State government or a local body

For Permanent Licence

  • Learner’s Licence
  • Fee of Rs. 50/- for each category of Vehicle applied.
  • Fee of Rs. 200/- in case of Smart Card
  • Application Form 4
  • Certificate of competence to drive vehicle
  • For transport vehicle classes, Certificate Issued by Driving Training School

How to Apply for Driving Licence in MP

In order to get a driving licence, the applicant has to fill Form-4 and submit it at to the RTO Officer issuing licence, along with other documents. Once the documents are verified, a driving test is conducted. The applicant has to bring his own vehicle or arrange it with the driving school, where he learnt driving, for the test. On clearing the competency test, photos and biometric identification such as fingerprints and retina scan will be taken. The licence is sent by post at the address mentioned in the form. In some zones, the applicant can go to the RTO and collect it in person.

In order to apply for a driving licence online, the applicant has to visit the official website of the Madhya Pradesh State RTO. By clicking How to Apply for Driving Licence Online in Madhya Pradesh on “Apply Fresh Licence”, a page will be generated and the learner’s licence number has to be entered. After filling in the details, the form has to be submitted and a printout of the same has to be taken.

How to Check Driving Licence Status

The status of the driving licence can be checked either online or going to the RTO. For online check, the applicant has to visit the official website and enter details such as receipt number, name, and date of application. Once these details are submitted, the status is displayed.

Making Corrections in Driving Licence

It is essential to fill in the right information in the application, to avoid unnecessary hassles in the future. However, many a time, errors in the application form may occur, such as misspelled names or wrong address. In order to correct such errors, relevant applications, available at the RTO or online, have to be filled and duly submitted. The official will verify the corrections and on approval, the new licence with corrected details will be issued. The applicant can collect the licence on the same day from the office. A small amount, depending on the corrections, will be charged.

Test Procedure to Obtain Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

Once the validity of the learner’s licence is nearing expiry, the applicant can opt for permanent driving licence. For the learner’s licence, the applicant has to clear the test (verbal and written) on traffic regulations. A period of one month is allotted for practice post which practical driving test for permanent licence is conducted.

The applicant can choose the slot to give the driving test. However, it should be within six months of getting the learner’s licence. The test is conducted by the designated inspector, after he verifies all the submitted documents. Since the RTO doesn’t provide vehicles for the test, the applicant has to arrange for his own vehicle (if it is a two wheeler or auto rickshaw) or if it’s a four wheeler, the motor driving school will arrange for the same.

Test for Two-Wheeler & Three-Wheeler: The test for these vehicle categories is conducted in the RTO’s vicinity. The applicant has to ride the vehicle, along the marked border. He may also be required to make ‘Eight’ figure without touching the poles embedded at the corners. The rider will also show skills such as gear change, vehicle control while speed shifts, bending corners or reversing, and making ‘figure of eight’ without the feet touching the ground. If the rider does all this efficiently, the inspector approves the rider and he is sent for the road test. In this test, the applicant is assigned a certain distance where his riding skills and whether he complies with the traffic rules and regulations is checked. On clearing these tests, the applicant is eligible to receive permanent licence to ride two-wheeler (gearless and with gear) or three-wheeler.

Test for Four Wheeler: Driving test for four wheeler is similar to that of two or three wheeler. The applicant will have to drive along the ‘H’, without touching the columns, marked on the ground. This test is to check if the driver is able to focus on driving while changing gears, or reversing. After clearing the ground test, the driver is supposed to drive the car on road, with the inspector accompanying him. Driving skills on the road, traffic regulation compliance, etc. will be checked.

The tests for two-, three-, and four-wheelers are conducted in accordance with the guidelines under Rule 15 of the Central Vehicle Motor Act (1989). If the inspector is satisfied with the results, the approval is conveyed to the respective RTO officials, post which the process of permanent driving licence is started. In case the candidate fails in either of the tests, a re-test is conducted within 7 days, for which a nominal fee is charged.

Driving Licence Renewal in Madhya Pradesh

Driving licence has an expiry date, based on the age of licence holder and the date of issue. The normal validity of licences is 20 years from the issuance date. Licence has to be renewed post this time period or if the licence holder turns 50 (whichever is first). Here is a list of documents required for the renewal of driving licence.

Private Vehicle Licence:

  • Form No. 9, along with Rs 250
  • Self declaration of physical fitness, Form No. 1
  • Original driving licence
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Age proof (any one of these – Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Voter’s ID)
  • Current residence proof (lease/rental agreement, passport, ration card, or utility bill)

Commercial Vehicle Licence:

  • All of the documents similar to private vehicle licence.
  • Medical certificate in Form No. 1A. Mandatory for commercial category
  • Driver refreshing training certificate in case of heavy motor vehicle

All applications and documents submitted for renewal should be correct. In case of vague or unclear information, the verification process can be delayed or stalled till appropriate documents are received. All documents for commercial vehicle licence renewal have to be validated by the issuing authority. Photocopies of the documents have to be attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public. The renewal of license for private vehicles is usually done the same day of receiving the application, while for commercial vehicles, the licence is sent to the applicant’s address only after thorough substantiation.

How to Apply for Duplicate Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

There can be times when a licence can get lost, misplaced, stolen or destroyed. Hence it is always advisable to keep a duplicate copy of the licence. In case the licence gets misplaced, the first step is to report its loss to the concerned authority or a police station. Once the complaint is filed the applicant will receive a copy of the same, which can be submitted at the RTO to get a duplicate driving licence.

Giving details of the lost licence, like the number or date of issue can make the retrieving process easy. In the absence of the details, the licence holder will have to reapply for the licence at the same RTO where the first licence was issued. In case of expired licence, an authorization from the Headquarter of the Transport Department is mandatory. Here is a list of documents needed to obtain a duplicate licence.

  • Application Form along with copy of LLD, FIR or NCR of the lost/stolen license
  • Challan clearance report from Traffic Police (in case of commercial driving license)
  • Form No 1 (self-declaration form of Physical Fitness)
  • Proof of residence

An application fee of Rs 200 is charged by the RTO. All the above mentioned documents have to be photocopied and attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public.

How to Get International Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

International driving licenses can be availed in any of the RTOs in Madhya Pradesh. These licences come with a validity of 12 months. The applicant should have a permanent driving licence in order to apply for an international one. The list of documents required for applying for an international driving licence have been mentioned below:

  • Valid proof of nationality
  • Attested copy of valid driving license
  • Five passport sized photos
  • Attested copy of a valid passport and visa
  • Medical Form 1-A
  • Attested copy of a valid residence proof
  • A nominal fee of INR 500

FAQs About Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

  1. What happens if the applicant fails in the driving test?The applicant can apply for a re-test 7 days after the initial driving test.
  2. Does the applicant require a medical certificate for Learner’s Licence?According to the RTO rules, an applicant, who is driving commercial vehicle, should be certified medically fit by a doctor.
  3. What are the subjects covered in the “Driving Preliminary Test”?
    • Driving preliminary test is conducted to check if the prospective licence holder is qualified for obtaining the licence. The questions asked are covered from the following subjects:
    • Rules and Regulations of Traffic Signs and Signals, as per the Motor Vehicles Act.
    • Duties and responsibilities of drivers on road.
    • Road safety
    • Information on documents to be carried while on road.
  4. What is the validity of a learner’s licence?The learner’s licence is valid for a period of 6 months, post which the individual can apply for a permanent one.
  5. How long is a permanent driving licence valid?A permanent driving licence is valid for around 20 years from the date of issue, if the licence holder is below 50 years of age. However, a 50 year old person’s licence will be valid for 10 years, post which it has to be renewed within the stipulated time.

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