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Applied for your driving licence but don’t know the status? Waiting to get a copy of you DL can be a time consuming process. Instead of waiting for the DL to arrive by post, you can visit the respective Regional Transport Office(RTO) with your token number to check your driving licence status. You can also go online to the Sarathi website of the MInistry of Road Transport and Highways.

Steps to Check Driving Licence Application Status

You may be required to check the status of your DL online when you have cleared your permanent DL test, applied for an international DL, applied for a duplicate DL, or submitted your DL renewal application. Steps are mentioned below

  • Visit parivahan.gov
  • On the main page, you will be asked to select the state you took the DL service from. Please choose the respective state and proceed.
  • As soon as you select the state, your page will be redirected to the main page where you find an array of options.
  • On your left hand side, under “Driving Licence”, expand the options under the “Apply Online” tab.
  • Choose “Application Status” from the options.
  • Once you choose “Application Status”, you will be asked to enter the Application Number and your date of birth, and click on “Submit”.
  • Once you submit the information, you will see the status of your driving licence application on the screen.

With the power of the internet, you can now check the status of your driving licence in less than a minute. Go ahead and try it today.

How to do Driving Licence Status Enquiry
  • Please visit the official website of your state-specific transport department. Please note that the website differs from one state to another. Make sure you visit the right website.
  • You will find a link to “Check the status of your driving licence”. Please select the link and enter your date of birth, DL number, and your state to find the details.
  • Alternatively, you can also visit the Sarathi website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to find check the status of your Indian driving licence online.
  • Once, you visit the Sarathi website, on your left hand side, you will find an option called “Status of Licence” under “National Register(DL) Queries.”
  • Once you choose “Status of Licence”, you will be asked to enter your date of birth, DL number, and your state. Please enter the details and click on “Submit”.
  • You will be able to see the status of your driving licence in the next page.

Please note that the RTO dispatches your driving licence roughly after 2 weeks from the time you have cleared your DL test. So, checking the stats of your Indian driving licence online everyday is not advisable. It generally takes a month for you to get the DL delivered to your doorstep. Make sure you have someone at home with a valid ID proof to collect the DL on your behalf if you are not around.

How to Check your RC Status Online

A Registration certificate is an official document that is issued when someone registers their motor vehicle. It acts as a proof that the motor vehicle belongs to a specific person. In India, it is mandatory to register your motor vehicle. If you are caught driving on the road without a valid RC, it is a punishable offence that attracts imprisonment or fine or both. Also, parents of minors found driving without a valid Learner’s Licence will be punished severely for giving their vehicle to a minor.

So, please check if all your vehicles are registered on your name. If you have purchased a used vehicle, make sure the ownership is transferred and the RC displays your name. It is very easy to check your RC status online. You just have to visit the parivahan.gov.in to know your RC status. Follow the below steps to check your RC status:

  • Visit parivahan.gov.in
  • Under the “Online Services” tab, you will find an option called “Know your vehicle details”. You will now be redirected to another page where you will be allowed to check your RC status.
  • You will be asked to enter your vehicle registration number. Please enter the full registration number and click on “Submit”.
  • You will now see your RC status.
How to Check your Vehicle Registration Status?
  • Visit https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/
  • Enter Vehicle Number
  • Enter Verification Code (Captcha)
  • Click on ‘Search Vehicle to know your vehicle registration status.
Facts about your driving licence status
  • Please know that it generally takes about a month for the driving licence to be delivered to you from the time you have applied for it. So, being patient is the key here.
  • Having said that, the Government of India and all RTOs are constantly coming up with ways to expertise the process and are allow you to check for your DL status online on their portal.
  • Before applying for a driving licence, you should have a Learner’s Licence (LL). Without LL, you will not be allowed to apply for a DL irrespective of how well you drive or how old you are.
  • Driving licence issued in India, like any other international DL. comes with an expiry date. On or before the expiry date, you should renew your DL. You will have to follow the DL renewal process to get an updated DL.
  • If your DL is torn, damaged, or lost, you can go ahead and apply for a duplicate DL. You will be able to apply for a duplicate DL online.
  • The International Driving Licence issued in India is accepted almost in all the countries in the world. So, if you are planning for an international trip, apply for it a month in advance.

“Generally, it takes approximately 3 weeks for the Driving License to be delivered home. Make sure that even if you are not home, there is someone authoritative with an ID proof, who can accept it on your behalf, with sufficient documentation proof.”

Frequently asked questions about driving licence status
  1. How soon after giving the driving licence test can I check for the DL status online?New driving licences, whether fresh or renewed, are usually dispatched within 3 weeks of the application being received. You can check the status of your driving licence application after 3 weeks if you have still not received it.
  2. What information do I need to keep in hand when checking my driving licence status online?To check your driving licence status online, you will need to keep in hand is your application number which is provided to you when you submit your application form for the driving license. This number can also be called the token number or the reference number. Apart from this, you will also need other details such as the place where the driving licence was applied from as well as your full name and date of birth.
  3. Are there any fees to be paid for checking the status of my driving licence online?You can check the status of your driving licence online completely free. There are no fees that is charged for this service.
  4. Can I check the driving licence status online on my mobile phone?Yes, you can check the status of your driving licence online on your mobile phone as well.
  5. How do I track the status of my application for renewal of driving license?You can track the status of the application for renewal of your driving licenses through the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or by visiting the RTO where you submitted the application for renewal of your driving license.

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