How to get permanent registration for vehicle in India?

In case a person has bought a new vehicle or transferred his or her motor vehicle from another state, the vehicle has to be registered permanently before it can become operational on the road as per section 39 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The time limit for submitting an application for the registration of a new vehicle or the transferred vehicle to the registering authority is 7 days.

Procedure for Obtaining Permanent Registration Number for the Motor Vehicle

The steps to be performed to obtain permanent registration number for the motor vehicle are as follows:

  1. The owner has to fill and submit the application form better known as Form 20 to the authority responsible for registering the vehicle.
  2. In case, the owner of the vehicle has obtained a temporary registration number of the vehicle, the permanent registration number must be obtained before the temporary registration number expires.
  3. If the procedure of permanent registration of the vehicle requires hypothecation, then the owner has to produce relevant details regarding it.
  4. Next step involves the owner selecting the permanent registration number for the motor vehicle.
  5. The owner has to then decide the usage of HSRP/smart card that is required.
  6. Next, the owner of the vehicle that is to be registered has to pay the fees applicable as per Rule 81 of Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989. The fees levied by the registering authority will depend on the type and series of permanent registration number selected and the usage of HSRP/smart card by the owner.
  7. The relevant documents need to be submitted to the registering authority.
  8. The documents to be submitted are:
    • The application for obtaining a permanent registration number for the vehicle. This can be done by submitting Form 20.
    • The Sales Certificate which states all the details of the sale of the vehicle. This can be submitted via Form 21.
    • The Road Worthiness Certificate which states that the vehicle is fit to be operational on the road. This can be submitted via Form 22. If the body of the vehicle has been fabricated, Form 22 A is also required.
    • A document that can be accepted as address proof of the owner of the vehicle.
    • If the vehicle is a trailer or a semi-trailer, a copy of the design approval document from the STA is to be provided.
    • If the vehicle which in question was operational in the army earlier, the Sales Certificate via Form 21 is to be submitted to the registering authority.
    • Certificate of custom clearance in addition to the licence and bond of the vehicle if it has been imported from another country.
    • Certificate of temporary registration if the vehicle has been registered temporarily.
    • If the vehicle is HP endorsed, the details need to be submitted to the registering authority via Form 34.
    • The vehicle owner’s PAN card Form and Form 61.
    • If the vehicle to be permanently registered is of transport type, permit proceedings for the vehicle are required.
    • The fee levied by the Municipal Corporation needs to be paid by the owner seeking permanent registration of the vehicle.
    • The invoice or the billing document from the dealer and manufacturer of the vehicle.
    • Passport size photographs of the owner of the vehicle are also required.
    • A document which states the proof of birth of the owner of the vehicle.
    • The engine pencil and chassis print of the vehicle to be registered permanently.
    • If the vehicle is of ‘Body built’ type, Form CMV or Form 22 is to be provided.
    • If the vehicle is a tractor trailer unit utilised for agricultural purposes, the bonafide certificate issued by the Tehsildar is required.
    • The owner has to also provide Form-A under taxation act 1997.
Permanent Registration Number FAQs
  1. Where should I get my vehicle permanently registered?In India, the Central Government, or the Regional Transport Authority (RTA), or the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is responsible for the regulation of all motor vehicles. Hence, you must register your vehicle at the RTO at your place.
  2. Does the vehicle number change if I buy the vehicle from another person or sell it to another?No, the vehicle number is permanent and does not change even if the vehicle is sold to another. It remains unchanged through the life of the vehicle for as long as it is on the road.
  3. Is the process for vehicle registration the same for a commercial and private vehicle?No, the process for permanent registration number of vehicles is different for both private and commercial vehicles.
  4. Where can I get the permanent registration of my bike or two-wheeler?The permanent registration of your bike or two-wheeler can also be obtained from the RTO.
  5. How long after buying a vehicle should I get it permanently registered?The temporary registration number for your new vehicle will be issued by your dealer from whom you bought the vehicle. This is valid for one month from the date of purchase of the vehicle. So you have to complete the registration process for permanent registration before the one-month validity of your vehicle’s temporary registration is over.

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