How to Register a Vehicle in AP RTO

For a vehicle to be assigned a registration number in Andhra Pradesh, it has to be registered in the RTO office of the state. Under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, for any vehicle to be publically driven in the country, it must first be registered in an RTO of the state. A person living in Andhra Pradesh can obtain a registration number for his or her vehicle by following the procedure which is mentioned in the page below.

Procedure and documents required for RTO registration in AP

All the relevant documents are to submitted offline. One can apply for motor vehicle registration in the state by using Form 20. Form 20 also includes the certificate of inspection of the vehicle which is to be registered. Other documents which should accompany Form 20 for the RTO registration of the vehicle are:

  • Form 21: It includes the sales certificate that mentions the seller and the buyer.
  • Form 22: It includes a declaration by the applicant stating compliance with pollution, safety parameters and road worthiness.
  • Form 22A: If the body of the vehicle to be registered has been fabricated separately, Form 22A needs to be provided.
  • Proof of insurance of the vehicle that is to be registered.
  • A document that acts as valid address proof of the applicant.
  • If the vehicle under question is a trailer or a semi-trailer then the design approval certificate from the STA has to be provided.
  • If the vehicle to be registered is ex-army then the sales certificate has to be included in Form 21.
  • The vehicle should have obtained a pollution under control certificate.
  • If the vehicle has been imported from another country, the owner has to provide the custom clearance certificate.

Fees and Charges for RTO in AP

The fees levied for different type of vehicles are:

Type of vehicleAmount
Invalid carriageRs. 20
MotorcycleRs. 60
Light motor vehicle
Non-transportRs. 200
b) Light commercial vehicleRs. 300
MGV/MPVRs. 400
HPV/HGVRs. 600
Imported motor vehicleRs. 800
Imported motorcycleRs. 200
Any vehicle not mentioned aboveRs. 300

Fees charged for applications that are delayed

Time periodFee charged
Delay less than 3 monthsRs. 25
Delay less than 6 monthsRs. 50
Delay less than 6 monthsRs. 75
Delay more than 9 monthsRs. 100

information credit : bankbazzar

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