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Driving is a skill. We all need time to learn how to drive a vehicle. Accidents are bound to happen when a person is learning how to drive. To protect the driver and to emphasize the importance of road safety, several traffic rules have been laid out. One such rule is that a person should have a valid Learner’s Licence (LL) in order to learn how to drive on public roads and should always have a trained instructor in the vehicle.

The procedure to apply for a Learner’s Licence online in Assam is simple. A form is filled online with all the required information. An applicant has to submit his/her fitness certificate along with the other details. It is then followed by applying for a permanent driving licence.

Types Of Licences

The government of Assam issues two types of Licence, which include:

  • Learner’s Licence: Before applying for the permanent Learner’s Licence in Assam, an applicant has to get a learner’s Licence first. This is a temporary Licence which has a validity of 6 months and is issued when the applicant is in the process of learning a motor vehicle.
  • Permanent Licence: After 1 month of getting a learner’s Licence (i.e. from the date of issue), an applicant becomes eligible to apply for a permanent Licence.

Eligibility criteria to apply for a Learner’s Licence in Assam

To apply for a Learner’s Licence in Assam, the following eligibility requirements have to be met:

  • An individual should be at least 16 years old to get an LL for motorcycle without gear.
  • An individual should be 18 years old to get a Licence to drive any other vehicles.
  • An individual must be at least 20 years to learn how to drive transport vehicles like auto rickshaws, taxis, motorcycles, pickup trucks, etc.

Documents required to apply for a Learner’s Licence in Assam

If an applicant meets the eligibility criteria mentioned above, the next step is to keep all the essential documents handy. These include:

  • A duly-filled application form.
  • A passport size photo.
  • A copy of the PAN card.
  • Medical Certificate in Form No. 1A (only for persons applying for Transport Licence).
  • A copy of the parent/guardian’s written consent with date and signature, if the applicant is a minor.
  • A copy of the address proof (Passport/Life insurance policy/Voter ID/Ration card).
  • A copy of the birth certificate (School certificate/Birth certificate/Affidavit signed by the executive magistrate) as a proof of age.

How To Apply For A Learner’s Licence In Assam Online?

  • Before starting your online LL application, make sure you have a scanned copy of all the above documents ready to be uploaded.
  • Visit the Assam RTO official website.
  • Find the link “Learner’s Licence online Application” (Form 1) and click on it to be redirected to the editable form.
  • Fill the required details. These include the applicant’s name, mobile number, email address, PAN number, type of motorcycle, permanent address, temporary address, birthplace, date of birth, educational qualification, identification marks, citizenship status, blood group, etc.
  • Once you have submitted the form, please choose your RTO jurisdiction from the drop-down and the concerned RTO Office.
  • Mention “Learner’s Licence” under Transport Type.
  • You will now be asked to select the convenient time to book an appointment when you will be required to visit the concerned RTO.
  • You will be asked to enter an authentication code in the box provided.
  • Click on “Submit”.
  • On your appointment date, visit the RTO with all the documents required.
  • Your LL will be sent to you by post in few days after document verification.

All the forms relating to Learner’s Licence can be downloaded at the official website of Assam Government.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your LL comes with an expiry date. You will be required to apply for a driving licence before the expiry date or the grace period.
  • The fees to apply for LL for motorcycle and car class is Rs.150.
  • The repeat test fee for each class for motorcycle and car is Rs.150.
  • The fees for issue or renewal of learner’s licence of each class of vehicle is Rs.30.

So go ahead and apply for your Learner’s Licence in Assam.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is my learner’s licence in Assam valid for?Your learner’s licence in Assam is valid for a total of 6 months after which you have to apply for a permanent driving licence in Assam.
  2. Is an Assam learner’s licence valid all over India?A learner’s license that is issued in Assam is valid in the state of Assam as well as in other states in the country.
  3. What are the guidelines for driving a vehicle with a learner’s licence in Assam?When driving a vehicle with a learner’s licence, keep in mind the following points: You must display a sign with the letter ‘L’ on the windshield of your vehicle and at the back. The letter L should be painted in red and should be placed on a white background. It can be painted or pasted on the glass. When you are driving a vehicle with the learner’s license, you must also keep the licence ready at all times. You should also drive the vehicle only in the presence of another person who has a permanent and valid licence in India.
  4. Can I drive a vehicle in Assam even after the 6 months validity of my learner’s license has expired?No, it is illegal to drive a vehicle in India after your learner’s licence has expired. You can only drive after the 6-month period is over if you have obtained your permanent driving licence.
  5. How do I track the status of my learner’s licence in Assam?You can track the status of your learner’s licence in Assam by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or by visiting the RTO where you applied for the learner’s license in Assam.

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