Learner’s License in Gujarat

The Commissionerate of Transport, Government of Gujarat is responsible for ensuring a smooth public transportation system, 4 KB SCOSTA-based smart-card driving licence and issuance of learner’s licence (computerised) among others in the state.

Procedure for Acquiring a Learner’s License in Gujarat

It is important to note that the holder of a learner’s license should be under the supervision of an individual who holds a permanent driving licence.

An applicant needs to take a test which consists of 15 questions on traffic rules, regulations and signage among others. An applicant has to answer at least 11 questions correctly to clear the test. In case an applicant fails, he can take another test after 24 hours.

An applicant has to follow specific procedures to obtain a learner’s license online as listed below:

  • Applicants should log on to http://sarathi.nic.in (acrobat reader version 9 should be available)
  • Click on the link – ‘Issue of learning license to me’ from the menu bar
  • A form will appear which should be filled out. Fields marked in red colour are mandatory
  • Applicants should click on the ‘submit’ button
  • Applicants should note down the application number for seeking appointment
  • For booking appointment for the test, applicants should click on ‘Appointment for LL Test’
  • Application number and date of birth should be submitted for selecting a slot
  • Acknowledgement slip should be printed
  • Applicant should then report at the RTO with the acknowledgement slip 15 minutes before the scheduled slot

Learner’s License Question Bank

An applicant can download question banks related to learner’s license computer test in English, Gujarati and Hindi versions at http://rtogujarat.gov.in/download.php. Also, form 4 related to learner’s license can be downloaded in the Gujarati version at http://rtogujarat.gov.in/form.php.

Fee for learner’s license

The fee for obtaining a learner’s license is listed in the table below:

Learner’s license testRs.25
Learner’s license (per class of vehicle)Rs.30

Learner’s License in Gujarat

The following table lists out important particulars related to learner’s license in Gujarat

Validity periodSix months
Minimum age16 years – Motorcycle without gear (50cc)
18 years – Any light motor vehicle or motorcycle with gear
Experience of driving a light motor vehicle for one year for transport vehicles
Medical certificateApplicants aged above 50 should submit a medical certificate in form 1A
Applicants seeking licence for transport vehicles should submit a medical certificate
Form CMV 1 and 1A should be submitted for transport vehicle
ConsentA declaration by guardian or parents should be signed before the licensing authorities
Preliminary testA written multiple choice test is held for applicants who have cleared SSLC or its equivalent
Oral tests are held for other categories of applicants by the Inspector of Motor Vehicles. For instance, an individual who already has a driving licence from another state government/ defence authority has to take the oral test only
Test consists of questions on traffic signals, rules and regulations as per Motor Vehicles Act, responsibilities of a driver, necessary precautions when passing railway crossings and mandatory documents to be carried in a vehicle among others
Failing preliminary testIn case an applicant fails a preliminary test, he can take another test after 24 hours
Training from Motor Driving SchoolMandatory for commercial vehicles as form no.5 is issuedNot compulsory for non-commercial vehicles

information credit : bankbazzar

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