Learning Licence Test Questions – 2021

In order to be able to legally drive on public roads in India, one must have a valid Driving Licence and in order to do so, the first step is to procure a Learning Licence. This document can be availed by Indian citizens above the age of 16 (with written parental consent if they are not adults). Applicants who wish to avail a Learning Licence will have to pass a written test, either online or offline. The questions asked will be of a multiple choice question format, wherein applicants will have to select the correct answer. Applicants will have to get a minimum number of correct answers to pass this test.

Given below are some sample questions that may be asked during a Driving Licence Test Questions . The correct answers have been highlighted.

  1. If you are near a pedestrian crossing and there are people waiting to cross the road, you should
    1. Slow down, press horn and proceed
    2. Press horn and proceed
    3. Stop the vehicle, wait until pedestrians cross and then move forward
  2. You are coming towards a narrow bridge and another vehicle is about to enter the bridge from the other side. What should you do?
    1. Wait until the other vehicle crosses the bridge before proceeding
    2. Switch on headlight and the cross the bridge
    3. Increase speed of the vehicle and try to cross the bridge quickly
  3. In case you see a vehicle that has met with an accident with injured passengers inside, you should –
    1. Stop your vehicle and report the matter to the nearest police station
    2. Take the vehicle to the closest police station and report the accident
    3. Take measures to secure medical attention to those injured and report the accident to the closest police station within a period of 24 hours
  4. On a road that has been designated as one way
    1. You should not drive in reverse gear
    2. You should not overtake
    3. You should not park
  5. You can overtake a vehicle that is in the front
    1. Through the left side of the vehicle ahead
    2. Through the right side of the vehicle ahead
    3. If the road is wide enough
  6. If a vehicle approaches a railway crossing that is not guarded and the vehicle wants to proceed, the driver should
    1. Wait until the train passes
    2. Press horn and cross the track at the earliest
    3. Stop the vehicle on left hand side of the road, approach the track and ensure that there is no train or trolley coming from any side prior to crossing.
  7. Transport vehicles can be distinguished by
    1. The colour of the vehicle
    2. Number plate of the vehicle
    3. Tyre size of the vehicle
  8. A learner’s license is valid for a period of
    1. 30 days
    2. 6 months
    3. Until a driving licence is availed
  9. In case a road does not have a footpath, pedestrians will have to
    1. Walk on the right side of the road
    2. Walk on the left side of the road
    3. Walk on any side of the road
  10. Free passage should be provided to the following vehicles
    1. Express buses
    2. Police vehicles
    3. Fire service vehicles and ambulance
  11. Vehicles that come from the opposite side should be allowed to proceed through the
    1. Left side
    2. Right side
    3. Any convenient side
  12. Driver of a vehicle can overtake when
    1. The driver of the vehicle ahead gives the signal to overtake
    2. Road is wide enough
    3. Driving down a hill
  13. Driver of a vehicle shall drive through the
    1. Left side of the road
    2. Right side of the road
    3. Center of the road
  14. If a vehicle is parked on the side of a road at night
    1. The vehicle should be locked
    2. Park light should remain on
    3. All of the above
  15. Fog lamps should be used when
    1. There is mist
    2. At night
    3. When the vehicle opposite is not using the dim light
  16. Zebra lines are meant for
    1. Crossing of pedestrians
    2. Stopping vehicles
    3. Overtaking
  17. If an ambulance is approaching
    1. No preference should be given
    2. Provide passage if there are no vehicles on the other side
    3. Allow free passage by moving to the side of the road
  18. Red traffic light is an sign to
    1. Slow the vehicle
    2. Stop the vehicle
    3. Proceed with caution
  19. Parking in front of a hospital is
    1. Not correct
    2. Correct
    3. Depends on the situation
  20. If a driver sees the sign for ‘slippery road ahead’, he/she must
    1. Drive faster
    2. Change gear and reduce speed
    3. Apply brake but proceed in the same speed
  21. Overtaking is prohibited when
    1. Roads are slippery
    2. Poses danger to oncoming traffic
    3. All of the above
  22. Overtaking when the vehicle approaches a bend is
    1. Not allowed
    2. Allowed
    3. Allowed with caution
  23. Drunken driving is
    1. Allowed at night
    2. Allowed during the day
    3. Prohibited at all times
  24. Honking is prohibited near
    1. Places of religious worship such as Temple, Mosque and Churches
    2. Hospitals, Court of Law
    3. Near Police Stations
  25. Rear view mirror is utilized for
    1. Watching traffic that is approaching from behind
    2. Watching back seat passengers
    3. Car decor
  26. Boarding in and alighting from vehicles when it is in motion is
    1. Allowed in autos
    2. Allowed in buses
    3. Prohibited in all vehicles
  27. Mobile phones should not be used
    1. At home
    2. In office
    3. While driving a vehicle
  28. Overtaking is not allowed when
    1. When the road is wide enough
    2. When the road ahead is not visible clearly
    3. The road has no potholes
  29. Pedestrians are not allowed to cross the road close to stopped vehicles or near sharp bends because
    1. It is an inconvenience to oncoming vehicles
    2. It is inconvenient to other pedestrians
    3. Drivers of approaching vehicles may not be able to see them
  30. Records needed for private vehicles are
    1. G.C.R, Insurance Certificate, Registration Certificate
    2. Insurance Certificate, Registration Certificate, Driving License and Tax Token
    3. Permit, Trip Sheet, Registration Certificate
  31. Validity of Pollution Under Control Certificate is
    1. 1 year
    2. 6 months
    3. 2 years
  32. Minimum age for availing a license to drive a motor vehicle without gear is
    1. 16 years
    2. 21 years
    3. 18 years
  33. When you see the sign for ‘School nearby’, you should
    1. Slow down and go ahead with caution
    2. Press horn and proceed in the same speed
    3. Stop the vehicle
  34. If a driver of a two wheeler is turning to the left, he/she should
    1. Extend the right hand and give the left turn signal
    2. Not give any signal
    3. Extend the left hand and give the left turn signal
  35. One time tax for a new car is
    1. 5 years
    2. 15 years
    3. Until registration is cancelled
  36. Prior to overtaking a vehicle, driver should ensure that
    1. The road ahead is visible clearly and is safe to overtake
    2. There are no vehicles ahead
    3. The road is not safe
  37. Parking is prohibited on
    1. A foot path
    2. On a one-way road
    3. On a main road
  38. Hand brake should be used to
    1. Park a vehicle
    2. Apply brake suddenly
    3. Reduce speed
  39. Using unregistered vehicles in public spaces is
    1. Illegal
    2. Legal
    3. Legal if necessary
  40. Minimum age to avail driving license for transport vehicles is
    1. 16 years
    2. 20 years
    3. 45 years

Learning Licence Test Questions

  1. Should I give a driving test to get my learner’s licence? No, you do you not have to give a driving test to get a learner’s licence. You only have to give a written test. This will test your knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
  2. Can I take the learner’s licence test online? Yes, you can give the learner’s licence test online.
  3. What documents should I submit to get a learner’s licence test? The main documents you need to submit to get a learner’s licence are proof of address, proof age, proof of identity, and the application form.

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