Most Common Reasons for Road Accidents

The number of people killed per day in India due to road accidents has been increasing every year. With the number of deaths reaching alarming levels, the government of India has imposed laws and fines to curb this trend. However, this has done little to stem the deaths caused by accidents. This has caused the government to take the help of the the latest technologies to analyse the reason for so many accidents in the country. The major reasons that cause accidents in India are:

  • Crossing the speed limit:Overspeeding is one of the major causes of road accidents in India. Many riders cross the speed limit in areas where it is dangerous to do so. It is important to maintain the the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you so that if you need to apply the brakes immediately, you have the time and space to do so. Remember that overspeeding and reaching the destination a few minutes early is never more important than putting your own life at risk.
  • Drunk driving:Another major reason for road accidents in the country is drunk driving. Drunk driving is a serious offence and as per rules laid down by the court, any driver found with more than 30 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood is under the influence of alcohol and is a culprit of drunk driving. If caught in the act of drunk driving, the person in question can be imprisoned up to a period of 2 years or/and a fine up to Rs.3000. Driving under the influence of alcohol does not only endanger the driver’s life but also of people in other vehicles on the road.
  • Not following rules and regulations on the road:Being unaware of rules and regulations on the road or knowingly ignoring them is another major cause of road accidents in India. For instance, many drivers change the lanes without giving a proper signal or without looking at the rear view mirror. Being unaware of the road signs is another reason and driving ahead despite seeing a red light are some of the other reasons for road accidents in India. Many accidents occur at the nighttime due to the riders not switching on their lights sufficiently while driving. Traffic signs have to be followed in order for the accidents to be avoided.
  • Driving on the opposite side on a one-way:Driving in reverse direction on one-way causes a lot of road accidents. Due to lack of education or road awareness, many people drive in the wrong direction which increases the chances of accidents.
  • The condition of the road:Another reason for road accidents in India is deplorable conditions of the road. Despite the vast network of roads in the country, most of them have potholes, without road signs or under construction for a long period. All these lead to road accidents. Driving on such roads takes a special skill which many drivers do not have and this often leads to catastrophic consequences.
  • Multitasking while driving a vehicle:While driving a vehicle on the road, the concentration of the driver should be 100%. Multitasking while driving like talking on the mobile phone or listening to music on earphones can cause road accidents as the concentration of the driver is not 100% on the road.
  • The State of the vehicle:Another reason for road accidents in India is the deplorable condition of the vehicles on the road. Many vehicles in India are not fit enough to operate on the roads in India. For instance, a vehicle may operate on the road without proper tyres, the vehicle may be overloaded or it might not be repaired. A break or engine failure, bursting of the tire etc. can be the reason for dangerous accidents in the country.
  • Road accidents caused due to animals:Animals on roads are another reason for road accidents in the country. While crossing roads these animals may collide with vehicles on the road which can cause accidents.

information credit : bankbazzar

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