Process of Transferring Driving Licence to Smart Card Driving Licence

Driving licenses are now being issued in the form of a smart card as opposed to the conventional book model. Applicants should visit the website of the transport department of their state to make an application for a smart card driving license. The RTO (Regional Transport Department) of every city and state has been provided with the authority to issue smart card driving licenses.

What is a Smart Card Driving Licence?

A smart card driving licence is a modern version of a traditional driving license. All of the information of an individual is stored electronically. The biometric data of an individual is computerised and can be accessed by RTOs / ARTOs via their office servers thanks to help from NIC (National Informatics Centre). The biometric data provided by the applicant will include details such as their blood group, a scan on their retina, fingerprints and body marks, etc. This information will be stored in the RTO / ARTO office server and will also be sent to the head office of each state’s transport department.

Storing the information of an individual electronically helps in maintaining safety of the information provided by the license holders. It also comes in handy for the traffic police department as it makes it relatively easy to track any individual in the state using their biometrics information. The smart card can be carried easily as it has no risk of getting torn, cut or wet as it uses no paper.

Process to Avail a Smart Card Driving Licence

The amount of fraud and brokerage going on in the RTO offices of different states has urged the Central Government to issue the smart card driving licence. To avail this document, an applicant has to provide his / her thumb impression which will be stored in the computer along with a thorough description of the individual so that there are no problems in tracing a license holder.

The applicant is required to visit the RTO to have their fingerprints scanned. At the same time, the applicant will also have to have their photograph taken and provide their digital signature. Once your Smart Card Driving License is activated, your information will be fed in the chip of the card which can be linked directly by the transport office. The transport department can take legal actions against felons and criminal drivers as the data, in case any crime is committed on the road, will be entered into the system, making it impossible for anyone to misuse the card.

Documents Required For Driving Licence Smart Card Online

When you visit the RTO to avail a Smart Card Driving Licence, you will be required to carry all the relevant documents such as age proof (birth certificate or school certificate), address proof (voters ID, ration card, property documents, electricity bill, etc.), and the original copy of the old driving license which was attained in the form of a book. Once you have completed the aforementioned process and completed the verification of documents, the RTO will grant your smart card driving license on the same day.

information credit : bankbazzar

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