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RTO or Regional transport office is a government organisation that manages the database of drivers and vehicles of all the states in India. The four major functions of an RTO include:

  • Issuing driving licence.
  • Managing and coordinating collection of vehicle excise duty.
  • Selling personalised registrations.
  • Examination of the insurance of the vehicle and emission test.

The government has introduced an RTO forms list that will help the applicant identify information and inputs that he or she needs to supply to the RTO. The list of RTO forms is divided into two categories; one for driving licence and the other for vehicle registration. The details about the different types of forms are mentioned below:

Driving Licence Form List
  1. Form 1: In the category of driving licence, the first form is Form 1. It is also known as ‘Application-Cum-Declaration as to Physical Fitness’. This application is asked to be filled by the RTO to check if the applicant is suffering from any disability or disease that might affect his or her driving skills.
  2. Form 1A: The next form in the category is the Form 1A or ‘Medical Certificate’. This form will include the results of a thorough examination conducted by a medical practitioner who is appointed by the state government. The information filled by the candidate in Form 1 is verified using the examination.
  3. Form 2: In Form 2 or ‘Application for the grant of learner’s licence’, the applicant has to fill the type of motor vehicle he or she is applying for. Other information to be filled include the driving licence history of the candidate such as ownership of any previous licenses, disqualifications, etc. There is a separate section in the form for minor ownership of a driving licence.
  4. Form 4: Form 4 is also known as the ‘Application for licence to drive’. As the name suggests, Form 4 is an application through which the applicant can apply for a licence in their state of residence. In the form is a section which states of the candidate’s passing or failing of the driving licence exam.
  5. Form 8: Form 8 is also known as ‘Application for the addition of a new class of vehicle to a driving licence’. This application is to be filled by those applicants who want to add a new type of vehicle to the driving licence they currently hold.
  6. Form 9: Form 8 is for those people who want to renew their driving licence. Along with this form, the candidate has also has to attach:
  • A document which states that the applicant’s licence has not been revoked.
  • Medical fitness certificate in Form 1A.
  • Photographs of the applicant of the dimensions 5cmX6cm.
Vehicle Registration Form List
  1. Form 20: The first form that comes under the category of vehicle registration is Form 20. This form is also known as ‘Application for registration of a motor vehicle’. The applicant can fill this form if he or she wants to register a motor vehicle. Details of the motor vehicle such as type of body, the type of vehicle, number of cylinders on the motor vehicle, seating capacity, fuel used in the engine, etc., have to be filled in the form correctly. If the vehicle is not a motor operated vehicle, then there is a separate section in the form for it. The certificate of inspection of the motor vehicle and the office endorsement certificate are also included in Form 20.
  2. Form 26: Form 26 is also known as ‘Application for the issue of duplicate certificate of registration’. This form is to be filled by the applicant in the circumstance he or she loses the original certificate of registration of the vehicle.
  3. Form 27: Form 27 or the ‘Application for assignment of new registration mark to a motor vehicle is to be filled by the applicant when he or she needs to register the vehicle once again. This can happen when the applicant is moving from one state to another. Some of the documents to be enclosed with Form 27 are a no objection certificate from the registration authority, a certificate of registration, and a certificate of fitness of the automobile.
  4. Form 28: Form 28 is also known as ‘Application and grant of no objection certificate’. As the name suggests, Form 28 grants no objection certificate to the applicant to obtain a licence.
  5. Form 29: Form 29 is also known as ‘Notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle’. In case, the owner of the motor vehicle wants to give the ownership to another person, he or she has to fill the Form 29 and submit the notice in his/her native RTO.
  6. Form 30: When a person is transferring ownership of his or her vehicle to another person along with Form 29, Form 30 also needs to be filled completely and submitted in the RTO. In Form 30 (also known as ‘Report of transfer of ownership of a vehicle’), in addition to the transferor, the details of the transferee also has to be filled.
  7. Form 31: This form is to be filled by the applicant if the owner of the motor vehicle is deceased and the applicant is willing to take over the ownership of the vehicle. The details of the deceased owner have to be filled in the form.

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