What are some driving tips and hacks?

Driving and maintaining a car is not an easy task. Also driving a car is boring but it is a task which can be made fun through certain driving tips and hacks.

  1. Using a custom-made phone holder: Talking on the phone while driving can be dangerous. Using a custom-made phone holder can reduce the hazards, such as the focus of the driver on the road while talking on the phone (preferably an emergency call). A rubber band can be used to create a custom phone holder.
  2. Figure out on which the side is the exit: The driver can figure out which side the exit is by locating which side the exit signs are on.
  3. Cooling a hot car in a very short amount of time: Cars get hot frequently and they require to be cooled down as well. To cool a car quickly, walk to the other side of the car, roll down the windows and open and close the door a few times.
  4. Finding out the unknown location at which you parked your car: It happens to every one of us when we park the car in an unknown location due to one situation or another and then forget about it. To find out the unknown location at which your car is parked, just drop a pin on the map when you park the car. With the help of the pin on the map, you can track the location later.
  5. The right way to set the car wind mirrors: If the mirror of your car is set in such a way that you can see the flank, it is positioned wrong. The right way to set the mirror is such that no part of the car is visible in it.
  6. All the car liquids should be kept together: All the car liquids should be kept together. It is a no-brainer.
  7. Fix a scratch in your car with this easy hack: A scratch in your car can be fixed with a clear nail polish.
  8. Increase the range of the remote of your car: You can increase the range of the remote of your car by holding under your chin. (Give it a try!)
  9. Remove a car stuck in the mud with this easy hack: If your car gets stuck in mud, you can remove it by using floor mats present inside the car for traction.
  10. Always keep an emergency kit in your car: It is advisable to keep an emergency kit in your car in situations when you might need it.
  11. Want to cool your car despite not having an Air Conditioner in it: To cool your car despite not having an air conditioner, you can open the windows in the front but keep the windows in the back shut. The wind inside the car will blow a lot stronger which will allow the car to cool down.
  12. Suffering from road sickness, here is a hack to cure it: To all the drivers out there who suffer from road sickness, tilt your head to one side to make it go away.
  13. How to not get conned by a mechanic: There are many con men who act as mechanics on the road. To avoid such situations, just ask the mechanic about the shape of one of the parts of the engine of the car. If he is right, he is your man else you are being conned.
  14. Do not have a car freshener, here is how to get a cheap one made: Buy some dryer sheets and spread them in your car. They act as very good car fresheners and are cheaper than regular car fresheners as well.
  15. Want to figure the side of the car on which the fuel tank is present?: If you want to figure out on which side of the car does the fuel tank exist, just check the arrow that is present next to the gas pump. It will tell you which side of the car, the gas tank exists.
  16. Driving a rented car? Here is what you need to do: When you have rented a car, take pictures of it from all sides so that you as the customer cannot be faulted for anything that is already wrong with the car.
  17. Stuck in traffic and thinking of changing lanes? Think twice before you do so: When stuck in traffic many people try changing lanes so that they can get out of the traffic faster but studies have shown that this does not do anything at all and in fact increases chances of an accident.
  18. Facing the problem of foggy windows during winter? Here is a hack: Many of us faced the problem of foggy windows in winters. Here is a hack to prevent the inside of windows from being fogged. Take a clean potato, cut it in half and rub it on the inside of the window. Then allow the windows to dry off.
  19. Suffering from the problem of handling a hot steering wheel in the summer season? Here is a hack to avoid it: Many of us suffer from the problem of handling a hot steering wheel in the summer season. To avoid it, just turn the steering wheel by 180 degrees when you park it so that the top of it is not hot when you return to drive the car.
  20. Want to remove a sticker from a window of your car? Here is how to do so: We all stick stickers on the windows of our car which we regret later. To remove an unwanted sticker from the window of your car, just pour some warm water on the newspaper and place it ing the area of the window where the sticker is. After some time you will be able to take out the sticker without any problems.
  21. How to fill fuel properly in your car: Fuel does not come cheap and to make sure that you fill your car with fuel properly, always press the trigger halfway. This will ensure that more gas into the tank than air.
  22. How to avoid your doors from getting shut due to the cold in a chilly place?: Sometimes when you visit a very chilly place, the doors can get shut due to being frozen. To avoid that, coat the rubber on the inside of the window with cooking spray and then wipe it.

If you follow these driving tips and hacks, life on the road will be a lot easier. 

information credit : bankbazzar

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