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I guess you don’t have to introduce the essence of search engine optimization if you already have a business. If not, go for training! 🙂 If you don’t have a website yet, you can also find some very good web development courses on our site.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Trainings – LIVE Training Center

With our Search Engine Optimization course, you’ll gain insight into things that can help you rank better for certain keywords in Google’s search engine.

Who is this online course for?

This course is especially useful if you want to do search engine optimization on your website.

BUT! I have also found many times that a company manager, an entrepreneur, wants to see him in this field as well. He is unlikely to do search engine optimization on his website, but he also wants to learn about this online marketing tool.

I also recommend SEO training for you:

If you want to learn search engine optimization from not only beginner but also intermediate level videos. But I also give advanced SEO tips in several videos.

You want to learn step by step through practical examples.

You know that search engine optimization brings profitable results in the medium to long term.

You want to receive more videos, up-to-date information and news because I will be adding and updating my SEO training with additional materials.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the training to you if:

You want results in just a few days to a week!

You want to be among the top 3 results for keywords in a short time …
SEO is not about quick results. There may be exceptions, of course, but it is very rare to see a more serious increase in organic traffic in the short term.

Check out my introductory video for the SEO course here, where I talk more about the parts of search engine marketing, which ones to use, what helps, and some important information about the course.

Why should I buy it? (For Foreign Language)

This is a complete, comprehensive body of knowledge about search engine optimization! It currently consists of more than 11 hours of video material, which I periodically add and update with new videos.

You can attend a live SEO webinar every 2-3 months!

In 2022 I will be holding 4 more live webinars! It will be next March.

I show current SEO news and expected changes. I answer questions from webinar participants and do SEO analysis of pre-submitted and selected websites, giving tips and advice that will be useful to all webinar participants.

8000 ITMMCOINS gift coupon from Indischen®

Indischen® is offering 8,000 ITmmCoins coupon on the training participants page. To take advantage of the discount, you must register through the link in the description of the video on using #IamITMM in the course, and further instructions can be found there.

IamITMM can mainly help SEO course participants get backlinks. This is because it is a platform where you can find publishing pages with their offers, described in black and white with all the info. You can browse the offers of more than 32 thousand pages (in 19 language areas), with a lot of filters, in the foreign language interface. But the writing is also solved for you if you need it.

About the course (For All)

The training is a comprehensive SEO online knowledge material covering all three main areas:

I. SEO techniques
II. On-Page SEO
III. Off-Page SEO,

  • IV. You also get a Local SEO section with 4 videos to help you get ahead of local results!
  1. Techniques for SEO:
    This can be selected separately from the other 3 areas. It is worth reviewing this first and correcting any deficiencies. Because if Google can’t crawl your pages, no matter how we optimize your content, links to the page won’t return results.

In 6 videos in this section, I’ll show you, among other things, what to look for when choosing a website system, how to apply redirects properly (so that it doesn’t ruin your organic traffic) or how to handle duplication, and why not all pages are indexed by Google to…

  1. On-Page SEO:
    Keyword research is the foundation of content search engine optimization. Great changes have taken place here too!

It used to be enough to use the main keyword (which most people are looking for) on the page, they almost filled the content, today it should be avoided by all means!

Not only can you overwhelm your content with your main keywords, but you can focus only on your main keyword. Google has gotten smarter (with the 2013 Hummingbird Algorithm Update) and is interpreting the topic, in addition to the main keywords, conceptually related keywords (LSI keywords) must also be found and used to build content.

Once you have the keywords and search terms, you need to start optimizing your content, examining your search intent, and setting up on-page SEO elements on your pages.

Webshops also have additional search engine optimization options that I will show you in training!

  1. Off-Page SEO:
    Its role is still significant, but in recent years it seems that in many cases you can achieve spectacular results with content search engine optimization, and in many cases you don’t have to focus so much on building links and getting links.

These are always subject to prior investigation and are highly dependent on competitors within the segment.

+1 Local SEO:
This is an area of ​​SEO that is important for local searches. Just try it, type a keyword for a service into Google and you’ll almost certainly see a map with 3 businesses with results below it (Local Search Results – Local Pack). The good thing about this is that Google decides far below the rankings on the map based on far fewer ranking factors.

My Google Account requires registration and optimization, as well as local search engine optimization on the website. I will show you these step by step in the videos.

I present the use of the following SEO tools and software in the training:

Google Search Console
SEO PowerSuite: Rank Tracker
SEO PowerSuite: SEO SpyGlass
Yoast SEO WordPress SEO plugin
Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin
What is needed for search engine optimization, SEO course?

Desktop / Laptop: You can’t search engine optimize, use tools and work efficiently from your smartphone.
Basic IT knowledge.
Time: The course is also over 11 hours, you will probably watch a few videos several times. Of course, doing search engine optimization is also an ongoing job, and you should expect positive results.
Is it hard to get to the top places already?

Google is constantly crawling the web and changing its rankings. Because of this, it is possible to move forward. Google monitors whether a consumer finds what they’re looking for, and if they see they find it better than you, they bring it forward. In the SEO training of ITmm, I will show you step by step what you need to do to improve your ranking.