Apple’s new CarPlay could lead to a business war

It is about data, information. Which means it’s also about a lot of money

Apple’s new version of CarPlay is designed to take over every single screen on a car’s dashboard, replacing user interfaces and controls. At the same time, the idea is to access important data about the car and the driver.

The latter means that there could be a war with car manufacturers who do not want to give up such valuable information, writes Automotive News Europe in an analysis.

And while customers see the iPhone’s expansion of in-dash features as a convenience, auto and tech companies see a big cash battleground.

Because, as has been known for a long time, information is the most valuable capital, it costs a lot.

McKinsey & Co. estimates that vehicle data will be worth up to $400 billion annually by 2030. Fortune Business Insights predicts that the global in-car connectivity market will grow from nearly $60 billion in 2021 to more than $190 billion in 2028 .

As cars become increasingly connected to information, manufacturers are looking at data as an essential and profitable component of their future business plans. For example, they want to sell services like insurance and offers from retailers. This can be based on the route and many other things.

Here one can explain why billions are invested in software – it’s not just because of electrification. And how cars are increasingly looking like laptops on four wheels or even browsers.

Only the smallest and fledgling startups will be willing to hand over their dashboard to Apple’s car, experts say.

Still, Apple said in June at the launch of the new version of CarPlay that it was “working with automakers around the world.”

The tech giant showcased 14 major car company logos, including major brands like Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Honda. He assured that the new version will be available in their cars and many others by the end of next year.

Auto companies contacted by Automotive News declined to say how they will incorporate the new version of CarPlay. Some of them, such as GM, Mercedes and Honda, say they are in talks with Apple. Nothing more.

Here is another interesting topic that we will follow.

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