Gautam Buddha Setu, Dhanaha, Bihar

गौतम बुद्ध सेतु, धनहा, बिहार / सकारा, भिताहा, मधुबनी और पिपरासी के चार ब्लॉक से गुजरता हुआ

Year of Foundation Stone

January 20, 2009

Bridge Length

1,848 meter

Bridge Location

The bridge, around 250km from north of Patna on the Gandak river

Inaugurated Date

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inaugurated By

Chief Minister Sri Nitish Kumar

Bridge Construction Cost

The bridge constructed at a cost of Rs 358.67 crore

CM opens Gautam Buddha bridge – Facility to help sugarcane farmers escape clutches of middlemen
Published 27.11.13 (Source

  • Chief minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday inaugurated the Dhanaha-Ratwal bridge in Bagaha and named it after Gautam Buddha.
  • The 1,848m bridge will provide smooth connectivity to at least four lakh people in the four blocks of Sakara, Bhitaha, Madhubani and Piprasi in West Champaran district. There are close to 50 villages in the region.
  • The bridge, around 250km north of Patna, would be a boon for sugarcane growers. Thanks to the Gautam Buddha bridge, the farmers would be able to take their produce directly to the sugar mills.
  • The four blocks, the bridge would also facilitate connectivity between the region and Gopalganj district. Another bridge on the Gandak is under construction — it would link Gopalganj and West Champaran.
  • The bridge would ensure a link to the Buddhist circuit, connecting Asokan pillar at Lauria Nandangarh (West Champaran) and Kushinagar in eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  • Anjani Kumar Singh, the chief minister’s principal secretary, Pratyaya Amrit, the road construction secretary, Sanjeev Hans, the chairman of Bihar State Bridge Construction Corporation, and Amrit Raj, the deputy inspector-general of police, in charge of the Champaran range, were present at the inauguration.
  • During his Vikas Yatra. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, He had spent four days in February and April this year to review the progress of the bridge and other facilities coming up in the region.
  • The bridge has become operational five days before the project’s deadline.

What People Speaks

Reviews for Dhanaha Ratwal bridge. Gautam Buddha Setu, Dhanaha

10 April 2021 19:41
It is 1.84 km bridge on gandak rever. It’s comes under top 5 longest bridge in bihar. The bridge was opened in 2014 for public use.

03 April 2021 12:00
This is a two way long bridge over Gandak river. It connects two part of Bagaha Subdivision in West Champaran district. It also connect West Champaran district of Bihar with Kushinagar District of Uttar Pradesh. Padrauna and Bettiah, two district headquarters are connected in short distance. So many beautiful scenery appears while traveling through bridge. You can mesmerize to see the scenario.

But need careful driving. Need to go in their own lane. You may found broken approach road.

31 October 2020 10:31
Gautam Buddha Setu is a bridge which connecting up n Bihar.
This bridge looking so nice with great silence atmosphere. ” fish “dish with bhuja very famous hear. This is a picnic spot for younger

13 October 2020 18:01
I belongs to one of the remotest place of bihar.known as in banglore as a software engineer.because of covid-19 i am at my native fr a long period.i have limited option to wonder outside.i thaught of crossing this bridge and have some sanps.the bridge is approx 2 km of lenght on mighty gandak was much needed bridge and people have waited long for coonects kushingar to bettiah.the bridge also known as dhanha pul.nothing much for cinematic view. One can recah to middle of bridge and spend some time with frnds.and have some photo cautious and end of bridge u can find some shops selling fish fry with bhuja.have frwaback of bridge.its narrow, only 2 lane which could have more wider.

03 March 2020 12:46
Bridge don’t have lights in night and approach road has been damaged, there are many holes and big holes in approach road.

23 July 2019 22:25
बहुत ही शानदार पुल बना है जो UP Aur Bihar को जोड़ने का काम करता है
घूमने के लिए भी अच्छा जगह है आप पुल के समीप नीचे जा कर देख सकते है
हाँ जब पानी कम रहे तब
अक्सर लोग यहाँ 1st जनवरी को पिकनी मनाने आते है
अगर आप सेल्फी के दीवाने है तो आप यहाँ एक यादगार सेल्फी ले सकते है

14 July 2019 8:36
Dhanaha gandak bridge is beautiful and wide, it is safe also only negetive point i have seen is no light in it. Yet it has LED bulbs all over the bridge but 80% of them were not working and those were working had very very low light, dept need to check them and replace if necessary.

हम हिंदुस्तानी हैं
28 September 2018 2:24
Gautam budhha bridge conecting two state Uttarpardes and Bihar. So it is impotrtant bridge for both state. It is a beautiful and natural place once visit here.

20 September 2018 19:29
ये बहुत ही बढ़िया और लंबा ब्रिेज है । ये कुशीनगर से नरकटियागंज जंक्सन जाने में बहुत बड़ी भूमिका निभाता है।

28 August 2018 1:23
This bridge connects UP and Bihar into one another. Due to this bridge becoming, it has become very easy for the Champaran people to go to UP. This bridge is built on the river Gandak. The easiest and closest road to go to Gorakhpur is this. The view of Gandak river looks very beautiful when going from bridge. It is located in a dhanaha Thakraha assembly. The length of this bridge is about 2 kilometers. Due to the formation of the bridge, the people of this area have become very good means of transport. There is also a great system of lighting for night at bridge. Due to the border of UP Bihar, there is also a police check post on this bridge.

30 October 2017 23:10
The construction of this bridge has made commuting very easy between Ratwal Village (West Champaran, BIHAR) & Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The roads on either sides of the border has witnessed significant transformation.
Scope of employment has improved drastically with people moving across, reduced travel time helps the people residing in Champaran have easy access to better healthcare & education facilities. **source of people feedback is

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Gautam Buddha Setu (Dhanaha Ratwal bridge in Bagaha)
Gautam Buddha Setu (Dhanaha Ratwal bridge in Bagaha)

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