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About District HQ (Bettiah)

Bettiah is a mayor town in West Champaran district of Bihar . Also it is the capital of Bettiah Raj. It is also the headquarters of West Champaran district. It is situated on the Indo-Nepal border. To its west lies Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh . The word ‘Bettiah’ is derived from ‘cane’ which was once grown here on a large scale (not now). Bettiah Raj was the second largest zamindari in the British period with an area of ​​1800 square miles. It used to get Rs 20 lakh as rent at that time. Its northern part is rough and southern part is flat and fertile.

It is a major town situated in the ancient foothills of Harha river . It is 124 km away from Muzaffarpur and was earlier the capital of Bettiah Zamindari. Sightseeing here:- Bettiah Raj’s palace, Udaipur, Bird Park, Sagar Pokhara, Kali Temple, Durga Temple, Saraya is a sight to behold.

Mahatma Gandhi started the Satyagraha movement by staying at Hazari Mal Dharamsala in Bettiah . Bettiah also played an important role in the total revolution of 1974 . Shymakant Tiwari , a resident of Amwa Mazhar village here, spread the movement in the entire district at the behest of Jayaprakash Narayan .

It is an agricultural area where sugarcane , paddy and wheat all grow. It is famous for Gandhi ‘s Karmabhoomi and Dhrupad singing. Famous film director Prakash Jha , who has traveled from Bettiah to Mumbai film industry, composed ‘Katha Madhopur’ on the people of this area looking for government jobs.

Traffic and transport

By Air – The nearest airport is Maharani Janki Kunar State Airport which is 3 km away. On the other hand, the distance of 204 km is in Patna. The airport on the third side is in Gorakhpur.

By Rail – Bettiah is the nearest railway station from where trains are available to most of the cities of India. It is connected to the Indian railway system by a major line. There is a plan to doubling it! The route from Muzaffarpur to Narkatiaganj via Motihari has been electrified. Doubling is yet to happen, for which the government has given consent…

By Road – Apart from the capital Patna, buses open for other places of the country from the government bus stand here.

How is it oldest heritage?

Bettiah , the headquarters of West Champaran, will not be wrong if it is said to be the heritage of the oldest history of India. The history of Bettiah starts before the Shah Jahan, the Mughal Empire. The city Bettiah has centuries old historical heritage, this city was very rich in historical heritage. In the period of his First King (Gangeshwar Dev, a Brahmin of the Jaitharia clan). Shah Jahan started collecting tehsil from his king in his dynasty.

How was Gangeshwar Dev, a Brahmin King?

Before British rule
Gangeshwar Dev, a Brahmin of the Jaitharia clan , is known as ‘Jaithari’. Gangeshwar is among the descendants of the present Kashyap gotra Brahmin of the Deva dynasty and a branch of this clan has also resided at a place called Jaithari, Saran : Champaran later moved east and established a kingdom at Bettiah in Bihar Of. Bettiah Raj was the oldest in the region and also became a branch of Sirkar, the princely state of Champaran since Shah Jahan from the 16th century, when Ugrasen ruled. Both the Madhuban Raj and the Sheohar estates were separated from the Bettiah Raj. Even then it became the largest Zamindari in Bihar. (source: wikipedia and Bettiah Raj docs)

Kali Bagh temple a landmark of city Bettiah

According to the information received from Bettiah Raj……

According to the information received from the Bettiah Raj Manager’s Office, there are records of a total of 56 temples by Bettiah Raj , in which 55 temples in West Champaran and one temple in Banaras are confirmed to have been built by Bettiah Raj , mention of three major temples by Bettiah Raj. It comes to the fore in which the word Bagh [ Phulwari ] is attached, such as Durga Bagh, Peuni Bagh and Kali Bagh [ “Bagh” means flowerbed of flowers ] We are discussing here Kali Bagh temple .

The Kali Bagh temple is situated on 13 acres of land, in which the original temple is on 6 acres , in the middle of which there is a big pond or pond , outside this temple complex used to be a flower garden . As I mentioned above, all the three temples had colorful, beautiful and fragrant flower gardens . Seven gardeners were also kept in the Kali Bagh temple to take care of the flowers, some of which are still present today.

Outside the Kali Bagh temple , there is the Queen’s room on the south side, in which there is a tunnel. From the main gate of the temple, on the right side there is the idol of Ashta Bhairav ​​and on the left is the Pancha Vahana temple. We see that
there are a total of five major temples in the Kali Bagh temple.

  • Kali Mata, Dashomahavidya, New Durga.
  • Mahakali Mata, the fourth Khashat Yogini .
  • Dashavatar Temple, Panchganga, Radha Krishna, 56 Vinayaka Ganesh ji, Riddhi-Siddhi, Mahamrityunjaya .
  • Ekadash Rudra Temple, Dasho Dragpal, Pati Pavaneshwar, Mahadev Temple, Pashupatinath Temple .
  • Dwardash Kala Surya Narayan Temple, Mahadasha of New Planets, Rishi Temple, Five Pandavas, Fire God with Draupathi Mata, Swaha Mata, Gayatri Mata, Savitri Mata, Arundhati Mata, Raudri Mata, Mansha Devi Mata, Lalsa Mata, Shyam Kartikeya [ where women are not allowed (taboo) to go, as a traditional belief ] Maharaj and others. (source: NEWS Shakeel(Bettiah Times))

Interesting facts of Kali bagh mandir

Sagar Pokhara , Santghat Temple , Kali Bagh Temple in Bettiah are situated at some distance from Bettiah Raj Darbar. The main thing that comes out about it is that the queen used to go to the Kali Bagh temple to worship through the underground tunnel from the Raj Mahal . The main gate of the Kali Bagh temple opens towards the north. On going inside from it, there are idols of gatekeepers in the first two rooms on the right and left side, on the right hand going west, in the quadrangle of the temple, Dakshineswar Kali(whose face is towards south) has a grand temple, towards the south is Lord Shiva, in the east is the temple of Sun Surya Navagraha, the temple of Vishnu Dashavatar in the west and an idol of Vinayaka Ganesh on the west-south corner in which 108 small idols In this temple, there is a temple of Lord Kartikeya in the south-facing corner, in the center of these temples there is a magnificent pond which is said to have seven wells inside it .

A Secret of Secret Tunnel

A tunnel leads from Raj Darbar to Kali Bagh temple
There is also a way inside the ground from under this temple from where you can reach the Raj Mahal, which has been closed for years, through this way the queen of Bettiah Maharaj used to come to the Kali temple for worship. It is said that there are only two places like this in Asia, one in Kolkata and the other in our city of Bettiah , in which there is an important temple of Dakshineswar Kali , where tantriks used to come from far and wide for the practice of tantric learning. In which the face of Kali is towards the south, this is its importance. Its historical importance is also because here there are statues of all the gods and goddesses of 56 coats of Hinduism .

Joda Shivala , Sagar Pokhara Temple, Durga Mandir are also among the ancient temples in this city of Bettiah , whose history is centuries old, it is not only a pride of our city but also of India. (source: newsshakeel)

Bettiah Raj and music

The Bettiah Gharana is one of the three oldest styles (Darbhanga Gharana, and Dumraon Gharana) of Dhrupad singing song from the state of Bihar. (verified by: times of India)

Drone View (Video) of Kali bagh Mandir & Others

a beautiful photo of Bettiah Kalibagh Mandir, Bettiah

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