Parsauni Farm / परसौनी फार्म / West Champarn / पश्चिम चम्पारण / Bihar

Bagaha-Chautrwa-Englishiya-Lauriya-Dharmakta-Bettiah Main Road. बगहा-चौतरवा-इंग्लिशिया-लौरिया-धर्मकता-बेतिया मेन रोड

District HQ (Head Quarter)

Bettiah (Bɛtɪjɑː,Bɛtɪjɑː) is a city and the administrative headquarters of the West Champaran district (Tirhut Division) – (Tirhut), near Indo-Nepal border, 225 kilometres north-west of Patna, in Bihar. It was the seat of the majestic Bettiah Raj, established in the 17th century. Its palaces and temples narrate its magnificent history. It has a Roman Catholic Mission, which was established in 1740 and the municipality, established in 1869. It came on the rail-map of the country, as early as 1883 and witnessed the first experiment with non-violence by Mahatma Gandhi in India during his Struggle for the Abolition of Indigo Plantation in 1917. It is an agricultural trade centre and has several industries, like, sugar, leather, brass, besides food processing centres.

पिन कोड845453
नामParsauni Farm B.O-परसौनी-खेत
जिलापश्चिम चंपारण
स्थितिBranch Office(Delivery)-शाखा-कार्यालय (वितरण)
मुख्य कार्यालयBettiah H.O
उप कार्यालयLauriya S.O
स्थानBettiah Taluk of West Champaran District
टेलीफ़ोन नंबरNot Available
विभाग की जानकारीWest Champaran Division Muzaffarpur Region Bihar Circle
पताBihar 845453, India


Back in 1244 A.D., Gangeshwar Dev, a Brahmin of Jaitharia clan settled at Jaithar in Champaran. One of his descendants, Agar Sen, acquired large territory in the reign of Emperor Jehangir and was bestowed the title of ‘Raja’ by Emperor Shah Jahan. In 1659, he was succeeded by his son Raja Guj Singh, who built the palace of the family at Bettiah. He died in 1694 A.D. The palace stands today but serves as marketplace.

Near by Places

GOVT. P.S. TOLA DILRAMPUR – Bibi Bankatwa, Bagaha-1 (Pashchim Champaran), Bihar
10+2 Government D.M. Academy School, Atal Chowk, Bagaha-1, Bihar 845101
Prabhu Janki Mandir [Shiv Mandir], Tola: Dilrampur Makri, P.O. – Bibi Bankatwa

Govt. Official Website for West Champaran

A Photo of राधेश्याम उच्च विद्यालय, परसौनी फार्म

Headlines and Popular News About Parsauni Farm, West Champaran, Bihar

DM listens to the complaint, settles on the spot

Publish Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2022 12:52 AM (IST)

Bagaha. Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar programme was organized on Thursday in the premises of Radheshyam Higher Secondary School Parsauni Farm under Bagaha 1 block.

DM Kundan Kumar listened to the grievances of hundreds of people of Inglisia, Majhowa and Salah Bariarwa villages. directed the officials for timely resolution. He said that the main objective of this program is to reach the benefits of various welfare schemes run by the government to the general public. Sdm Deepak Kumar Mishra, BDO Kumar Prashant, CO Abhishek Anand jointly inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp along with the DM.

Under the ‘Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar’ program, about 25 counters of various departments including adding and removing names for election cards, labor department, bank, electricity, social security pension and other related pension life certification, supply department, RTPS, statistics birth death registration, child development project, zone revenue, Lohia sanitation, rural housing, animal husbandry department, student credit card and registration, health department were set up. Members of the Wildlife Institute of India Priya Prajapati, Kalpana Chandel, Uttaran Bandopadhyay, Hoshil Kumar, Prashant Mishra, Izhar Siddiqui, Virendra Yadav, Sita Devi and Krishnawati Devi’s art works, which they made from moose, were highly appreciated by the DM and SDM. In the end, after listening to the problems of dozens of people by holding a Janata Darbar, he resolved on the spot. Prominent among those present on the occasion included Head of Salaha Bariarwa Amit Kumar Verma, Head of Majhowa Rudal Musahar, Head of Mehura Vinod Kumar, Mukhiya Representative of Siswa Vasantpur Jhunjhun Jaiswal, Head Representative of Inglisia Panchayat Rajesh Rao, Head of Hardi Nadwa Panchayat Prem Chaudhary and dozens of public representatives. (source:

Nearest Govt. Office / Post Office

Hwar Shaykh B.O >>Allamganj Bazar B.O >>Alpaha B.O >>Amwa Mazhar B.>> O >>Anjua B.O >>Ashram Brindavan B.O >>Auraiya B.O >>B Banhara B.O>>BK Chowk B.O >>B. Patkholia B.O >>B Ratanpura B.O >>BB Bankatwa B.O >>Baghi B.O >>Baizua B.O >>Beria Farm B.O >>Baishkhwa B.O >>Bakhri Pachrukhia B.O >>Bakharia B.O >>Bukulahar Math B.O >>Bukuli B.O >>Balua Rampurwa B.O >>Balua Thodi Bazar B.O >>Banu Chapar B.O >>Bargazwa B.O >>Bargo B.O >>Bariarwa B.O >>Barwa Ojha B.O >>Barwat Pasare B.O >> Barwat Sena B.O >>Baitha B.O >>Baswaria B.O >>Bihari Bankatwa B.O >>Bahra B.O >>Belbagh S.O >>Belsandi B.O >>Belwa B.O >>Belwa Bahuari B.O >>Belwa More B.O >> Beta City S.O >>Beta Dih B.O >>Beta H.O >>Beta R.S.O >>Bhabhata B.O >>Bhairoganj B.O >>Bhaluahia B.O >>Bhawal B.O >>Bhavanipur B.O >>Bhawara B.O >> Bheriharwa B.O >>Bhikhana Thodi B.O >>Bhit B.O >>Bhit Nizamat B.O >>Bhitiharwa Ashram B.O >>Bhuidharwa B.O >>Bijbania B.O >>Binhi B.O >>Bishwar Pur B.O >> Bishunpura B.O >>Borwell B.O >>Briti Matariyaa B.O >>Callabhar B.O >>Champapur Gonauli B.O >>Chaimukha B.O >>Chanderpur Bakwa B.O >>Chandrah B.O >> Champatia Bazar SO >>Chapatia RSSSO >>Chaube Tola B.O >>Chowhatta B.O >>Chiutaha B.O

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NH727 - near Kushinagar in the State of Uttar Pradesh connecting Chhitanuni Rail-cum-Road Bridge, Bagaha, Lauriya, Bettiah
Aerial View of Parsauni Farm


National Highways 727 Passes Through Following States Covering Around 141 KM

NH NumberDescriptionStateLength In State (KM)
727The highway starting from its junction with NH-27 near Kushinagar in the State of Uttar Pradesh connecting Chhitanuni Rail-cum-Road Bridge, Bagaha, Lauriya, Bettiah and terminating at its junction with NH-527 D near Chhapwa in the State of Bihar.Bihar112
Uttar Pradesh29
Parsauni Farm, Bettiah-Bagha-Patilar-Padrauna-Kushinagar main Road
Zoom View of National Highway 727 (NH 727), Parsauni Farm, Bettiah-Bagha-Patilar-Padrauna-Kushinagar main Road

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