Google retires doubleclick and adwords brands

Your basic ad tool will now be called Google Ads
Google announced on Wednesday (jun 27, 2018) the biggest brand change of its advertising software, removing the brands DoubleClick and AdWords to simplify entry points for advertisers and ad sellers.

Google executives have said their rates aren’t changing, and services aren’t merging. The company will maintain AdSense and AdMob for ad sales technologies aimed at small websites and mobile app developers, respectively.

But its basic ad tool will now be called Google Ads, with access to inventory in Google search, its YouTube video service, the Google Play app store and 3 million partners.

The default Google Ads interface will be simplified, executives said, with automation powering the ad project and deciding where they should run.

The software for ad buyers will be called Google Marketing Plataform. Google Ads Manager will be a complementary tool for big sellers.

Brian Wieser, a financial analyst who tracks advertising companies for Pivotal Research, said Google’s services create a lot of confusion among people not immersed in the industry.

AdWords was launched in 2000 to place text ads in search. Google acquired doubleclick advertising software in 2008.

But rising privacy and monopoly concerns last year prompted Critics of Google to call for antitrust regulators to split Google’s advertising business, which has strong support across almost every industry connection.

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