How to put money on PayPal? Check out the main forms available

Understand how to put money on PayPal and use the digital wallet to make payments!

PayPal is a digital wallet used around the world, which allows its users to make and receive payments via the Internet. But for this you need to know how to put money on PayPal.

So, if you need to make a payment and are looking for practical ways to do so, PayPal is certainly a good option.

Therefore, learn how to put money on PayPal and have the necessary balance to pay in the best possible way through the platform.

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Learn how to put money on PayPal in a simple way

If you are looking to make payments via the internet in a practical way, knowing how to put money in PayPal is essential to have a balance in your account.

So check out the ways to do this.

Put balance on PayPal via boleto
The only available way to put money into PayPal is through a bank slip.

The minimum amount for generating each of these slips is R$10, and the maximum is R$1,999. In addition, the money is available in the PayPal account within 3 business days after payment of the bill.

Check out the step by step available to do this:

  • In your PayPal application or on the official website , click on the three dots on the home screen and on the “ Add money with boleto ” option;
  • After doing this, in the indicated field, add the amount that you will add to your PayPal account and click on “Continue”.

Your money will be available for you to make payments in up to three business days in your PayPal account. Remember, however, that the amount paid via bank slip will be in reais. Therefore, they are valid for payments in national currency.
Confirmation of the deposit via bank slip, in turn, will be sent to the email you provided on the platform.

Are there other ways to add balance to PayPal?

Currently, the main way to add balance to the PayPal account, to make payments, is through slips, which can be generated on the platform itself.

It is also possible to receive amounts from other PayPal accounts, which can be sent via invoice, or by making a request for sending by phone or email.

Request money transfer via email

To request the sending of money via PayPal by email, you must do the following step by step:

  • Log in to the official PayPal website;
  • Then, click on “Send and Request”;
  • After that, choose the option “Request payment from customers” and enter the email (or number) of the person who will send the amount to you;
  • Finally, enter the amount you are going to request from the person and click on “Send”.

After doing so, an email will be sent to the person you requested the amount from.

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