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What is LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. Many specialists in certain fields follow the latest developments in their industry, as well as what is happening in thematic professional groups, where they can quickly and easily consult other specialists on a given topic. Thus, the information in the LinkedIn profile reaches key audiences, which would lead to promotion of the brand.

In addition, it is a platform for publishing and communicating the business and serves to expand the professional network and drive quality traffic to the site. Additionally, we can add that this is a very suitable channel for recruiting high-level specialized personnel, which in turn is essential for the success of a brand.

In this regard, it is interesting to know that many recruitment companies use LinkedIn.com to search for professionals or check whether candidates have a profile there. Registration is free and it is recommended to have a profile in addition to the main job sites (starting with JobTiger.bg) and LinkedIn.com.

Once you have a complete LinkedIn.com profile , look for colleagues, friends, acquaintances, professors with whom to form your network of contacts. Find out what professional interest groups exist and join their discussions. It is mandatory to observe ethical and moral norms of behavior, as in any professional communication.

A tool for the selection of specialists and personnel

In practice, LinkedIn is most often used – it is the oldest professional network and even in Bulgaria there is already a sufficient number of users with all kinds of professions to be useful for HR companies and recruitment departments. It is a professional network, is rarely used for entertainment, and is traditionally the most complete professional user profile. In practice, a good LinkedIn profile can replace a resume in the initial stages of research and selection. That is why the major job sites in Bulgaria gradually allowed applications with a LinkedIn profile to the job advertisements published on them.

The reviews of employers and job seekers are quite positive – time and resources are saved (for example, you do not maintain a separate resume), without harming the quality of the selection process. LinkedIn is also used by employers, so having a good and complete profile there is definitely a good idea. The chance of being invited to a meeting or a job interview increases tremendously.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network. It exists in more than 20 languages ​​and is used globally by professionals in various industries. An ideal platform to connect with and attract potential business partners. LinkedIn allows you to join groups, post information and share news about professional changes and achievements.

LinkedIn is your digital resume and networking tool. The majority of LikedIn’s user base consists of professionals under the age of 50, with many constantly looking for new opportunities and contacts. When choosing a hashtag for your posts, consider which one would best suit the content and products you’re showcasing.

How to use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn suggests sharing relevant content such as news, blog posts, photos, videos, and more. It’s best to use it to inform your contacts (here’s version of “friends”) when new products come out, there are changes in your professional development, you reach a new goal, you qualify for an incentive program, or about other business topics.

Think of LinkedIn as a way to keep your professional circle interested. To get the most out of it, join groups of people with similar interests or create your own. Invite potential collaborators and people on your team to join in to discuss the business opportunity and keep everyone focused on the goals.

Tips for “social” selling (via social media) are inspired by LinkedIn’s hottest people’s profiles. On the other hand, there are a few businesses that are successfully supplying me. It does matter, however, how strongly you apply it, because every social media has its flaws.

Specifically, Linkedln is a business medium, and as such, it is an ideal place to promote your profile by reaching out to friends and family directly.

10 Tips From SEO Solutions That Will Lead You To Marketing On LinkedIn


Linkedln is an opportunity to learn more about the people you have met or will meet. Hooking up is a great way to get to know someone you know in person.


The LinkedIn profile must be completed in black and white. In order to:

• Upload a professional photo: You are more likely to have your LinkedIn profile viewed if you have a professional looking photo. It is desirable that you are ycmuxna mu.

• Hanumeme unmpugyBaštu title u mekcmoBe: When adding your debt to your company, for example, show us how you help your customers.

• Add a summary: Your summary is essentially a summary of yourself. Share the Vision you have for your role or company.

• Add Videos and videos. This way you will maximize your reach on LinkedIn and improve your communication skills.


There is a greater probability that people will interact with you if we have common knowledge. Learn with whom In the network we have common computers and on a MoBa basis you can save your computers on the network.


Today, there are over 1.5 million unique users sharing content on LinkedIn. You can become an influencer in your industry by sharing relevant blog posts, insights or industry news.


Building Relationships Takes Time, But LinkedIn Lets You Find Your Clients Faster By Searching By Name, Company, or Position. You take advantage of the rush to find more cmpamegučecku konmakmu.


Make something personal about the person you’re messaging. After MoBa, we will receive a follow-up message in 12 weeks. This will increase the response rate.


Joining and following group discussions in your industry is a great way to learn about customer needs, interests, and more.


When nyblukyBame In Linkedln, Your content cmaBa part of your profile, and that is interesting is shared, which npaBu Influential and interesting.


If you are connected to Bashume customers, their social activity will appear to you. You keep tabs on your contacts’ interests and passwords so you can stay informed.


LinkedIn Rulse selects members in real-time, based on people’s interests and the communities and people they follow. Share and comment cmamuu to support your position.

Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies.

How to position yourself correctly.

□ Why LinkedIn is the most powerful social platform for B2B

• Over 660+ million users in over 200 countries

• 75% in the network are decision-making managers

• Over 30+ million featured companies

• 40% of users visit LinkedIn every day

• 10 million C-level executives

• 11 million B2B influencers

• The fastest growing social network right now

• In Bulgaria there are +700,000 users on the network

660M+Professionals on Linkedln

User behavior on social platforms.

LinkedIn users are meant to achieve their professional business goals, not just to have fun. To become better professionals and to seek new professional and business opportunities

The platform users trust the most


A symbiosis between a search engine algorithm and a social network

1st level / completed profile:

1) Keywords relevant to you and your business

2) About me – filled in as much detail as possible

3) Fill in keywords in your Work experience as well

4) Photo and Background photo

5)           Поне 5 Skills & Endorsements

6) Education

7) Connections & followers – at least 100

8) Achievements

9) Rewards

10) Certificates

11) Testimonials

2nd level/ social signals:

1) Activity – posts, content, comments, likes

2) Persistence – 1 post per day is recommended.

3) Participation in groups

4) Create video content.

□ Marketing tricks to use to position yourself correctly

□ Up-to-date tips to help you use LinkedIn successfully

Be professional!

LinkedIn is a network of professionals and we should maintain a professional tone in our communication.

Always use a Background photo for an additional message.


This is the first thing users see 3 step model:

– Who are you helping?

– What problem can you solve?

– How exactly do you solve it?



✓ Validates your page and the credibility of your product/service

✓ Good signal for the LinkedIn algorithm

✓ Increases trust in you

✓ Ability to advertise

✓ Ability to share and create content in one more channel

Well optimized pages get 30% more views.

First, you’ll need to set up your page and fill out the “About” section.

This step is critical because it establishes your business’s credibility in the online community.

Filling out the About section:

Ask yourself these key questions when writing your organization description:

✓ Mission: What is the main mission of the company?

✓ Value: What value do you provide? How do you help?

✓ Positioning: What makes your company different?

✓ Products / Services: How do your products or services help?

Increase your followers!

Linked!n has found that when pages gain more than 150 followers, their growth potential becomes significant.



✓ New opportunities to find customers

✓ Ability to distribute more of your content

✓ Ability to segment your potential customers

✓ Common interests with your potential customers

✓ Opportunity to establish yourself as a professional

✓ Follow news and trends

✓ In Bulgaria you have a chance to create new groups in your area

✓ You need a LinkedIn marketing strategy to maximize the benefits of your online presence.

✓ Incorporating Linkedin as part of your marketing strategy allows you to build stronger partnerships, promote your product/service, and generate sales.

✓ 9 billion weekly impressions

✓ 15x more impressions of non-job related content

✓ 57% of content viewers are on mobile devices

✓ 45 min average time spent on the network per user per month

Consistency in posting to your page is key to gaining new and retaining your current followers.


Pages that post daily get 2x user engagement.

The key to visibility on LinkedIn is engagement with your posts.





The LinkedIn team pays attention to “speed”. The faster you get engagement on your posts, the more visibility you will have. The algorithm will prioritize your content in the users feed.

Do not use it as a channel to promote content on other channels

LinkedIn will not give visibility to your content if you promote your blog or other networks.

You need to build trust with the algorithm by creating content specifically for LinkedIn (aka “native content”)

Once you build authority, you can link to other places, but it takes time before you’re successful.

Hack – put a link in a comment below the post!

Articles или posts?

Data shows that posts get much more feed visibility than articles.

Articles are better for “ever green” long-form content (eg guides for something). They also work very well for big influencers. They even rank in Google search, so think of them more as an alternative blog publishing platform.

Posts are currently better for micro content.


■ 3 out of 4 executives watch work-related videos every week (Forbes)

■ More than 50% of customers want to watch brand videos (HubSpot)

■ 59% prefer to watch a video on a topic rather than read about it (Forbes)

\             ‘


LinkedIn native video:

“Native video” is a video that is uploaded directly to LinkedIn or created on the platform itself. They have an eye-catching Auto Play.

Metrics show they have 10x more shares and views


Images typically result in 2x the comment rate. Statistics show that image collages (3-4 images in one post) perform better.

Linkedln photo share: 1200 x 1200 best for desktop, 1200 x 627 for mobile.


Divide into topics.

Too many authors often try to cram too much information into one post. Instead, break the information into topics and post more things throughout the seed.

Write briefly.

Be specific. Use bullet points whenever possible to break up your content and make it even more understandable.

Make it visual.

Users have been paying attention in recent years to posts illustrated with large photos or all-photo content. Use videos and infographics. This will make your materials useful and quick to understand. It will encourage their sharing on the web.

Revise. Revive old content.

If you find yourself stuck for a lack of inspiration, check out interesting things that have been shared before. See if the subjects may not be circulated again, but revived and revised from the point of view of the day. Another option is to take longer posts from the past and break them up into several pieces of information. Or re-read an old topic and illustrate it in an info graphic. In this way, you will create something new and associate yourself with the topics that provoke interest.

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