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What is Link Exchange?

Link exchange is a technique used by marketers and web specialists in order to improve the organic positioning of a web page . Through a prior agreement, the available links are chosen to exchange, thus giving rise to numerous advertising opportunities for both websites involved.

What is a Link Farm?

A Link Farm is a web page (or group of pages) created with the sole purpose of increasing the number of incoming links to a website in order to increase its popularity and web positioning . Although most of these websites look like the usual web, their content is made up of hyperlinks to other pages. However, Google’s algorithms are updated to penalize pages that use this black SEO strategy.

What is nofollow?

Nofollows are a class of tags that contain the rel=” nofollow ” attribute in HTML code. This tag is used to tell search engines to ignore a link and therefore not index it or show it in PageRank. In this way, the nofollow tags will prevent a page from appearing in the users’ search results and will not influence the specific positioning of said page and, in turn, the general positioning of an entire website.

What does it mean for a link to be a follow (Do-Follow Link)?

There are two types of links, follow and no follow. Actually follow is an attribute of the link in css. These links convey strength and authority to the page to which they redirect traffic. In a few words, they tell Google that the link (follow) leads to a relevant and authoritative site in relation to the context of the content in which it is inserted.

For example, if you are writing an article about the 10 places you cannot miss if you visit Paris, you could include the URL address of the Local SEO Agency as a follow link.

Generally the default attribute of a link is follow, unless you indicate otherwise.

What do you think about the new rel= sponsored and ugc link attributes?

The truth is that it is difficult to know what will happen in the short term, but in the long term it seems to me a very good move by Google to better understand and assess the “quality” of the sites to position them later in the search results.

In this way, and with the incentive that Google gives that they could now transfer authority in some cases (this is left to their own discretion), even the nofollow from 2020, now many media and reference sites for Google will not have as much “fear” when linking to third parties.

The most controversial part is whether with this Google will also know (better) which sites sell/buy links, which goes against its guidelines, of course.

For now, and until we see what is happening, it is best to leave things as they are. 🙂

What is a Broken Link?

They are those connections with non- existent pages and that among their possible reasons is an error in the destination URL, the closing of the web page or the elimination of the address.

What is Noindex?

Noindex is an attribute in HTML code in page meta tags that instructs search engines to make certain links within a web page invisible. It is used when one of the pages within the web can be considered of poor quality for search engines, so it is sought to prevent bots from indexing them.

What is a Web Tree?

The web tree is related to web architecture , in which the structure of the information contained in each of the pages that make up the web is determined . This structure is given in the graphic representation of the navigation model in which the magnitude and depth of the project can be easily appreciated.

What is F-Commerce?

In eCommerce or digital commerce terminology , F-Commerce or Facebook Commerce is a marketing strategy that focuses on developing or designing content for digital businesses within the Facebook social network . This ‘commerce’ does not only consist of the Facebook Shop or Facebook stores, but it is an extensive ecosystem of digital solutions through which to do business.

When to put a nofollow link?

The robots that crawl the websites are guided by links and go from one page to another through these links or links. Therefore, if there is a page that we do not want you to visit, we must assign the nofollow tag to it. Below, we cite several cases in which it is advisable to tag as nofollow:

1. When the web to which we point is of a different theme.

2. When the web to which we link carries out dubious positioning practices.

3. When we have already linked to a website from the footer, although this is not the best area to place many links.

4. When the website to which the link points belongs to a competitor, although at specific times a link could be produced in a competitor as part of a synergy.

5. When we include links on corporate/informative pages that are not so important to position, such as “Who we are” or “Legal notice”.

In any case, nofollow links are a resource that must be handled in each case in a specific way. Therefore, the strategies of each website will vary based on many factors and will influence the number of nofollow links and the pages they point to.

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