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A team of seasoned designers providing cost-effective and efficient websites.

We are composed of very friendly individuals that make up a team of specialist professionals who reside and work as part of the local community in India.

Carmotive® company has been known in the field of building as well as designing websites, perfecting SEO and great marketing and promotion. Our staff is made up of more than 100 people which is the reason why we can respond to all the clients’ needs and questions in no time.

What we do

Building websites for small businesses.

Our team responds to all people who are planning to create their very own website, personal, professional, or for other businesses and projects, but do not know how to get started. The team can also work on clients with existing websites which need a boost to attract target users and more.

The specialty of the team is in designing, creating, and managing websites for small businesses. Clients can also trust the team when it comes to search engine optimization, marketing, promotion, and social media, since they already have a lot of experience handling each one for years now. All of the senior team members also have a small business experience of their own this is the reason why they fully understand the needs of the clients.

Clients can make an appointment and visit one of the “NewStep Technology offices or they can choose to just send an email, whatever is more convenient for them. The team believes, though, that it is better for them to get to know their clients more so that they can have a full grasp of their needs. Through this the team can create the best website for the clients that would be perfect for their business.

For overseas clients, then there is no problem since the team has already worked with customers from the USA and even those from the UAE. The team is very skilled and already has a lot of experience working from a distance and clients are guaranteed to receive equal amount of attention and service from those clients who are nearby.

So for clients who are aiming to boost their sales, develop brand loyalty or just build an online presence, then the team can be a huge help. Clients can choose from the list of services that the company offers which include website design and build, SEO, copy writing, and social media presence.


As a beginner, but even an advanced one, one of the most difficult questions in SEO is how to gain the knowledge you need to be effective. The best solution is usually a smartly chosen SEO course.

Search engine optimization is not a mystery, not a magic, but it is not something that can be mastered in two days. The theoretical foundations of SEO can be understood in a few weeks, but more advanced concepts will take much longer. And then we didn’t even talk about the practical side of SEO, which, in addition to knowing the basics, also requires more serious experience.

The question is how do you gain the knowledge you need to practice. You choose the most time-consuming path, and you try to gather everything – theory, practical experience of what works and what doesn’t – for your own beard, or you get outside help.

Why try SEO courses?

I will be honest: you can, of course, learn SEO from your own experience and from the information, articles and guides that are gathered little by little from the Internet. Many people do it, and there are some of them who will be successful in practice. But, let’s face it, they’re a minority.

However, the majority will sooner or later get stuck or get lost without professional guidance. A professional guide can be an SEO specialist you pay for. Or you can have a well-chosen SEO training.

The other thing to consider is that learning from your own well is really extremely time consuming. Search engine optimization is a long-term genre, and therefore, due to the nature of the search engine, it often takes a long time to experience it properly.

A well-put together course can reduce the time it takes to learn effective SEO to a fraction of a fraction.

Quite simply because it organizes a very diverse body of knowledge in a systematic way.

SEO basically consists of three big areas (technical SEO, content SEO, link building ), which themselves are broken down into a lot of sub-areas and activities. SEO work is the sum of all these activities: this includes strategic creation (what we want to achieve and how), larger-scale SEO analysis , but also the handling of small subtleties like what should be in the meta description or exactly what the anchor text should be. .

With a skillfully crafted SEO training, you’re ready to get the most important concepts and methods, you don’t have to solve the location of every puzzle piece on your own.

Plus, there’s always someone who knows more than you. Even the best SEO experts can show each other something new. There is always something to learn.

Well, based on these, who is worth starting an SEO course for?

  • for beginners who want to learn SEO effectively and quickly;
  • to the advanced who already know a lot but somehow the full picture has not yet been put together;
  • professionals who already know they know little and therefore have to learn… – But they are in the most difficult position because there is a great lack of knowledge from the market to their level.
Jack King receives certificate of appreciation
Jack King receives certificate of appreciation by NASAKennedy is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

Text SEO courses

Learning from text SEO courses is like reading any textbook. They are very useful, but not everyone comes in this form because it lacks all the experience.

However, most of the time you don’t have to pay for them: if you’re looking for a free and yet serious knowledge SEO course, start researching among them.

In Hungarian :

  • ITE search engine optimization course : is a veteran player among Hungarian SEO blogs. An SEO course specifically for beginners is nothing more than a gigantic 100,000 character blog post. A great starting point if you love to read and want to get into the basics of SEO quickly.

In English :

  • SEO Workflow : This is a seven-chapter body of knowledge developed by the developers of the SEO PowerSuite software package (A very useful SEO tool, click here to use the full version for free for 30 days). The great advantage of the knowledge material is that it does not approach SEO on a theoretical level, but breaks down search engine optimization work into workflows. It is also a useful read for advanced and professional people.
  • Search Engine Journal eBooks : SEJ is one of the largest SEO knowledge portals, leading to a wealth of articles, analysis, and more. in addition, it also offers a large pile of e-books (in addition to SEO on content marketing, PPC and social media) in exchange for registration. Plus, most books can tell SEO experts something new. For example, I really liked the e-book on ranking factors because they tested virtually all of the ranking criteria that I thought were “tuti” in order to filter out what’s really relevant to Google and what’s not.

SEO video courses

Video courses provide a much better learning experience than text trainings. A well-edited video course that is acceptable in both audio and video quality is worth its weight in gold – yet the plethora of course wonders that over-explain the “thin” content with an over-explanation are an amazing waste of time.

I’ve been trying to put you together with courses I’ve tried too, and I really think they might be useful to you.

In Hungarian:

  • ITE SEO Club : The owner of, Attila Szuhi, also operates a subscription-based SEO “school” . Club members have access to all video courses in exchange for a very affordable monthly fee. I really like Attila’s videos to be extremely accurate and to avoid the “usual” marketing blab from afar.
  • The Pitch trainings : The Pitch is the most prestigious Hungarian-language SEO blog, where you can also do a number of free and paid trainings . Beginners and advanced users alike can find useful materials for themselves. It is a very good starting point if you are looking for systematic SEO knowledge and you can pay for it.
  • The Website! trainings : Balázs Szilágyi produces very understandable trainings in the field of online or digital marketing. Among the SEO-themed courses I bought called Extreme SEO Tricks as a relatively beginner, then I learned a lot of useful things from it.

In English:

  • LinkedIn Learning : The knowledge center , formerly known as, has accumulated an astonishing amount of training, and on average has a much higher quality than, say, For a not very high monthly fee (about 10 thousand forints) we can access all the courses. SEO courses are quite purposeful, but at the advanced level not much is said anymore (so the name SEO expert course is a bit exaggerated…). But if you’re a beginner and you understand English well, I think you should definitely start here!
  • SEO 2020 : Andrew Williams stands out from the crowd of video courses with his collection of SEO training. There is nothing extra in it, but it consistently goes through the basics, the theory (no practice, no method). It can be a good deal if you are a complete beginner and you can buy it on Udemyn for a few thousand forints with a new registration.

+1 Website SEO Training

This is a completely new thing. I created my own SEO video course with a long, hard work. It has become fundamentally different from what you are used to from an SEO training because

  • I didn’t envision a comprehensive SEO course that goes through the whole theory,
  • rather, I made a very practical, method-focused material.

Website SEO Training teaches you to do an SEO project from analysis to design to execution.

And in addition to that, it gives you not only knowledge, but also a complete SEO system and specific tools. For the sake of training, I have created separate Google documents and project templates that greatly simplify the performance of key SEO workflows. (They did so well that I’ve been using these to work with my SEO clients ever since.)

The training contains only as many theories as are absolutely necessary to understand the work of SEO. I threw out the clichés that sounded but brought little benefit in practice. Nor am I tired for hours with technical details that are great for using any WordPress SEO plugin, such as Yoast SEO .

Who Can Benefit From Website SEO Training?

For all those who want to take control of the SEO of their website on their own and are looking for a specific, effective way to do so. Those who don’t care about frills are just the point.

If you are curious about the training, you can find the details by clicking here: Website SEO Training .

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