Course on tuning the Google Search Console

In this course on fine-tuning the Google Search Console, you will learn how to use this essential tool for SEO . The new version has many more details and functionalities , which will be studied in this course, along with all the features of the GSC tool.

In addition, you will learn to analyze performance, impressions, clicks, and CTR . The course also includes a series of recommendations on the decisions to be made based on the data provided by the tool. 

In this free course, created and taught by Jorge Jaramillo , the URL Inspection tool is also studied , which is quite useful for analyzing a particular page. And you will discover how to send a URL to Google manually for testing.

Who is this course on setting up the Google Search Console for?

The course is especially aimed at all those people who are SEO , that is, who work doing search engine positioning. It will also be very useful for web developers , JavaScript or WordPress Fameworks pages . And for those who are dedicated to digital marketing , journalism and communication (web editors, bloggers and webmasters ).

To take this course it is advisable to know some basic terms , if not, they can be studied in the Course Glossary. It also requires having a computer with a stable Internet connection and mastering the Internet browser, as well as knowing the basic web concepts .

What will you learn in this course on setting up the Google Search Console?

The course is taught by the SEO expert, Jorge Jaramillo , and takes place over 15 classes, with a total duration of about an hour and a half.

You will have access to all the contents of the course completely free of charge, and you will be able to consult them whenever you need it.

The topics to be covered throughout the course are the following:

  • Why we should use Google Search Console
  • Installing Google Search Console
  • Install Google Search Console WordPress
  • Google Search Console permissions
  • URL inspect tool
  • Learn how to read Search Console reports
  • Clicks, Impressions, Average Position and CTR
  • Let’s learn how to use the main menu and what it consists of
  • Send Sitemap or Sitemap.xml to Google
  • Remove URL from Google using Search Console
  • Purchase, Upgrades and Experience
  • Security, Penalties and Manual Actions
  • Hand and Antique Tools
  • Bring the data to DataStudio
  • Final recommendations and tips to continue working.

Access to the course on tuning the Google Search Console

Access the course on setting up the Google Search Console  taught by Jorge Jaramillo through Udemy. Both registration and participation are enabled completely free of charge.

Once you finish the course, you will not be able to count on a certificate of participation or completion of your studies. Even so, you will have increased your Search Console knowledge and skills considerably.

If you want to continue learning, we show you this guide to earn money with a blog on Amazon  or this other SEO positioning course for tourism portals and hotels . Both courses are totally free.

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