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Darshan G M1 reviewUS

1 star: Bad

5 days ago

Very poor service

Very poor service. Delivery agent in my hometown, Channagiri, Karnataka pin code – 577213 always ask for pickup from their godown and never delivered the product to home. I have experienced this nearly 4 times. Useful ShareAAAkash Agarwal1 reviewUS

1 star: Bad

Jul 4, 2021

CANCEL IT, if shipped via Delhivery

Cancel it, if shipped via Delhivery

If you buy from a seller and he ships with delivery, simply cancel your order and save yourself a lot of stress. Useful ShareHAHansika2 reviewsIN

1 star: Bad

Jul 2, 2021

unprofessional, rude and threatening behaviour

The delivery agent was unprofessional, rude and threatening. He arrived with my order to my house and I asked him to wait for a minute as I was on a work call. I went to get the door in less than a minute and he left without warning and cancelled my order.
I then contacted him and he was extremely rude and was yelling at me that I made him wait for an hour – which is not true. He didn’t even wait for a minute. I managed to contact him and he confirmed to me that when he returned, I could pay him through Paytm/GPay. However, he then refused to take an online payment and claimed he does not have Paytm/Gpay. After that, I told him, since you told me you could accept a direct online payment, I did not visit an ATM. He then started yelling again and caused a scene and threatened that he will make sure I do not receive my order.

After calming down, I told him I am going to the ATM and he should wait for a few minutes until I returned. However, he left abruptly again (again in less than a minute before I could get in my car for the ATM) and did not answer my calls. I was only able to receive my delivery because I got in touch with Delhivery’s regional head – who assured me that he will send another agent to my house. I then received the order from a different agent shortly. However, many of the products were damaged and seeing the delivery agent’s rude and threatening behaviour, the damage could’ve just as easily been done by him, although I am not sure of this. Nevertheless, your agent has caused me significant stress and verbally harassed me for no reason. He was unprofessional, illogical and extremely misbehaved. Useful ShareAAAnkita Awate1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

Jun 29, 2021

Worst courier service

Worst courier services ever observed.My parcel was delivered to wrong person because of the delivery boy he didn’t even bother to call me and confirm with me it once. Useful ShareMRMAHEEDHAR REDDY GOTTIPOLU2 reviewsIN

1 star: Bad

Jun 18, 2021

Delhivery is the worst courier service in INDIA

Delhivery is the worst courier service i had ever seen. They took 1 month to delivery my parcel from Mumbai to Chennai. But, were as other services like DTDC, Blue Dart delivered the same parcel in from same location in just 3 days. Only delhivery service will face the problem no other services do so. Due to less shipping prices in delhivery many sellers are using the worst service of delhivery and lossing their Coustomers trust. I request all the sellers please use delhivery service and buyers do accept the products if it was shipped with delhivery.

You may think, why I am giving negitivie review for delivering one parcel late. But, this is not the first time that i faced this issue with delhivery, every time delhivery does the same and they didn’t even provide coustumer care number. so, you can think how worst their services are. Useful ShareAAAbi Abi1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

Jun 5, 2021

Worst courier award goes to you guys

Worst courier award goes to you guys congratulations 👏🏻 Useful ShareGurdeep Singh1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

Updated May 28, 2021

I will courier towards delhivery but…

I will courier towards delhivery but not received.I traking the courier is showing deliverd but coustmer not reseved. I will follow the delivery dehradun courier but is not satisfied anser. I said please provide the phone no of courier man hous delivered the courier. Please seloved my issue my trakin no is 3159413489275 Useful SharePKPujith Krishna Alahari1 reviewUS

1 star: Bad

May 23, 2021


Worst courier service that I have ever seen.

There won’t be any customer care number to tell our queries. Useful ShareAKAarzoo Kathpal1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

May 20, 2021


Horrible… so Careless… all I got to know is they misplaced my parcel and now I have to wait weeks for my order.. I may have to ask the owner to order it again since they misplaced it
Or will get my refund if they don’t deliver me at all…. Useful ShareSRSrikanth1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

May 13, 2021

You can rename it to “Daily Worry”

Such a pathetic job they do. My shipment was to be delivered to my place in Bangalore . The parcel is stuck in their facility- Soukya Road for 7 days(25 km from my place). After repeated escalations, the product moves to a facility near my location . Again the parcel is kept for 3 days, they put some fake update as “Delivery attempted – 1st time unsuccessful, 2nd time unsuccessful”. After repeated escalations they say the delivery can be done in next 3 days . I mean what kind of customer service is this. My parcel is not delivered as it stands now.

Just avoid this unless you want a “Daily worry” Useful Share

See Trustpilot reviews directly in your Google searchesGet Chrome ExtensionAAAshiq Ashraf1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

May 11, 2021


Horrible .. i have advice to all of my friends .. pls dont send anything to through this service .. its really bad experince to me .. i never going to order anything through this courier service . Very bad customer service .. staffs were very rude and attitudes like they owned that company . After 2 weeks i didnt get my order later i went to their office from here 50km after reaching their office they dont know where exactly my product is they told they couldn’t track my item afterall it took 4hrs to find and finally i got it so all my friends don’t take a risk with your valuable items Useful ShareRMRahul Meheta3 reviewsIN

4 stars: Great

Feb 28, 2021

Package arrived earlier

Package arrived earlier. Good service. I’m satisfied. Useful ShareSalison Panicker4 reviewsIN

1 star: Bad

Jan 14, 2021

Worst among the worst .

Worst among the worst .
Never use them
They dont call or even inform u the product has been arrived in the office, they dont deliver , i think then dont even know they have a job . Useful ShareDaniel Michael2 reviewsIN

5 stars: Excellent

Jan 12, 2021

Better than expected

After reading several bad reviews on this site and others, I was a bit skeptical of their service. I had ordered an item that is scarce in stock at the moment, so I was even more concerned if they might mess it up.

But to my pleasant surprise, the service while it was not super fast, it was good enough. I ordered an item on 6th of January and got it delivered on the 12th, one day before the estimated date. The tracking information was good and updated whenever there was a significant update. The product I ordered was coming from Kolkata and I guess they shipped it via road, cos for a day and a half there was no updates, which made me concerned again, but eventually on the 2nd day I got an update that it reached my city Chennai.

My only complaint would be the fact that they haven’t got or shared any contact number, but the email support responded a day after I had sent them a mail.

Overall, I had a good experience, and I have had Delhivery deliver some other items from bigger retailers like Flipkart and Souled store without any issues. So, if for some reason you find out that the item that you ordered is gonna be delivered by Delhivery, I hope my review will kind of ease some of your fears after reading all the other negative reviews. I don’t mean to discredit the bad reviews, I am sure they had issues, but I just want to appreciate them also when they deliver as expected. Useful ShareKYKanchan Yadav1 reviewGB

1 star: Bad

Jan 4, 2021


I wish we had option to rate in NEGATIVE! Pathetic service. All my goods are totally broken when reached the destination. No one is taking ownership for the damage.
NOT- NEVER- RECOMMENDED! Useful ShareAPAxit Patel1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

Jan 4, 2021

Complain Regarding Lack of Transparency and Customer Service


My name is Axit Patel. I am having a very bad experience from your side. My queries are not being answered and there is no way to get in touch with you as well. You guys turned Unicorn this year and you don’t even have a dedicated customer care number to service your clients. Lack of transparency and lack of communication goes to show how important customer service is for you.

I am sure you must have heard of Shree Maruti Courier, Shree Tirupati Courier Services, DTDC, Shree Anjani Courier Services etc. None of these are as big as you yet even they have dedicated customer support numbers for their clients. I am not even mentioning FedEx, UPL etc.

You do not have any customer care number where clients can reach you to resolve an issue. Your customer service email replies after 48 hours. Whatsapp chat is not useful at all, very limited options. Updates regarding shipments are trash as well.

You need to match your customer service to your level. Your attempt at customer service is just plain pathetic and pitiful. This incident has made me very cautious of using you in future. I am sure, One client doesn’t mean anything to you but I am planning to post this review everywhere and hopefully other people will realize how shocking your customer service is!

Thank you. Useful ShareTETej1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

Jan 3, 2021

This is the pathetic delivery service

This is the pathetic delivery service. They are just reckless and lazy that keep the parcels at the hub and don’t deliver them. While my delivery is to be delivered on 2nd jan 2021, they have reached the hub on 29th dec 2020 and stuck there. And they have rescheduled the delivery to 6th jan. Why do they need 8 days to deliver the parcel from hub to my home which is roughly 10km away?? Useful 1 ShareRRRaja Rajan1 reviewQA

1 star: Bad

Dec 21, 2020

It always happens that the shipment…

It always happens that the shipment reaches the nearest destination and gets stuck for two three weeks without any updates.

Current order promised date 21.12.2020 they rescheduled 25.12.2020 without reason parcel reached my nearest hub at 16.12.2020

All my previous orders were also the same, never received at the promised date minimum reschedule by 2,3 times. from chidambarm and kattumannarkoil branches in tamilnadu. I don’t know about other branches.

99.99 percent sure the parcel will not be delivered that 1st rescheduled date also.

next time must leave a note to the seller don’t send through DELHIVERY. if only this carrier better cancel the order … Useful ShareSundaramoorthy Palanisamy1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

Dec 15, 2020

Too many bad experience with…

Too many bad experience with Delhivery.It always happens that the shipment reaches the destination and gets stuck for 5 to 6 days without any updates. There is no customer service available. Useful 1 ShareMLMukul Lohia1 reviewIN

1 star: Bad

Dec 14, 2020

This company courier boy does not call…

This company courier boy does not call customer to receive their package and File every time that Customer does not picked up their phone when we asked our customers they tell that they have not get any phone from delhivery this happens 7 out of 10 times and file RTO charges on us
If you will send your courier by delhivery you will face loss in your company
Even they dont take alternate no of Customers if one number is switched off by chance
They don’t send any notification of delivery date to compay as well as customer
Return rate of this company is almost 30% which is very loss making deal for small and medium enterprises who use its service
Boycott Delhivery Useful ShareNext page 

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