Mercedes-Benz is replacing MBUX with a new operating system

use artificial intelligence to adjust car settings based on the habits and preferences of the owners A new Unity operating system will roll out to the lineup for the 2024 […]

Ola electric car to launch in 2024

Recently gave another glimpse of its first ever electric car set to officially launch in 2024 and is being touted as the quickest battery-powered four wheeler in the country in […]

10 Facts about electric cars

Electric cars, also known as EVs, have recently gained newfound popularity. Global EV sales rose 40% between 2019 and 2020, due to the growing availability of different types of affordable […]

Ten ways to improve your electric car.

For many potential EV customers, one of the biggest potential stumbling blocks before purchasing is ‘range anxiety’. Yet with battery technology improving all the time, electric cars can travel further […]

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