Bettiah / बेतिया

Find local properties, listed in Bettiah! Find an agent who works in your area. The professional you work with should know the area where you want to buy or sell […]

Parsauni Farm / परसौनी फार्म / West Champarn / पश्चिम चम्पारण / Bihar

Bagaha-Chautrwa-Englishiya-Lauriya-Dharmakta-Bettiah Main Road. बगहा-चौतरवा-इंग्लिशिया-लौरिया-धर्मकता-बेतिया मेन रोड District HQ (Head Quarter) Bettiah (Bɛtɪjɑː,Bɛtɪjɑː) is a city and the administrative headquarters of the West Champaran district (Tirhut Division) – (Tirhut), near Indo-Nepal […]

You can take driving licence test on Sundays in Delhi.

Planning to get a permanent driving licence but unable to get time off to appear for a test? You can now do so on a Sunday. The transport department has decided to […]

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership?

In certain situations, transfer of vehicle ownership is unavoidable. There are different situations under which transfer of ownership of the vehicle can be done. The government has made available the […]

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