6 Ways Google Chrome Can Be Light and Fast to Save RAM

For those of you who like to browse must be very familiar with this one browser, namely the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is a world-famous browser. Almost everyone uses this browser.


Because in addition to being light and fast, Google Chrome browser has very high security when compared to other browsers. Not to mention this browser is made by the largest online giant in the world.

Well that’s a strong reason why this browser is highly recommended and you need to use it on daily activities on the internet.

If your phone or computer does not have high specs, but want the Google Chrome browser to run faster and lighter like it has a high spec. Then there are some steps you can take.

What’s that?

Here are reviews and settings for how to make your Chrome lighter and smoother when internet ria. Let’s check out the reviews.

1. Through Task Manager

Make Chrome Fast

If your Chrome isn’t running as fast as usual and isn’t due to connection issues, try pressing CTR+ALT+DEL. Look at the picture above. Well you can try mendisable while guessing which use of RAM is not necessary.

The trick is, please choose first then right click then just close about which process is not necessary.

The above process usually consists of the main program and plugin, please find the plugin and just disable it first. This method is quite effective in making your Chrome back tight if your PC has limited RAM.

2. Remove unnecessary Extensions or Add ons

Make Chrome Lightweight

Usually for those of you who like to download videos like to use plugins. It’s true, there are many plugins that can help you in Chrome. Suppose translation plugins, video download plugins and such.

However, did you know that the plugin uses RAM?

Well cobe deh now you check again, how many plugins you have installed in your Chrome browser.

To keep your Chrome tight and light, you can remove some extensions aka plugins earlier. Check what needs to be and what’s not. This way, chrome you can get faster and lighter.

Can’t believe it? Please check and do the steps above. Chrome will usually be faster and lighter.

3. Use Built-in Themes to Make It Smoother

Light theme

Did you know that Chrome has a very complete theme arsenal? Well for those of you who like to change the theme you can visit the webstore store to find your favorite theme.

But for those of you who have a computer spec is not too high and want Chrome performance faster, it’s a good idea to try using the standard built-in theme.

Standard built-in themes use low RAM, so this can make Chrome performance faster and lighter.

To see the settings, please select settings and then search for the View section, and select reset to default. To be clear, you can see the example picture above.

4. Always Upgrade to the latest versionHow to Update Google Chrome

Chrome is a browser that continues to update, of course, by continuing to update, then Chrome becomes a faster and lighter browser.

Well, if you want to get better speeds with a variety of new features, of course you should always update by following the latest version.

The trick is quite easy, Follow the following stages

  1. Please select the top three-right dot, then select the Help menu Then Choose about Google Chrome
  2. Then you will be taken on the update page, please look at the very top. If there is an update, then there will be a notification and please follow it.
  3. Once the upgrade process is complete, please select it in the Relaunch section.
  4. For more details, please pay attention to the picture below.

5. Try Using Plugins

Plugin Better One Tab

Opening many tabs certainly makes it easier for us to surf the internet. You can choose which ones you open to read or watch.

For those of you who like to open many tabs, you can try plugins to make Chrome save more RAM. Because with this plugin, you can still open many tabs without consuming a lot of resources.

How to manage it is quite simple and easy to learn. This way you are more free to open tabs if your computer specs are not high.

Well this habit is indeed commonplace, with many tabs, we can easily choose which tab we will use.

By using the better one tab plugin, you can still manage your tabs easily. Please try it if you are curious.

Another plugin that you can try is a type of data saver. With this kind of plugin, you can save internet data and chrome RAM. So that your browsing activities become faster and lighter.

6. Clearing cache can make Chrome Lighter

Make the browser light

Do you know what a cache is? Cache is a system where website data is stored in your browser. The goal is that when you open the website again, then the process will be lighter.

Why? Because data transfer becomes smaller and this is what makes the connection more efficient.

But, if too much can also make the RAM process becomes higher. So it’s good in a certain period of time, you can clear the cache in your browser as in the image above.

The trick is:

  1. Select the triple dot at the top right then select History.
  2. After that you select the Delete browsing data section of your Chrome browser.
  3. Please select the specified time frame

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Well how? Easy isn’t it.

Those are some tips that you can try so that your Chrome browser becomes faster and lighter. I hope this article can provide an explanation for you.

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