7 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks are Free

There are many circulating video editing apps in the Playstore, but you haven’t found the right one for free without watermarks?

Because the application that is said to be free sometimes there are those who give trials first, right?

Meanwhile, to get rid of the watermark on the app that is said to be free, you have to buy a premium version.

Did you know that there is a really free app? Yes, this time the admin will share what the application is that you can use freely. No watermark, of course.

Although it’s free, the following list isn’t the same as everything else. Free here will not display watermarks.

Okay here’s a free application that you can try to edit your videos freely on your phone. Check out the reviews.

1. Quick

Quick app

You know the Go pro product, right? Yes, the Go Pro company also turned out to release an application that you can use for free to edit videos. You must know Go Pro, must often see videos on Youtube results from Go Pro shots.

For those of you who are not Go Pro users can use this application for your video editing.

Although it is free you can get a lot of features. Because go pro companies are targeting their camera users. So, please just try downloading on Playstore.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

In the past, Adobe Premiere Rush was called Adobe Premiere Clip. This app is very famous. For people who work video editing, must already know this application. They must have used or heard this name.

You need to know, this application provides horizontal video options only. Well for those of you who want to edit for videos with vertical versions, please use the application in point number 1 above.

This app is very similar to Adobe Premiere Pro. However, the feature is more simplified on Android. That way, users can be more comfortable and easy when using this application.

This application is also suitable for Youtube content creators, because the features provided are enough for editors.

The features there are various, such as motion, templates, to make various transitions to your video to make it more interesting.

3. Filmorago


FIlmorago is also an app you deserve to try. This application is also very familiar among content creators. Why? Because the features are very much you know, almost can be said to be very complete and can meet your needs.


No, this app is completely free and does not provide watermarks. You can render your videos clean without watermarks.

How? Interested? If you are interested, please try downloading and editing your video. The author believes you can do well editing on this application.

Relax, still dizzy? Here’s the author adding a list of apps that you might be able to download.

4. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

Do you know this time again about this app?

Yes, Vn Video Editor Maker VlogNow is very powerful and has a fairly ok feature. This is also the lip of the editors. Some suggest making good comments on this app.

There are some advantages that you can get including:

  • The editing process is easier
  • You can easily customize background music.
  • Can add subtitles
  • Cool effect on your video

In addition, this application is very light, does not require a phone with high specifications.

Well, you can try it. Please type the name in playstore search. Install as usual.

5. Video Show

Video Show

The next free app you can try is Video Show. This app is unquestionable. You can edit videos easily on your Android. The features provided are very capable and can make your videos even cooler.

You can add transition effects, music backgrounds and even add text to make it seem more interesting. Not only that, you can make dubbing you know, just try to do the installation in playstore.

This app is also no less interesting than others. As we know, application developers are always racing so that they can be popular. So, if there is an update, just do it because there will usually be interesting developments.

6. Magisto


The next interesting app without watermark is magisto. You can make your videos more lively by adding effects like in other apps. No need for expertise, because this application is designed to be easier.

You need to know, magisto also carries an AI fitu, which can detect your videos. Next, the AI will analyze and provide filter effects that are suitable for your video.

How? Interesting isn’t it.

Not only that, this application also has a share feature. Well, you can share your editing results on your friends to social media. Like whatssapp, facebook, instagram and some other social media.

7. Light Works

For those of you who want the quality of your video with 4K resolution, you can try this application. Like holywood movies, there are many effects that you can create and create to make your video even more powerful.

The vitur is very much and very complete. But you need to remember, if you want to try rendering with a resolution of more than 720p, then you need to pay for it.

However, if you only want to produce videos with a resolution range of 720p, your video will not be accompanied by a watermark. So, this application is still relatively free than the application that does provide watermarks.

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I hope this article will provide you with knowledge. Please try and choose according to your needs. Please write the name of the application name in the Playstore, and then try using it. Greetings to success always.

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