How to advertise your site for free on the internet in 5 steps

You went through the whole process of creating a website for your business.

Registered the domain, thought of the ideal combination of colors and fonts, decided which images to use, built an elaborate content, published the page… And he didn’t have any visitors.

It turns out that creating a website is just the beginning of a digital marketing strategy.

Taking your business to the internet is critical. But just having an online presence doesn’t mean anything if your potential customers can’t find you.

So today I’m going to teach you how to advertise your site for free.

That’s exactly what you read: the strategies I’m going to show in this article won’t cost a dime.

You will learn:

what to do to publicize your site for free;
what not to do when disclosing your site;
how to build a website with less effort to be able to focus on the dissemination of your page.
Let’s go, shall we?

How to advertise your site for free in 5 steps
Before sharing the 5 steps to publicize your site for free on the internet is good to align expectations: these strategies bring long-term results.

That is, don’t expect your site to have a burst of visitors overnight after you start using one or all of the tips below, okay?

That said, let’s get to the tips. And the first is…

1- Invest in SEO
If you’re not doing SEO on page on your site, you’re wasting time —and money.

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which Portuguese means Search Engine Optimization.

This is a technique that serves to make pages more attractive to Google and other search engines.

In case you don’t know, when doing an internet search, Google queries its index, a kind of library where trillions of pages are stored, searching for results that show the answer to what was sought.

Within google index pages are organized according to some criteria that the tool algorithm considers important.

Pages that do best in the criteria tend to have better ratings, and when they fit with the theme of a search, they appear among the first results.

You can know what these criteria are in this blog article here.

2- Use email marketing
No for nothing is that email marketing always appears as a valuable tip here on the blog.

The explanation is simple: this is a practical strategy, easy to execute and, it is always good to emphasize, costs nothing and gives results.

The newsletter is a very effective form of email marketing to advertise your website for free. It is a direct communication between your business and your potential customers.

In addition to helping get subscribers to your contact list, the newsletter can be used to drive traffic to your site.

3- Keep a blog
To advertise your site for free, a good practice is to create a blog. In addition to reinforcing your SEO strategy (which was the first tip I gave you), blogging is an excellent way for your potential customers to discover your site and, consequently, your business.

The blog also helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise and can greatly improve your conversion rate.

The truth is that writing blog articles forces you to research your market, which broadens not only your knowledge but also your professional skills.

4- Be active on social networks
Social networks are great allies when it comes to publicizing your site for free.

But just as just having a website on the internet doesn’t help your business if your page isn’t found, having a profile on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook doesn’t mean anything if you’re not active on those networks.

Constant publications are key to engaging your followers. Posting compelling content increases the chances of sharing —which is a free promotion for your site.

And the more people click on your content, the more chances you have of increasing your site’s traffic and improving your conversion rate.

And here’s an extra tip: you can cross-promote so that all your networks benefit as much from your content as possible.

For example, you can share your Instagram video on Twitter or your last blog post on your Facebook page.

You can also add a social bar to your site so that visitors can easily find their social profiles and share their content.

5- Create quality content
Regardless of which strategy you choose to advertise your site for free, one point is key: always create quality content.

Whether it’s blog articles, social media posts, or weekly newsletters, prioritize quality over quantity.

You may be anxious to spread your message right away, but the best thing to do is focus on quality.

This is the ideal way to build trust between your business and your audience and drive you through the sales funnel.

What not to do when publicizing your site
Now that you know how to advertise your site for free on the internet, it is important to also learn what not to do.

Some strategies may look promising, but they will bring more headache than results.

They are usually tactics that promise “quick results” or “shortcuts”. The recommendation is to escape any method that involves:

Spreading your site uncontrolled in comment boxes, forums and even on social networks is not a good idea.

Much less send email messages to those who have not agreed to receive any kind of communication from your business.

These approaches destroy reputation and make it difficult to build a relationship of trust with your potential customers.

Use Black Hat SEO
You already know that SEO is not only important but it is one of the best ways to advertise your site for free.

What you may not yet know is that there is a negative and aggressive way to try to take advantage of the rules and criteria of search tools that became known as Black Hat SEO.

An example is filling your page with the keyword you want to rank without worrying about the quality of the content.

In addition to possibly damaging your relationship with potential customers and decreasing your sales, this practice can also leave your site out of Google and top search engines.

How Klickpages Can Help Your Business
As I said earlier, just having an online presence is not enough to succeed with a digital strategy.

You need to advertise your site to get visitors, establish a relationship with those visitors and turn them into customers.

But if you need to make a huge effort to create and publish your page, it’s hard to focus on the tips I gave you in this article to spread your site for free, right?

Well, that’s where Klickpages come in.

With the page creation and publishing tool, just follow these 3 simple steps:

Choose your model: Learn about test-proven high conversion options.
Customize the page: Choose, edit text, colors and images to leave your page with the face of your business.
Publish: In the end, just publish to your own domain, at no additional hosting costs.
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In this article I showed 5 strategies to advertise your site for free on the internet that will bring results in the medium and long term to your page.

You’ve also seen what shouldn’t be done when trying to “bomb” your site overnight.

So, which of the tips I gave you will put into practice in your business? Tell me in the comments!

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